Candid Yams: Kim & Kanye Head Out In Hollywood

Kid Fury July 12, 2012 Candid Yams 44 Comments

Kim & Kanye are still together. The rain on my windowpane is the soundtrack to my feelings on this affair. Either way, the duo were caught leaving Kanye’s home in Hollywood Hills today and heading out on the town. I kinda feel like they’re both gaining weight, but it could be my shady ass vision or the hatred in my heart. I’m not gonna lie to you. Anyway…pictures!

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • Miles

    Kim gettin thick!!!! (as if she wasnt before)

    Once again Pure T-RASH

  • NYCNaye

    Fuck Kim Kardashian.

    Kanye is serving FACE in these flicks.

    Side note: when is he going to retire the pony skin pleather jeggings?

    • Msreddick81

      Pony skin jeggings!! Some1 please call 911 I’m dying!!

  • Guest

    It’s hot as demon pu$$& out and they both have on leather pants?!!!

  • ayoungbrowngod

    as much as i enjoy slandering kimmy, she looks really sad/unkept in these pics. what’s wrong, kim? can you not deal with ultimate house mother yeezus christ being the bigger diva? *holds mic*

    • keilo

      U probably wouldn’t look too thrilled if you had to constantly wear a strap on and u were out of chaffing cream and your man keeps losing MAC brushes….

      That’s not fun or anything to smile about…

      • Smacks_hoes

        Rotfl!!!! I just can’t

      • Ariande Chambers

        Effing fool you are!!!! Flatlined…. Dead…..&…… Buried. I can’t lol

  • _bombshellBritt

    She looks sad.. Kinda like at the BET awards.

  • _naa

    Do they always have to coordinate? 

    • lexi

      right!!! i was like who wants to dress alike all the time as a couple!!

  • Msafrocentic

    At the BET awards she looked uncomfortable and out of place. Kanye a busta…he did just what he said black men do, get on and leave your ass for a white girl! LOL!

  • Simone

    I wonder who’s idea is for them to always match when they go out..probably Kanyes..

  • Heffaplease.

    I feel quite bad for Kimmy. She looks so depressed and tired. Whassamatter Kim? You didn’t get what you bargained for?

  • Tinaley

    More leather in the summertime… They are dressed alike…. Gah!!!!

  • ZJ

    I notice they aren’t as smiley-faced as they used to be. I think Kanye has probably idealized her all these years and is now realizing she isn’t all that, and she’s probably finding out that he isn’t going to be her ticket to the A-list. Whatevs. Don’t see it for them (or maybe that’s the hatred in MY heart).

    • pocahontas

      you betta preach!!!

    • Brandon

      She’s making A-list money, rubbing elbows with A-list celebrities, and getting A-list coverage. 

      • ZJ

        I don’t care that she lucked into a couple of pictures with Beyonce, KK is D-list. The only “celeb” I’ve ever heard refer to her as a friend is LaLa Anthony. 

  • Drea

    Is black and white their signature color or something?

    Why are they always matching each other like they going to prom?

    If i see those leather pants ONE MORE DAMN time…Hunni its too damn hot for that…

    • Smacks_hoes

      Omg! I been saying the samething. Those damned letter pants! Its 100 degrees in the shade. I bet kanye balls smell like budussy.

      • keilo

        I swear they dress like they’re kid is turning 3 & they’re going to Chuck. E. Cheese…

  • renee

    It actually looks like they had an argument before this picture was taken.   Both of them look miserable/pissed not the typical Kanye face. 

  • Courtneylee73

    Maybe they’re just tired of the paparazzi being everywhere they go, it probable has gotten old to them..& as far as the BET awards, of course Kim was uncomfortable. Unlike her, the four ppl sitting to the right of her, had to work hard to get where they are and she just got the fame from doing a sex tape. To say she doesn’t deserve to sit in the front row would be right.

  • Brit

    You guys, the outfits are definitely Mother’s doing. can’t you see it? It’s his artistic commentary on their relationship. All black and white everything, because he’s black and she’s white(ish). Kanye, you so different.

  • Jamie B.

    Ugh, these two REFUSE to acknowledge the season. Isn’t there like, a nationwide heatwave going on? Goodness, kill it with the leather. Please.

  • Aundrea Emerson

    Bet she pregnant…ugh I’d beat his ass for his momma if she is

    • KidFury


    • Rihanna’s Left Breast

      *Sprinkles holy water to rebuke comment*

      *Starts prayer circle*

      Somebody grab my hand. Ain’t nobody got time fa-dat. 

      • chai latte

        *runs in and grabs hands*

  • BEBE

    she’s gonna get tired of him controlling her and he will need bitch who knows how to work a strap on properly and this relationship will be kaput 

  • Beck

    Girl. Next.

  • manila

    what if kanye is doing a covert mission.
    like, he’s making her gain weight and making her look hit so that her fame can finally die down.

  • Michele Lee

    So he convinces her to tone it down and stop wearing latex dresses and more make up than a cadaver but, he’s got Kimmy looking all lost in this world….smgdh. Kim K is nothing without those things.  C’mon Kim girl, he can’t be eatin’ the box that good for you to loose yourself in him. All he gonna do is dog the shit outta her about how stupid she was to let a man control her in his break up mix tapes. 

    Let this be a lesson ladies, if you don’t know who you are some fool will come along and try to make you into what HE thinks you should be.

    * Walks back to my NMF corner*

  • M. Knight Scallywag

    I just can’t imagine how the conversation went, when House Mutha forbade Kim to wear color.
    There’s something so odd about them,and not in a quirky interesting kinda way, more like a – I bet he brushes her hair with a  gold plated brush, while they both stand naked in front of a mirror in complete silence kinda way.

    • Michele Lee

       First of all. *Dead* @ standing naked in front of the mirror brushing her hair with a gold plated brush.  But your right something feels very…” muppetmaster-ish” about this whole sham

  • Idanilee3

    Not only does he have on leather jeggings, but he also has on a sweater shirt with the sleeves pushed up. …..??????…… Hmmph.

  • Lablong

    That RR is hot!!!!

  • Brandon

    This fling is in its latter days, and it’s because they’re running out of matching clothes. Note that Kimberly is wearing off-white.

  • Kay

    She’s looking a lil plump… If Kanye ever sowed a seed in that landfill, I will resign as a fan. 

  • Zu

    is it just me or whenever i see photos of them together they never look happy or look like there having fun with each other??

  • Trch1097

    Lol, this couple is pathetic. If you have to try this hard to prove your union is real, then chances are it’s not. I mean…dressing alike? That’s so high school. Kanye is such an embarrassment.

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    Them damn leather pants have made their way back on the scene..I swear I’m getting ready to hand in my resignation fan papers. She looks angry…probably because she is hot and sick of trying to dress like her man in all that leather..I’m kinda hoping PETA comes out of nowhere and flourbombs they asses for this travesty and maybe put a stop to it.

  • Cuttie140

    Damn do they always have to match??? They probably have wardrobe challenges every day like “I’m wearing Balenciaga” whatcha wearing? Ugh.