Candid Yams: Kanye & Kim Kardashian Back In Paris

Kid Fury July 3, 2012 Candid Yams 59 Comments

Aunt Kanye and Kim Trashbagian left the BET Awards early and hauled ass to Gay Paris for fashion week. Their first stop was at Stephane Rolland’s couture show today. Kim tweeted her excitement saying, “His clothes are so next level beautiful!!!”

Interestingly enough, Grand High Mother Honeybee Superb Giselle was shimmering in a Stephane Rolland gown and Givenchy shoes during the award show on Sunday. Draw your own conclusion.

Photos: FameFlyNet

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  • Need2bdoingHW

    Their interaction is like they are good girlfriends….

    • KidFury

      I really feel like they go back to the hotel, Kim tweets and twitpics, Kanye reads Vogue Italia while Real Housewives is on and they never speak to each other.

      • Need2bdoingHW

         Lmao exactly!!!

      • Michele Lee

         The truth has been spoken.

    • DESTA

       How old is Kim again??? everytime she tries to go with a more natural look, the plastica surgery she’s had comes out more and make her look older…
      White people  really have it bad with the way they age… a few years from now, kim s look is going to accelerate cause she already looks like a real housewife of orange county!! At 30… it goes down hill for them lol

  • NYCNaye

    I don’t see it for her. Never have. Never will.

  • Drea

    Kim…try again.

  • FrostBiteMe

    Melissa & Rhi Rhi have more chemistry than KimKan.

    And what’s with her hair lately, O_o

    • Lalaine

      Apparently Kanye told Kim to ditch her hair extensions because he loves the more natural her.

      A woman should not have to change for no man. She’s a joke.

  • Bharris25

    I’m not feeling that flower tho. It’s too big!

  • dijah la garveyistaღ

    Yeezi looking rather dapper in all black : ) 

  • Cunty

    why Kanye aacting like a bodyguard to kim?  n whats up with that greasy hair of hers? eww!

  • SomeWittyName

    I bet fucking Kim K. is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

    • TeddiRose24

      *Digs own grave and jumps in* IM DONE! LOL!

      • ThoroughBred

         @e5984f6787c32ed57265e6233fc52949:disqus I am right behind you….*dives in head first*

        • Kwan

          scoot over I’m commin in *cannon-balls into grave*

          • Keilo

            Somebody hold my hand and jump wit me!

    • Brittany

      Dead as fuck

  • granky161

    Stop hating, they looks good. I wish a lot of ppl wish they had a boyfriend to fly them to Paris for fashion week, they are living the life.

  • Nate

    “Next level beautiful?” There’s a special place in my heart for articulate women.

  • Kiri

    I’m sorry but what is Kanye doing holding the press back like she’s her bodyguard 0_0 did she forget she sat next to Black Royality just Sunday. You do not sit with such and 2 days later you’re scrapping the run of mill, trash…Kim got lucky Jay even allowed her to stare at his family (Solange included)!

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    fuck Kim ineedaKartofuckyouin.

  • Kajackson1986

    What the Fuck does trashbagian Has on?

  • Amy Farrah Fowler

    I miss the way she used to dress. Girlfriend used to serve us glamourpuss all day. She reminds of Catholic school nuns, even wearing turtleneck dresses now. I blame you Kanye, you ruin everything. I can’t wait for y’all to break up so Kim can go back to being a Cali glamour that I love to hate, and so I can have some good ass music from you. 

  • Msj64312

    The music he creates after they break-up will be effin epic! Can’t wait!

  • Suchalady

    Yeezy needs to stop and this new “natural” look of hers is awful.
    Fury did you catch this shade?

    • HellToTheNo

      I caught it. It was the only thing that kept me from blowing a gasket when I saw the pictures from the BET Awards. I think Jay & Bey are just cordial like we all have to be when our friends start dating someone wack. I wish these other sites would stop acting like they’re all the best of friends.

      • Suchalady

        But Bey stans need to stop making it seem like she hates Kim as well…these are celebrities and most will sell their soul for attention. I just found this pic hilarious.

    • BEBE

      Jay gave her the same tap he gave Lil Mama @ the VMA’s… you know he’s not here for her!

  • Sugarbear1965

    Why are they looking all somber as if they are going to a wake

  • αѕнℓєу♥

    Her age is starting to show on her face 

  • TayJae

    No hate but Kim isn’t even that pretty anymore… She looking kind of old nowadays…

  • honestlymonique

    I don’t really care for Kim, Khole is my main bitch, but Damn all the hate on this girl is crazy. Now on to the awkwardness between jay n her. I think its more of he don’t really know her so you can’t be all buddy buddy. that don’t mean the man hates her. now on to this pic of them that dress n hair is a hot mess but I don’t see nothing wrong with her trying to be cute for her man. if u ain’t trying to look good for your man every now n then, then don’t expect to keep him for long

  • Trch1097

    Kanye does not look happy at all. I hope Kim is paying him well to be her kept man, lol. You can just see it in his face. He’s bored out of his mind. See, when you get pass all the beauty, you’re left with a woman who has the personality of a piece of broccoli, lol.

  • Trch1097

    And did anyone else notice the first pic in the 2nd row? He’s barely holding her hand, lol.

  • Leopard-Paw

    What is up with her hair, that combed straight back shit is not cute…she did that at the awards too…ugh.

  • Kingphoenix

    Kim is serving high fashion i see…Girl is on the come up, i love a smart women. Get money bitch!

    • Nate

      …are we talking about the same woman?

    • Franny Glass

      You hate Rihanna but love Kim Kardashian? What?

  • Dejon Mustard

    Why does she look wet? Why is she trying to serve face SOOOO hard?

  • Kwan

    I’m not feeling it 
    I miss her middle part loose cali curls the hair she has now got her lookin casket ready and is it just me or does it looks like a super sized sperm is sitting on her shoulder. 

    • chai tea

      RIP me x____x

  • Keilo

    Kim I know ur back and lower thighs are starting to ache from riding Beyonce’s dick so damn hard!!!

    I really don’t want Bey to like her….cuz I don’t like her…

    And I’d like to think Beyonce have a lot in common…

    She probably likes eating Lays potato chips and hot sauce like me, she probably says “ooh imma kill em at the club tonight” like me, I think she tells jay “fuck a turn, I carried her for nine months, change her damn diaper!” like me….

    Yeah, we’re pretty much friends…

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    No, No and No on the, foreal. they couldn’t give her an updo or something, even a regular ponytail would be better than this slicked back shit, I’m sick of it and that misplaced whale uterus on her shoulder is not what’s good. At least Kanye is serving us that Five Heartbeats realness yasssss..

    • Brittany Jackson

      *sangs* Nights like this I wish raindrops would fall……..

  • M. Knight Scallywag

    As much as I love calling him House Mother Kanye, his styling on his new Pleasure Doll is quintessential straight guy. The hair- straight sans extensions; Makeup- Minimal; Color- None. Accessories – None. The silhouettes are simple, as are the shoes and he dare not bat an eye @ print or play w/ volume and/or texture. Apparently submersing himself in the fashion industry has not robbed him of his straight dude fashion sensibilities for women. It appears that he’s trying to make Kim “chic and understated”, unfortunately its ill-executed and unconvincing, and in fact ages her. Kim may be a lotta things to a lot of ppl, but “chic and understated” ain’t none of em.
    I was never a fan of Kim and her litany of bandage dresses. too tight ensembles, and blazer collection, but at least she wasn’t droning around like a cadaver like Mutha has her. She ain’t even got a ring and she’s already conforming, damn at least Katie waited till she had a ring on it before she let Tom have Xenu suck her soul through a straw, THEN planned her escape. How unfortunate Kimmy you hustlin backwards.

    • Michele Lee

       Well if you didn;t just preach the gospel…amen Yaaass.

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye stands in the bathroom mirror with a wire brush and some mousse styling her hair himself. Well, it’s not laying for the Gods, I tell you that. lolol

    • Dgreen0811

      I’m all for natural hair. Trust me. However, the ‘I’m just gonna come it straight back do’ is not befitting especially when her dress is so elegant. A nice bun would have sufficed. I’m not a fan of Kim k’s antics but she has always slayed fashion wise. Now is not the time to start letting kanye do your hair in his kitchen. Her whole look screams Yeezy taught me.

      • Ms. I Stay 100

        LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!! she could’ve done one of her slicked back ponytails, a cute bun with some red lipstick, this hairstyle has been ruining what would otherwise be nice fashion pieces lately.

  • JengaBitch

    Bey has those shoes…

  • Kmarieholt26

    Also Beyonce has those same shoes she has on in the picture in a different color. Kim kardashian has warn those to death lol

  • wishabishwould

    kim is starting to look hella old with him, her face, her hair, her clothes…

  • Depharrella

    she toned down on that cake -up as well …

  • Lucky

    So no one is going to say anything about that huge vagina stitched to her dress…anyone…oh okay….

    • Brittany Jackson

      You know it’s a life sized replica of the prolapse and bad decision she has tucked up in her pantaloons….

      • Lucky

        Bitch you just made me spit my tea all over my laptop!

  • Brittany

    That big white thing on her dress is ugly

  • just a suggestion ;)

    Hey Kid Fury! Could you make it so that when we click on one picture we can click through them all instead of having to X out of each individual picture and come back to the main article page? Just a suggestion! Love your…everything <3

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Commenter.