Diamond & Soulja Boy Talk Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Kid Fury July 6, 2012 You So Professional 29 Comments

Diamond has been catching all kinds shade on this Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta show as Lil Scrappy and the family paint her as an affair that ran off to Soulja Boy flapping her lower-lips in the wind. During the EBT Awards red carpet, MTV News got a comment from both parties and, of course, they kept it cute.

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  • KLC

    My problem is the interviewer. Can he NOT sound like just some dude on the street or like these artists? Couldn’t MTV have hired someone a bit more professional?

  • Dree

    These NON mutha f*ckin factors

  • Aundrea Emerson

    Souljah boy was choosing them words wisely b/c he KNOW he don’t want scrappy to put them paws on him lmao.

    • baybay


    • MissDom


  • Nate

    “That was the past, I’m in the future now.”

    Girl, are you hearing yourself? You’re in the present, not the future.

    • KidFury


    • banging on a trash can

       Seriously that killed me! She must be a cyborg or something. Future now hahah

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    You got Fishtaters and Whitenose being irrelevant..LOL! @Nate, you hit it right on the head…ain’t none of us in the future unless she dun called up Dionne and the psychic friends cuz if she was in the future, she could’ve possibly known that Crime Mobb wasn’t gonna be around that long and should’ve started cashing out early. LOL!

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    sidenote @ 0:30 did u see that precision feather flip? lmao

  • Suchalady

    Well that was…cordial.

    SN: I feel that if she were to call Scrappy up and try to reconcile he would dump his boo, Erica, in a heartbeat and she knows it :/

    • Kwan

      I agree as well Erica seems a real nice girl and level headed to she just needs to find another that’s gonna be faithful

  • hongray

    Does Diamond have that magical Badu & Rih Rih cooch…I mean on a much much lower scale…cus the dudes LOVE her. Scrappy still butt hurt.

  • Missmarchmommy

    she can surely keep Soulja boy aint nobody missing him #youleftscrappyforthat?

  • keilo

    I decided to not watch this clip because her MilkyWay weave made me itch…

    I don’t want to put myself through listening to them speak together…

  • keilo


    • Missmarchmommy

      with them crime mob kinky twist she had

    • atl80sbaby

       In the land of make believe along with her relevance and album sales.

  • Trish30083

    Why soulja Boy look like K.C. from Jodeci… an why his nails dirty???

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  • Sensationaly_Slain

    This…right here…is my…eddie king jr. swag ayeeee….

  • miles

    ^I KNOWW! 

    Soulja’s nails had all type of booty gravy up in the crevices

    • ShaunDavis

      “BOOTY GRAVY”?! iCant e’em……just bury me a G!!

  • jordan

    no words on her allegedly rank coochie

  • NT86

    Remember the Twitter beef Diamond had with Khia? Khia said Diamond need polygrip on her pussy or some shit rofl.

  • Kim.Couture

    lets talk about Dawn bald headed ass in the back! 

  • Brown Stone Woman

    His nails are dirty and he has gold everywhere?! Disgusting.

  • Amina

    1. Soulja girl snorts powder so…..
    2. I cant name any of what’s her name songs
    3. Whateva

  • Seoacer wong

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