Candid Yams: Gwen Stefani At Recording Studio

Kid Fury July 13, 2012 Candid Yams 11 Comments

As my stanning heart cries out in joy, No Doubt is wrapping up their sixth studio album, Push and Shove! Photographers found vocalist, Gwen Stefani, arriving outside of a recording studio in her $95,000 Porsche Panamera Hybrid car.

No Doubt’s lead single, “Settle Down,” is scheduled to impact radio on Monday and a video for the record has already been shot. You can catch some behind-the-scenes footage below, along with more Gwen pics! The Push and Shove album will be released on September 25th.

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  • Alishia Alexander

    YASSS!!! I knew there was a reason I was bangin their throwback records in my apt the past few weeks.

  • Coonye West

    Gwen needs to be tested and studied or something because how she’s looking THAT good at 40 is totally beyond me. Throw Pharrell into that test group as well.

    • whatevs

       I’m convinced they know where the fountain of Youf is and they need to tell us

  • keilo

    That picture was destined by God, Jesus & Michael & nem..

    I’m so excited to see what No Doubt is up to, I’ve been a fan since Hey Baby & Hella Good…

    I’m really looking forward to hear what they mix up in the studio…

  • Kingphoenix

    I’ve been kinda scared to listen to any previews or sneak peaks from No Doubt, i’m scared that i will be disappointed so Imma just wait to the whole thing comes out…btw, I am not one to pry but I wonder if she uses dildors on Gavin…she like the type. She on that kinky HBIC type of steez.  “Take it in the but, yah, yazz wha?”

  • DeNay


  • Addikted2Fashion

    I am and forever will be HERE FOR GWEN STEFANI!

  • esha

    Yay. I’ve been a fan since Gwen was doing push ups on stage in her sports bras, track pants, and bindhi. I can’t wait

    • esha

       Ps I love that she still considers Docs a wardrobe staple

  • Nicole

    when are you going to start stanning Settle Down on Twitter, KF???? ive been waiting for your tweets all morning!!!

  • Alicia Collins

    I really don’t want to be disappointed. Even if the music is different, Gwen’s vocals are always to die for. I think I’ll be okay.