Moesha Finally Shoots “Put It Down” Video With Chris Brown

Kid Fury July 11, 2012 On Set 20 Comments

After releasing a booty-tooting new single over two months ago with barely any promotion following it, Brandy finally shot the video for “Put It Down” with Chris Brown in California yesterday.

I’m excited to see her fling those Never Say Never braids around with Yellow Cake. Do it for Crenshaw High, Mo! Check out some more pictures below.

Source: ThatGrapeJuice

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  • everybody say Moeshhhhaa

    Yessss I’m ready for this. She was moving in that Whitney tribute. Chris probably slowed promo down . He had 4 singles and several feature verses floating around. RCA let his over saturation hurt him but not her.A r&b/ hip hip video with dancing is what he needs for urban audience himself

    • Kagem

       Brandy looks glowing. Looking forward to the video.

      Agree with you on Chris’ promotion issues. He needs a whole new team; his career is a mess.

  • Miles

    Where are Brandy’s edges in that last pic?
    Anyways its a cute song and Queen Mo’s face is always beat to the gods!

    GO IN Brandisha

    • KidFury


      • miles


        Now i know Moesha isnt putting coins in your purse but I was throwing minsicule amounts of shade at her edges. If you can convince me they’re there then cute for you! I still stan for herLOVE YA FURY!

  • JamieLime


  • Nikki

    Chants..*My name is Moesha..hey hey hey, they call me mo mo mo, I’m good to go, check me out (some hand claps), check me out (some more hand claps) Gooo Mo, check me out (pulls shades down over eyes)-if no one remembers that I shall have several seats, lol…but Go Bran!

    • KidFury

      I still know the dance.

  • Suga Sheen

    I totally just did that little cheer. Like physically got up and did it so yeah I’m wit you Nikki lol

    • Nekia Renee

      @KidFury:disqus and @21be5247e7325cce048652d5eef719b0:disqus , so glad that I didn’t have to take my seat and ya’ll were rollin with me like Kim and Neicy ;)

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    why brandy acting like she’s independent. nvr has promo, shit done came and went. and looks like she’s filming in Chris browns art garage. im looking in the background of the pics to see karmasutra sweeping up empty spray paint cans

  • Dilay

    YES. I love this song and am oh so ready to see a dance video for it. Werk Brandy and Breezy.

  • BusyBoyd

    I don’t get her promo strategy. First, she dropped the single. But you couldn’t buy it for almost a month on iTunes. Then the video comes two months later? Luckily I have a soft spot for Brandy. I’m guessing Frank Gatson will do something interesting. Most importantly, I’m just happy that she’s grown into her head. 

  • NT86

    Been a Brandy fan since the 90s. Her voice has really matured over the years and its good to see her still making music.

  • Michele Lee

    Aww..ive been missing Brandy.  It was so nice to see Monica make a comeback I hope Brandy can be as successful with hers.  90′s RnB was my Shittttt

  • Suchalady

    If this album is anywhere near the greatness of “Never Say Never”, I will be ELATED!

  • Brandon Dean

    She sure is taking her time with all this. I mean she put the song out TWO MONTHS AGO. 

  • Sable Femme

    “Never Say Never braids” DONE

  • Barack Yomomma

    Moesha better swing those braids like she’s working for child support!! As for Ms. Brown over there, I just hope she doesn’t throw another temper tantrum anytime soon

  • AlanaDaly

    *tears* my Brandyyyyyy .. the braidsss *jumps up and down* i cant waaaiiittttt