Candid Yams: Chris Brown Says He Would Fight Drake In Boxing Match

Kid Fury July 5, 2012 Candid Yams 46 Comments

Chris Brown was spotted leaving Hyde Nightclub in Hollywood this week with Tyga, and a young lady whom I can only assume is his girlfriend, Kastanuelas.

A celebrity boxing promoter recently offered Yellow Cake and Drake $1 million each if they hopped in a ring to duke it out. One of these kind paparazzi asked Christopher if he was up for it, to which he playfully responded, “I would.”

He then pulled off with Fa Krouton and loudly popped jokes with Tyga. He seemed high off his ass if you ask me, but then again it’s nice to see a fun and relaxed side of Chris for a change.

Source: Fuse

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  • Hooker_on_a_church_corner

    *Waits for Lil Wayneisha to play Capt. Save a hoe* 

  • Hsksshsk

    Kmt he needs to know when to shut up. I Think he needs to take a hiatus, go someone where far, reflect. Then come back refreshed and mature.

  • F’em all

    um idk what I just watched concerning Chris, but the sound that engine made when he turned that key made me sooooo jealous of the girl sitting next to him. I would love my man to drive me around in that.

  • Chrisloveskroutons

    he does look high as hell. He’s such a dweeb 

  • KidFury

    Is it just me or has Chris been looking sunken-faced these days? I dunno if it’s my vision or what, but I’m gon’ pray.

    • Kerakee

      Nope. I been saying that. His Gf Koachbag sees it too. But she ain’t gon say anything. Cb her meal ticket she eem tryna compromise that. Lol

    • Rihanna’s Left Breast

      Yes. His face looks weird. I still blame Krogerpluscard. SMH 

      • Dannielle Simms

        Krogerpluscard??!!! REALLY!!! LMAO!!!!! #dying

      • Ms. I Stay 100 of the most creative names for Kaptainkrunch yet..

    • Ms. I Stay 100

      I said the same thing the other day. Chile, let’s pray together in the savior’s name and light some candles and assemble the annointing oils for the battle. 

    • Kwan

      I guess Kerosenecooch doesn’t know how to cook so he must fend for himself po yella baby smh ….. or them rice cakes and sushi ain’t hittin the spot.

      • Laila Corrorez

        Lmfao oh, you’re so fucked up for that. XD

  • FrostBiteMe

    Was he really wit Tyga tho!? Yo what kinda rachet ass clique is ymcb?? First Meek saying he cool with Chris and now Tyga acting like he wasn’t tryna get some fame off of The Motto?
    I sense a split coming soon. You know how Drake feels abt loyalty. 

    • bruh_mam

      YMCMB is not here for Drake. He was on Chris Brown’s tour where Chris Brown’s management set him up.  He got the buzz to release an album off of his mixtape with Chris Brown. He performed at Summer Jam when Lil Wayne got Nicki to pull herself and ymcmb out and ymcmb said nothing when he got shot at and his associated act Honey Cocaine got shot.  
      There’s no loyalty to Drake.  Drake and Nicki have loyalty to Wayne, and that’s it.

      • bahababe

        thank you i feel like ymcmb treat drake like a feral child… he seems like that dude who follows them around i bet u any money at that club when he walked in the entire crew was like “who invited him” 

      • Kwan

        They only keep him b/c he’s making them money Drake dumb as all fks anyway people been saying since the beginning that was the wrong people to sign with. He would have did better singing with G.O.O.D. Music or Roc Nation at least their music ability is at or beyond his level so he can actually grow with them. 

    • F’em all

       i don’t know. I feel like YMCMBLMNOP needs Drake. Who was really rockin the YMCMB snap backs and T shirts until Drake got signed, what, 3 years ago? If they lose him all they have is Nicki (whose clock is ticking after that last train wreck of an album) and Wayne who says he wants to retire soon So, they better Take Care of Drake if they want their cash to keep comin

  • honestlymonique

    All I can think about is when he gets old, being tatted from his neck to his big toe is not gone be a good look

  • amber

    look at chris look at drake -_-

    • KidFury

      I hope you don’t think Drake’s beefy arms are reason enough to assume he’d beat Chris in a fight. While his arms are nice and we all know his right hand, Rupert, is hyperactive, that doesn’t mean he’s a fighter. Remember how Suge Knight got his big ass knocked out? Mm…and we know Chris Fists packs a wallop. I wouldn’t place bets just yet.

      • Mahogany19

        DWL (dead wid laugh) you crack me up.

      • UMad_StayMadBish

        I’m still trying to figure out why people think Chris is such a badass cause he beat the shit outta rihanna, a female. And what fight have we seen drake in that automatically means he’s gonna lose any altercation he’s in…

        • NYCNaye

          But then again you shouldn’t use the fact that she’s a female for that. Yes he beat her up, but he couldn’t beat up ANY female, just because it’s a female. There are plently of females that could crumble this cornbread-colored coon lol. Besides Chris & Drake look like they’d end up in a Nia-Jennifer hand holding ass waltzing ass cat fight anyway.

          • TeddiRose24

            CORNBREAD-COLORED COON!!! *Dead*

          • Kwan

            Exactly @UMad_StayMadBish:disqus  make it seems like we are weak as hell let his high yella ass raise a hand to me.

      • Ms. I Stay 100

        Did you just refer to that man’s right hand as Rupert? OMG! I CANNOT with you this morning…ROFLMAO! Everybody knows Chris fights dirty though and Drake knows how to hide in a car. 

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    Wheelchair Jimmy is not about that life..They might as well send in their best bodyguards to fight this out. Chris has been doing the most lately..It’s okay, boo boo…gone and rest somewhere with Karatechop and her sidekick.

  • Missglamzon

    Oh Christopher Maurice…This boy needs one of those prayer cloths the Pastor with the Jacked up jeri curl sells around 4 am on Bet.  Jesus Take the wheel 

  • Dilay

    LMFAO! This was such a treat! Why isn’t anybody else laughing at this 2 minute clip of comedy? Am I that easily amused? Lol.
    About Chris looking skinny, he IS looking skinnier than usual but it’s not anything that extra imo. I think what some don’t realize is that this boy naturally has a slim face (and body) except that he was going through a phase back in like ’08 in which he was in the public eye the most by the way, when he looked kind of bloated. I think he looks fine now but yes, there’s definitely some extra weigh loss evident around his face due to partying damn every single night. They need to slow down.. 

  • Michele Lee

    That’s not alcohol, his eyes look dilated as Fu… !!  * bows her head  and joins prayer circle*  

    • Slim_Shady

      His ass be in that basement huffing all that damn paint and partying every other night with little Coocoocachu and the Motley crew, I feel like he needs to take a looooooooooong break, but now that he done released MisFortune that break isn’t coming anytime soon. 
      I pray that he doesn’t burn himself out so early in life *grabs the holy scripture*

  • ndolaraisedme

    i feel… like he needs a carer, you know those that can’t look after themselves properly get carers who help them along the way. So when Chris says stuff like that they can be like; “no, he’s jesting chris brown does not condone violence”. Hmmn Joyce! Joyce! make it happen mmm,k?

  • Suchalady

    Kallmemaybe is still with him? Has she no shame? Anyway I don’t like how sick he’s looking lately *joins prayer circle*

  • Coonye West

    Fuck Drake! Chris looks like he needs to be wrestling some home-cooked soul food.

  • honestlymonique

    Btw is anybody gone talk about that home stiched leopard print pocket on his shirt with the red bandana 0_o

  • Brittany

    Well shit let them hoes fight! Is KranPomegranate gonna be at the fight

  • Camille

    Chris…chile….I’m really starting to believe he’s on something and Kapn’Krunch is just strapped in for the ride…They both need Jesus

  • bruh_mam

    The video is kind of funny tho “no , f**** me! Look at the car bro”

  • manila

    one of those hoes gone chip a nail, then lift their skirts up as they frolic out the ring. i can’t take these infidels. no. not no more. 

  • keilo

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug…

  • Kwan

    so is no one gonna give kabuki brush a round of applause she got to sit in the front seat go girl

    • KidFury

      Rihanna sat in the front seat once…

      • Kwan

        Oh yeah right she may have sat in the back for protection

  • Justin

    Yep… He’s been sniffing that shit…. off Kheckbook’s ass! He need to get himself together, take a break, and reevaluate his relationship with KoffeeMate.

    So…..nobody’s gonna say…..? ok then

    “Look at Tyga’s car bro”
    *camera moves*
    *Chris makes out with Tyga*

    Ok I’m out!!!

    • keilo

      See, i peeped that…i just wanted to make sure i wasn’t trippin…

      I wonder where they were going….maybe skinny jean shopping or facials & fro-yo…

  • CaramelHottie

    I put my money on Chris. 

    He’s been looking a little smoked out lately…Hope it’s only weed lol