New Music: Azealia Banks – Fantasea [Mixtape]

Kid Fury July 12, 2012 New Music 42 Comments

So Azealia Banks released her first mixtape, Fantasea last night. The project features 18 songs — 15 original tracks and 3 remixes, including a cover of “Ima Read” by Zebra Katz who will be touring with Azealia later this year.

The mixtape mostly consists of runway house music and a variety of funky electro hip-hop styles with Azealia rapping in her typical super-speed rhythm.

She also does more singing for the collection. I still have trouble understanding what in blazes she’s saying and although I know her lyrics are top-knotch, the often inaudible wording leaves me with a beat and a flow alone to enjoy.

This mixtape doesn’t seem to be a huge game-changer. If you liked Azealia’s music before, you will probably like this. If you didn’t like her music, you probably still won’t.

Honestly, I think she’s going to end up becoming one of those super popular underground artists with a huge international cult following. She’ll probably blast festivals and turn out as another chick that mainstream artists pick at for samples, features and style.

I still don’t like her, but that’s my honest opinion. You can download Fantasea below and listen to one of the tracks that stood out for me.

Download: Azealia Banks – Fantasea

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  • Miles

    Here’s the problem!

    Good music
    Good talent
    Shitty Attitude

    Ugh I dont care enough to have an opinion

    • Nic

      Boom! Exactly! 

    • Poot

      She hasn’t even talked shit about about anyone in a good while…

  • whatevs

    I agree with your assessment about her career trajectory, I feel like she’s going to be one of those cult artists too. And honestly if that’s your niche then that’s your niche, better to have a small loyal following than a bunch of crazy ass impulsive dick riders I say

  • Jamie B.

    I can never understand what she’s saying, and that bothers me. She really needs to enunciate or something. I’m just here for the beats. 

    • Laila Corrorez

      Yeah, I often have to look up her lyrics to find out what she’s her flow is crazy. 

  • jajay22

    all shenanigans aside:  SHE DID THAT! FIERCE IS MY JAM!! THE WHOLE MIXTAPE IS BEAT!!!! 

  • Kingphoenix

    I agree 100% of what you said about her career trajectory too, i think she can’t handle mainstream, bitch might go bananas on this heauxs and her talent might become confined. Which is fine with me because i love her just the way she is..though i would  like less runway music on her album…and a full length version of Paradiso and Salute.

  • C_cole742

    I’d call this my hoodrat-ratchet island mix. Dont know if i want a pina coloda or a 40.

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  • Brandon Dean

    I like her songs, If only her attitude weren’t so stank most of the time.

  • Joseline’s Tuck sock

    Ok, damn! The girl is cocky & has a slick ass mouth. Kanye is the same way, but people don’t think twice about bumping his shit! Grow some nuts & stop being so damn sensitive. 

    • KidFury

      Kanye has a huge catalog of brilliant music that started long before he even created his own records. He’s a rapper AND a producer with a vision unlike anyone else in pop culture. Yeah, he’s an asshole sometimes, but Hip-Hop would not be the same without him.

      Azealia Banks has yet to release an album and while she’s talented, she hasn’t given most consumers a reason to believe she’s necessary in music, because she hasn’t proven herself yet. So people aren’t going to be as lenient with her.

      • Kingphoenix

        But the thing about Azealia is that she’s not copping an attitude just to have an attitude, she is fighting for things she believes in and see a problem with (most of them being racists and misogynistic) …Like Kanye does. Thats why i respect his opinions even if I don’t agree with him, and not because of his accolades and awards verify him as being worthy of speaking his mind.

        And Azealia is constantly proving her significance to hip-hop. She is a openly queer rapper (who is not using her bi-sexuality as a ploy to make sales) who is pro-blackness, making insightful commentary on what it means to be young and black in the U.S. This is scene in her aggressive pro-black/ woman/ gay lyrics, also in her skits where she is talking about ppl using there refund checks from school to go shopping or ratchet girls holding it down. Look at Liquourice…while you see it as her craving white dick with money, in actuality its an astute analysis of who white men fetishizes black women with bravado and entitlement and men of color who buy into white supremacy.

        She is so much more that “that black bitch with the bad attitude”…I hope you come to understand how significant she and others are to our communities as blacks and queer blacks.

        • KidFury

          I don’t know if you’ve seen or read all the things she’s said over the past year and a half, but I assure you that she’s not this pro-black superhero raptress you’re making her out to be. Many of the things she has said that turn me off have nothing to do with her social/racial beliefs.

          Either way, I’m not saying that she’s not significant to music. I’m saying she hasn’t proven to the masses that she is, because a lot of people still have no idea who she is or what she represents and for a lot of others, her attitude and rants were their introduction to her. That’s why people will say “her attitude is shitty, but I dig her music.” If people choose to rock with her past that, then good for her. If they don’t, they have every right not to.

          • Kingphoenix

            But the “general public” doesn’t hear about the things that turn you off. All we hear about is her being a bitch because she doesn’t agree with a talentless white girl gaining recognition on a magazine or Lil Kim being sloppy. Weren’t you one of the main people saying you separate personal lives/opinion from the music (Like the Rihanna/Chris Brown features in Feb) because you gives no fucks. But you grip about Azealia…you know what im just over it, people continuously say one thing but live by another. I guess thats what it means to be human.

          • KidFury

            I’m confused. Did I not say Azealia Banks makes good music? Have I not said I enjoy the music and still think she’s a dickhead. Is that not separating personality/opinions from music? Would you like me to call her and kiss her clitoris as well? I don’t understand. lol

          • fresnostateofmind

            That would be hot!  Pucker up (I would)!!!

          • KidFury

            I don’t eat fish.

          • @yeaThtsMyBitch

            sis, you and kingphoenix are always going at it over azealia. it’s funny and cute. as long as we can all vogue in harmony in the end.

            ps. u and these random ass quotes on twitter, I’m like wtf he talking bout. but now I see. it’s in her “fierce” song. who is that? bcuz I don’t remember iconic doren Corey schoolin life that much.

          • Kingphoenix

            Yeah, but my love for Fury is separate for Azealia so its all good…lol. And Dorian Corey was the centerpiece of Paris is Burning…he is the old high yella queen full of grace, eleganza, and shade.

          • @yeaThtsMyBitch

            I know who he was. I seen the movie. I was just saying that wasnt him on that song bcuz i didn’t remember him saying that in the movie.

          • guest

            It’s from Jack & Jill’s Fierce Talk/Work It Parts 1 and 2

          • fresnostateofmind

            LOL!  I forgot!  More chicken of the sea for me!

          • Kingphoenix

            I know you think she has good music. But my comment was based on what you said about her contribution to music so far. Like when you said she is not the black super shero raptress I claim her to be, it confuses me because i think she is based on her lyrical content and her artistry as a whole…but you think she’s not based on her past comments  and stuff…That’s why I said the whole thing about the separating music/personality.  I really just am surprised overall that you don’t mesh well with her music because it seems that you too would be the perfect match. Oh yeah, and for some of her songs she has the lyrics on her tumblr page if that helps. :)

          • KidFury

            I’ve read the lyrics she’s posted. They help a lot. She should have done a digital booklet for this mixtape and included all the lyrics, but whatever.

          • Kingphoenix

            “…but whatever” lol. your so stubborn. She definitely should do that for her album tho.

      • Kwan

        I disagree Kanye HAS ALWAYS BEEN COCKY… had twitter and social networking sights been popping at the beginning of his career he would have showed his ass-holeness on there as well. It’s just that people didn’t recognize it till 2005 when he shaded the ish out of Georgia May Bush on national tv.

      • Adrienne

        I agree with you Kanye did not become an asshole until well after Late Registration dropped; by then we were already fans of his music. Also, I’ll be the first say he has crazy moments but there is a child like humilty underneath his assholish (not a word) facade!

  • Beck

    I like her beat selection…she has an interesting and varying sound.  Understanding her lyrics is a struggle, but I can listen to the entire mix tape all the way through and her flow is, as always, admirable.  It’s a good to very good mix tape.

  • Joseline’s Tuck sock

    I’m just curious. but what exactly happened between you & Azealia in the first place? *sips tea* 

    • meezy

      I been wondering the same thing. Did she come for Fury or did he come for her and she responded.

    • KidFury

      I’ve just seen her say shady things about other artists (besides Iggy and Lil Kim) and she was disrespectful to blogger friends of mine, who never disrespected her, and to a few of her fans. So I tweeted something nasty to her. She subtweeted and blocked me. The end.

      This was a long time ago. I stopped fucking with her way before the XXL cover bullshit. People are making it a bigger deal than it is. Like we fought in Waffle House cause she stole my man or something. I just don’t like her.

      • meezy

        LOL not the Waffle House!!!!!!!

        • KidFury

          Seriously. I just don’t understand why people can’t deal. I’m not mad she blocked me. I don’t have a personal issue with her. I just don’t like her.

          • Montpensier

            Love your blog! I come for the articles and videos but stay for the comments, this is a true tea spilling kiki!

          • KidFury

            Thank you!

          • AlanaDaly

            so real.. ur the shit. bye. lol

  • SqueezyFBaby

    Wellll….this mixtape slays!! She is a beast on songs like Runnin and Nathan and Fuck Up The Fun. She actually puts most of the male rappers in the game to SHAME with her flow and wordplay.

    Her EP was dope as well. 

    I cannot WAIT for her album. If this is what quality is for her mixtape, that album is going to be something else.

    And Kid Fury, just as a sidenote: I’ve been following Azealia from the start on twitter, and one thing I’ve noticed is, if she comes at someone unfairly/over reacts to what she perceived as shade, she is quick to apologize and make amends.

    For example, her and Kreayshawn had a mini beef…but I think Azealia realized that she got the whole thing wrong, and a few weeks later wished Kreayshawn well at a gig in Tokyo and wished her the best generally in her career. Then a week or two ago, she started following Kreayshawn, and now Kreayshawn is following her back.

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  • Welp

    YAY thanks for posting. I respect that you dont like her. But its cute to see you warming up a lil <3. Why on every Azealia post, someone has to have a long ass philosophical discussion with you about your preferences. Like Its not even that serious. Writing paragraphs and shit like a civil rights activist in 1964. Good Damn day sir.

  • Siku Hamin

    These comments are everything. Kid Fury you never disappoint. I don’t think ANYONE can say they like this girls attitude though. Not a one. I bump her shit though. I hated her for a long time after that shady shit on twitter a while ago and how she was talking about my boo Fury so I unfollowed cuz I don’t wanna hear her if there’s not a beat behind it. Point blank.