Nicki Minaj Shoots ‘Pound The Alarm’ Video In Trinidad

Kid Fury July 5, 2012 Sneak Peek 25 Comments

Nicki Minaj dressed up as Keri Hilson for her “Pound The Alarm” video shoot in Trinidad this July 4th. With feathers on full blast, Nicholas definitely looked ready to swoop down on a few gerbil dinners. The rapper paraded around her hometown soaking up the love from her own island massive.

“Just wrapped an amazing video on an amazing island. #Trinidad #poundthealarm,” Nicki tweeted. “The heat in Trinidad is on another level. O_o The girls in the vid are drop dead gorgeous & I’m not just saying it cuz I’m from here!”

I suppose you can expect the video for this dance track to premiere in the coming weeks. More pics and clips below.

Source: Rap-Up

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  • amber

     same shit

    • FirstNameLast

      Point her out. Swagger jackin still. 

      • FirstNameLast

        she’s also channeling christina aguilera circa lady marmalade.

      • KidFury

        Honestly, these feathered costumes and parades are a Caribbean tradition. Being that both women are from the islands, I wouldn’t say she’s jacking swag, especially since it’s a bigger custom in Trinidad than anywhere else.

      • Blue Ivy’s Godmother

         I’m assuming you don’t know anything about West Indian culture or that Trinidad’s carnival is the biggest in the West Indies? It’s not swagger jacking. Nicki is just showing a part of her Trinidadian roots. Rihanna didn’t invent those costumes..they have been around before she even existed.

        • YUSS

          The thirst to label her as a swagger jacker.

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    I hope she’s dancing. i.e choreo unlike her last destination video shoot for starships which I wasn’t here for at all.

    the bet awards performance was real cute. we all know she’s no beyonce, but I think on production wise she’s a few steps higher than Rihanna.

    • Maira

       OMG!, Nicki over Rihanna was too much for my head!, LOL

  • Fatfreechocomilk

    When I first saw this pic I thought that Rhianna went back to Barbados for vacay.

  • Shannon EverSo Lee

    And this is why I chose to not buy this album… because of this type of sound! Not amused, at all.

  • Suchalady

    Much props to her for embracing her island…but I cant help but think she’s trying to gain support from Trini again since her support here is dwindling.

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    She is a real life cartoon, indeed. I don’t care what the “barbs” have to say. LOL! You all know her wigs are never officially on point. Quit playin..

    • Coonye West

      I agree. Her forehead is way too small/hairline is too low for the travesties she has living/sinning on her head piece.

      • Ms. I Stay 100

        her stylist should definitely be judged by the lord because those lacefronts are a sin indeed.

  • Michele Lee

    Im usually not here for Nicki but, I have fam from the West Indies so I can dig her reppin for her Trini klan..its all good.  Is she on the stage with Machel Montano the Soca artist?  IF hse is she’s certainly trying to get back in touch with her roots.  She and Rihanna gonna do a curry roti and flying fish remix ?

  • realitycocaine

    @a691f139d786c2a20911e4b0bb4339ca:disqus yeah thats Machel.sometimes people need to chill hell out and for the record Barbados carnival is a copy of trinidads own their celebration only started down in the early 90′s i think

    • Amy Farrah Fowler

       I’m a Trini, but Barbados celebrates their “Carnival” in August, I can’t spell it, but its not a knockoff of Trini Carnival anymore than Mardi Gras in NOLA or Brazil Carnivale is. The Trini, NOLA, and Brazil tradition started as a Catholic celebration to let loose before Lent. The Barbados Carnival is a harvest celebration. The slaves on Barbados were given a week off to relax and rest before the next growing season, and that’s why Barbados has their celebration at the end of summer.

    • Michele Lee

       I wouldn’t saw Barbados copied Trinidad because, they’ve been celebrating the  “Cropover” festival since the 1600′s. (I’ve been to a few myself) The islands are diverse so, I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’ve all copied off of Trinidad per se that would be a stretch.  Trinidad’s carnival is certainly the most popular because of the artistry and pagentry of the costumes ala what Nicki is wearing. But it’s all ONE caribbean, thats what makes it cool when Island people from all over come together for one big Carnival like the one we have here in NYC– You realize you have more alike than you do different.

  • whatevs


    • Patricia

      Got 2B Real! xD

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  • banging on a trash can

    Siiigh. I hope Americans (like the ones who are dumb enough as the one above to even think she is jackin’ anyone’s style….) don’t get the wrong impression of Trinidad. Everyone there is certainly not like Nicki Minaj… Trinidad has a lot more going just than Nicki Minaj being born there, visiting a whole 3 times since leaving and coconuts. Much more to the island than that.

  • treysongzMEDIA

    ok ok IM PISSED as a born trinidadian nicki HAS never put a single artist from trini on never did anything for the culture NOTHING whatsoever she even turn dont numberous offers from trini officials and artist out there.She is just using the lovely part of the island culture for video exposure she never has and will give two fucks about trinidad and unless u are from trinidad dont bother responding to this because you cant relate. I live in connecticut now but I will never forget where  I came from!! I love nicki music but the fake patriotic attitude only when its suits your new video is upsetting

  • Kwan

    This is the first time I’ve seen her go hard for Trinidad, I know she has done a concert over there, so I’m gonna count this as a ploy to gain a bigger fan base.

  • fresnostateofmind

    LOL! @ 
    Nicki Minaj dressed up as Keri Hilson.  Ms. Hilson will never have to worry about getting a sunburn…