Chris Brown Sets His Neck Tattoo Free In Hollywood

Kid Fury July 3, 2012 Candid Yams 52 Comments

Still reeling from the EBT Awards, Yellow Cake was spotted with friends in Hollywood leaving a party — and with his fresh neck tattoo ready for the spotlight. It looks kinda like Trey Songz wearing an Indian chief headdress, but my vision could be playing tricks.

Christopher’s new album, Fortune, is in stores today and it’s a really solid project. So go ahead and toss some of that gold to the boy! Kashinout needs a new pair of Jeffery Campbell’s.



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  • lala

    something is…off about chris brown nowadays…..

    • Seiko

       Well hes been in this industry since he was 15… OF COURSE, something is off. This industry will fuck you up in the head if you don’t get with the program! He’s different, but since he won’t fall in line they are making him and its fuckin’ with his head. hes got ALOT going on. Their still investigating him for the alleged Grammy Bribing. Give him a little time he’ll get it together. He might have to go Britney Spears crazy before it happens but he’ll get it together

      • lifeGOLD

        ALLEGEDLY.. he’s addicted to that “stuff” …it’s what keeps him and Draya together even after their break up. That’s what seems off about him (his looks).. ALLEGEDLY…

      • M. Knight Scallywag

        Oh it’s “duh industry” making him a douche cuz he’s so “different”?
        I’m glad someone cleared that up for me, cuz for a second I thought he was an adult responsible for his own actions, the same adult in fact who clamors to be accepted by the same “nefarious” industry that apparently be making him crazy…..cuz he’s so rebellious and ..”different”.(-_-)

        *sigh* Imma go sit in the dark and pray all God’s children

    • Suchalady

       He looks very unhealthy and seems unhappy, poor thing…but idk him so….

  • Lusciousraen

    That boy is possessed!
    I miss the clean, un-ratcheted Breezy…this one makes me feel like I need to find my insurance card because even laying eyes on him guarantees a trip to the emergency room..

  • Kerakee

    I will suport bc I do like CB and think he’s talented,but he seems a lil out of his zone lately. Even his perfomances lack luster. After Fortune he should take a break. I’m routing for him tho!

    • KidFury

      I think he should take a break after Fortune too. Just relax, read, and regroup. I feel like he needs time away from the media for a bit.

      • Kagem

         Definitely agree – he should take a break.

        I bought Exclusive when it came out years ago; it was a really good R&B-pop record.

        Chris seems to have lost that spark that made stand out before.

      • FirstNameLast

        He looks like he’s been smoking that same shit that had Rihanna looking like Skeletor a few months ago. Speculating.

      • NattyChi

        According to Good Morning America, he stated that Fortune will be his last album. I strongly doubt that he is going to step away from music for too long but it is a much need break for him this time around. 

  • Keilo

    I just can’t get with Beatemdown Brown and his cult like following…

    Besides the fact that he reminds mr of those bad ass kids from Rocket Power and he refuses to get those 2 front teeth in line, he’s just so bizarre…not “different but still cool” bizarre…but awkward bizarre…idk

    I still think he’s doing cocaine…but that’s just my speculation…

    • FirstNameLast

      Saw you name and immediately thought of Kilolo, from Martin. LoL, random shyt.

      • Keilo

        That’s what people called me in college because my name is Kei lol

    • lifeGOLD

      Bingo. ALLEGEDLY cocaine is what even keeps Draya in his life even after their break up.

      • S.

        What’s the correlation? Is she his “alleged” dealer? I don’t get it…

  • miles


  • BEBE

    All I can do is SMH…something is seriously wrong with this child. He looks so lost

  • Drea

    Lmao @ Kashinout

    Fury, i’m done with you

  • Beck

    Looks like Chris is peeking at a crack phase. 

  • F’em all

    He’s on them drugs. He has that look in his eyes coke addicts get when they’re high or looking to get high. The neck tat looks like a 3rd degree burn. He needs to gain weight, clean himself up and take a rest somewhere

    • Mo

      RIGHT! I mean, IDK if its a crack look, I try not to throw shade unless its undeniably deserved, but he has some different look in his eye a lot lately.

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    but is that warrior tattoo shade over the fight? I just feel its like a subliminal. in my mind, Chris sued drake nem for a real pretty penny and he’s about to collect”. bcuz chris been to quite, he’s giving me sneaky ass Jennifer tease filing lawsuits behind your back nshit.

  • Apalacian

    He looks like a basic bitch right now. I know its hot in California what is going on?

  • Oliver

    cracked out or diseased. po thang

  • Trouble

    I guess I’m the only one that noticed that he doesn’t fit in that car.

  • Melissa W.

     I’m gonna pray for Chris b/c he doesn’t look too healthy these days. He’s such a great artist and ultra talented, but like so many of you said, this industry will eat you alive! Record companies just want to make money, they don’t care about the artists. Chris, sit down. count your money, paint a picture, and get your life together.

    • Nic


  • Michele Lee

    Now Neck Tattoo’s?  Chris why are you doing the most right now.  Relax young gun. All these tattoo’s are not the move.

  • erica

    Why does he have a nose ring??

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    OMG! he is looking all types of rough, I know the beard is to cover up that bottle wound but he is looking sickly, hopefully it’s from working and not from anything else..

  • M. Knight Scallywag

    Just Iook @ him..I mean.I  just don’t see it. I don’t see what about him ppl invest interest in or find entertaining. He’s ..a douche with little to no redeeming qualities. Every note is ripe w/ struggle, he’s in his 20′s and refuses to acknowledges his balls have dropped. He’s a great athletic dancer, but his stage presence and choreography are dismal. He be sweatin a lot. On twitter he acts like an impulsive 8th grader who acts out cuz he can’t read good, and has yet to be diagnosed with dyslexia. And paints himself as a consummate victim( with the aide of his primarily female fan base who needs to ween this grown ass man off their tits) Then there’s this visual….Ch. 
    I do not see it, and even if it was half-off I still wouldn’t buy it.

    • ryan

       yet still he has the most followers on twitter than any other male urban entertainer(rapper or singer) and his album is currently Number #1 in almost every damn country ..dont be a sour face hater all your life obviously the man is doing something right!

      • Drea_mosley

         Thank you Ryan.

      • EbonyJ

        I’m a Chris Brown fan, have been since he started his career. But what M. Knight said isn’t “hate”. (How is someone “Hating” if they are stating things that are easily observed?) Love the guy but his behavior has indeed changed and is ROTTEN. He hasn’t always been like that. It’s like he is spiraling downwards since the incident. In his personal life, that is. Yes, he’s a superstar, he is talented. Ok, he has a ton of followers on a social network… But if his stans can’t get their heads out of his ass & actually be a FAN that can love but also criticize their favorite artists when called for, they’re just cheerleaders throughout his journey of losing himself. And no one wants that.

        • Drea_mosley

          No stan here, just agreeing with Ryan. If hes an asshole let him be an asshole plenty of them in the world. But we all must stop and criticize this one. The incidents are affecting him and he has turned to drugs I can tell Chris Brown is on something.He looks unhappy,his face
          looks sunken in and dramatic weight lose.
          Remember right after the Rihanna incident he went to promote his new album. However the interview was strictly why you hit Rihanna,Rihanna,Rihanna,you are Ike turner you know that???
          Then he snapped out,the media just wants him to be seen as Ike Turner for the rest of his life. He is sorry for doing that but can he be forgiven not in America eyes never. He seems douchebagish because he is trying not to let the comments,the criticism,and stress get to him. But sadly with strong media effort…it has.
          M.Knight just doesnt like him but some of the things she says remind me of a group of girls who are always so very observant of others….alot.

          • M. Knight Scallywag

            Im “too  observant” but you the one jottin down day-to-day observation notes  and drug use hypotheses in your “What’s Up With Chris?” behavior log?
            Girl..Good & Day.
            I don’t hate em, I just find him unexceptional. And like Ole Fan Boy above me said, he has a mass of twitter  followers, and his album is # 1 (though not in unimportant markets like …the States)in all types of countries, I’m sure his album is in heavy rotation in Uzbekistan.POW! What’s one dissenter to a man who’s obviously so lubbed by so many?

          • Drea_mosley

            You seem very observant in a mean way sorry,glad i cleared that up.To be honest with you I don’t follow Chris Brown,I dont have a What’s up With Chris blog so :P . .He is on drugs how do I know my mother was on it and who had to help her
            get off it me and my brother at the age of 10. First time posting a
            comment here,because the drug use is apparent in his life. I hate drugs cause it ruins lives and I hate to see people on it cause its sad period. He need help, god and needs to leave the devil playground aka Hollywood.This is not a Chris Brown stan you are talking to. So your little good and day comment can go back to the borrowed kid fury bin.

    • Kagem

       Totally agree with your comment – Chris needs to go away for a while and recharge his batteries and come with something new.

      Don’t worry about the comment calling you a hater – a constructive thought about how Chris can be better does not make you a hater!

  • Jakondoe85

    I’m I the only on thinks his recent tattoo and Rihanna’s recent tattoo look awfully alike?

    • F’em all

       eh, i don’t see it

  • Uolalumna

    EBT awards…?! Too damn funny :-)

  • amber

    yellow cake more like ink cake

  • Mahogany19


  • Ind3rs

    Kashinout???? STOP im cryyyyiiinnnggggggggggg!!

  • Ind3rs

    But seriously tho he needs to get to work and stop lip synching and half ass dancing… THATS that shit I dont like…

  • Swaggerr

    He’s obviously on hard drugs. Those sunken eyes and hallow cheeks are indicative of someone whose on something really, really bad.

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    I’m not feeling this convenience store 2 for $10 tee/jacket combo. :( Girl..

  • Brittany

    So the Butterscotch Brawler got a new tatt hmm interesting

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    *sucks teeth* ch…..and in other news polar bears are going extinct…

  • Kwan

    it looks like a Lycan (werewolf) in a Seminole headdress smdh… he needs to rid himself of his friends b/c he’s doing drugs you can see it and the yes men around him including non-chalant kaleidoscope who ain’t no help.

  • AlanaDaly

    i prefer not to take the judgemental route thank you. Maybe it was just an off day and he needed sleep. I just look forward to the day when he’s on his Will Smith and doin really well for himself. I love me some Chris.