New Music: Chris Brown – I Don’t Like (Drake Diss)

Kid Fury June 30, 2012 New Music 105 Comments

Well Yellow Cake and Aabriyah won’t be shaking hands and sharing campfires anytime soon. Chris has released a remix to the Chief Keef “I Don’t Like” record where he blasts Drake to high yellow hell. Can’t we all just be friends?

Source: TGJ

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  • Iimsoflii

    nope, obiviously not. poor yellow cake needs to focus on his album selling more than 200k the 1st week

    • Juiceisgreat

      Hahaha yellow cake! Best name ever!

  • Rai675

    While Drake is moving 700k first week, CHRIS’S FAME ALBUM IS struggling to move 800k in a year. Oh well Chris is pathetic.

    • Laila Corrorez

      Smh the shade of it all

    • Ghost

      only because you know who destroyed his career, but u r right facts are facts, but seriously if that never happened Chris Brown would still be hot, and guys like JB would not even be mentioned. 4 Example Graffiti is an excellent album but was not recognised as one…

      • Chakra

        Please tell me you’re not trying to blame Rihanna for ruining his career. Please tell me you’re not that ignorant. 

        • ryan

           were chris sales bad before he whoop her ass? umm HELL NO multi platinum selling artist killing every damn thing ..after he whoop rihanna ass  shit started slowing down…clearly u are ignorant if u cant see that

          • Coonye West

            The only person that ruined Chris Brown’s career is Chris Brown. Pretty sure Rihanna didn’t fall on to his fist or shove her ear in his mouth.

            The End.

          • lcnsong56

            Let’s give credit where credit is due!  Chris was whipped by the Caribe candy, but she was not honest with her agenda or the numbers she still held onto.  His reaction was not justified, but tell me how would you react if you found out that the love of your life was giving candy tasting to another–or others?

          • Young & Pruned

            By doing something other than trying to beat her into the 102nd dalmatian?

          • Coonye West

            I would most certainly not be going Chun Li on that ass. Ain’t nobody got time for det.

          • Iam Oshun5

            I’m sorry you speak as if you were there and know what happened? Are you friends with Chris or Rihanna? If not have several fucking seats! My two friends were Rihanna’s stylist at the time and they said it had nothing to do with Rihanna cheating and in all actuality CHRIS BROWN was cheating and rihanna was very controlling and jealous which is understandable cause he was CHEATING she grabbed his phone and saw a text from some girl and then they started going at it. Rihanna is not to be blamed for Chris Brown’s temper and aggression. You all sound ignorant for even saying so! I’m guessing she is also to blame for him going Hulk and throwing a damn chair out of NBC window or stealing a fan’s iphone for taking a picture. Let’s be REAL people!

          • KidFury

            …..but….whose fault it that? Who are you mad at here, because…

  • Tia

    oh Chris, girl…shit up.

  • Chakra

    Sigh. Can we just put him, Drake and, for good measure, Azebra Banks in a hole somewhere far, far away from us?

    • Chile…

      looool what does Azelia Banks have to do with this? I swear you people don’t like someone and will purposely bring up their name in everything. “Rihanna boards a flight to Heathrow in a see through top” “Who remembers that shirt Azealia wore last week?” Like chillout. You don’t like her fine but constantly bashing her is just pathetic.

      • Nate

        Agreed! Plus, Azealia Banks has more talent than both of them combined, anyway.

      • Chakra

        Do you separate trash from trash when you carry it out to the road? No, you don’t. 

        • Chile…

          Girl the point was she had nothing to do with this post yet you brought her name up to do what fuel hate?

      • KidFury

        You stans are so sensitive when it comes to that little girl. Calm down. I dropped a brand new post on her latest song where you could be gleefully celebrating the bitch, yet you’re in here policing another person’s comment. Chile, indeed.

        • Kingphoenix

          Well she is a Goddess tbh. I love her almost as much as I do Bey…you get that don’t you?

        • Kwan

          doesn’t the beyhive do the same for Bey *throws hands up* #ijs

          • JengaBitch

            Lol why is Fury acting like he doesn’t get presseddd when someone says something about Bey? This is the same guy who went on a Twitter rant because there was a pic of Kim hugging Beyonce, making videos about it and all but if someone comes for Azealia and one person responds, they’re sensitive stans? Lollll avite.

        • Chile…

          Indeed what? If you wrote a post about Tyga’ new music video and someone comes along saying how Beyonce couldn’t get a writing credit to save her life would you not respond? Or agree with someone else questioning it’s relevance to the post?

          But per usual anyone questioning unnecessary hateful behaviour is a stan so I’ll just leave the shit alone.

  • Tia

    typo-shut up :)

  • FoodstampBallin

    Omg!!! 2 high yella mothafuckers going at it! I can’t….did he say “those eyebrows…yikes!” I’m done.

    • NYCNaye

        Lmaoooo yes I must admit that part was HILARIOUS!!!!

  • NYCNaye

    LMAOOOOOOOOO. WHAT….WHY??? Chrissy, girl….you and Drake just need to meet up at Tiny’s Nail Bar for a double mani-pedi session, exchange “how Rihanna broke my heart” stories, kiss and make up.

    • Zan

      I choked on my damn beer! LMAO!

  • Guest

    Lmaoooo yes I must admit that part was HILARIOUS!!!!

  • wtf

    i applaud no subliminals BUT if Drake responds which i dont think he will…it will b better than this…i really think it was dumb for him to get on the track w/ Game & do this ..i thought u was about being positive? ummm ..christina what you need is meditation & a serious seat somewhere in the boondocks bc you’re trying to be this tough guy tatted all up to the high heaven behaving like a delinquent just stop the want ppl to believe you good & changed stop doing dumb shit..duh

    • YM.

      “christina what you need is meditation & a serious seat somewhere in the boondock”
      Wheezes. Call Life Alert, I’m done here. 

  • Djones157

    TF was this?!  2 yellas gurls beefin thats that shit I dont like!

  • Yeeyee

    This was actually raw as hell…

  • M.J.

    Daggett Beaver needs to stop all this tomfoolery… him and Jimmy Brooks. 

    • Whoa There

      No you didnt just take it to Nickelodeon, Dagget tho? Lmfaooooo

    • KidFury

      Not Daggett, Jesus…

    • KidFury

      Not Daggett, Jesus…

    • KidFury

      Not Daggett, Jesus…

    • KidFury

      Not Daggett, Jesus…

    • Jlee89

      Daggett?! OOOOMMMMGGGG x_x

    • A_Kicks

       flatlines like a motherfucker! lol.

    • A_Kicks

       flatlines like a motherfucker! lol.

    • Kwan

      *Ohhhhhhh he said she ain’t got no nipples* that’s the only reaction I could give jesus

  • Satan


  • Type Dope80

    Drake can talk shii during his concert but Breezy cant say anything about him PLEASSEEE!!!! And on top of that Drake is from Canada and don’t live the life he rap about although I enjoyed his last cd.

    • Chile…

      Girl. You said that. Drake doesn’t even go to the clubs in Toronto without security because he got robbed one time and a local rapper doesn’t like his ass so he avoids any clubs the local rapper frequents. He’s most definetely not about this life.

    • Dainty

      When you have money you can be about any life you want to be about. No real gangster gets his hands dirty.

      • Kwan

        I agreed with your comment up to “No real gangster gets his hands dirty”….http : // lies. com. Every real gangsta has gotten his hands dirty. 

  • Satan


  • Jmaul39

    Drake an Chris brown making us yellow peoPle look bad

    • Zan

      I said the same thing. 

  • Army Of Queen Aaliyah


  • Kiri

    Why is Christine brownies trying so hard to be hard??? Shit “I DON’T LIKE” is a try hard lmao. He need to worry abt his inFAMEous weak album

    • Laila Corrorez

      Oop, there it is.

  • : (

    These two are obviously in love and are frustrated they can’t be together.

    • whatevs

      Okay I’m glad I scrolled through these comments because I was about to say something similar lolol. Next they’ll be playing the dozens or truth or dare

  • C_cole742

    Christina brownnn that’s the shit I don’t like…

  • Rikki

    how is he going to be on a song where another man is rapping ” but i never hit a woman never in my life” you get shaded on a song you made to shade someone else tho, sis? 

    • KidFury


    • La Shane Jones

      right? lol maybe he didn’t catch that before he released this 

    • Bernice

      Hahah you are so right Rikki. I heard that and all I could think was this dude is hella stupid.

    • Guest

      Well technically that line ‘Ye said was in response to allegedly his ex fiancé or someone who knew her saying that kanye hit her & was violent & he wanted Kim k back then too yada yada .. Idk that’s what I read somewhere

  • chai tea

    I don’t need to listen to this anymore, the comments has just explained everything for me! Thanks guys! :)

  • Coonye West

    I’m so appalled.

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  • Courtney Cymone

    Oh Crissy ima need for you to go focus on your music, make new dance moves, and  leave Abreyah alone. In case you haven’t notice you do have an album to sell.

  • Beck

    Who the fuck is “Game”?  Yellow cake is getting too moldy for my taste.

  • wishabishwould

    the eyebrows part had me weak…but seriously chris please remember how you started in this game…a singer…cause this diss was wack…and if drake responds he will slaughter you. 

  • Mo

    This diss traaaack, thats that shit I dont like!
    Grown as men acting like toddlers, thats that shit I dont like!
    Men hitting women, thats that shit I dont like!
    All yall on some kiddie shit, getcha heads right.

    • KidFury


      • Mo

        lol, love you fury

  • Moyo

    the hilarity of it all… 

  • Slim_Shady

    Christina….girl, you can do better, tell me have you heard that lately sis? He’s beginning to irk me, but he’s quickly moving up in the ranks for the 2012 Stunt Queen award tho

  • Moyo

    I can’t wait for the BET awards though. All the controversy surrounding the show and its performers will actually make me watch it. 

  • KidFury

    If Drake decides to respond, he’d slay. There’s years worth of material there and he’s a better rapper, but it’s not really worth it.

  • KidFury

    If Drake decides to respond, he’d slay. There’s years worth of material there and he’s a better rapper, but it’s not really worth it.

    • Dainty

      I think this is what music is for. It is a vehicle for a message as opposed to being violent. Why is everyone afraid to battle lyrically these days?

      • M.

        the response would be after the violence, so that defeats the purpose of you first point. Second the whole message is we don’t like each cause we fucked the same broad. That not anything important, Its pettiness and basic-ness. Why can’t we save the lyrical battles for real lyricists and not these pseudo rappers.

    • DeNay

      I am a Chris fan… But you are right if Drake respond he will SLAY!!! Although it wouldn’t be worth it I think Drake just might come back with something!! This shall be interesting!!! 

  • KidFury

    If Drake decides to respond, he’d slay. There’s years worth of material there and he’s a better rapper, but it’s not really worth it.

  • KidFury

    If Drake decides to respond, he’d slay. There’s years worth of material there and he’s a better rapper, but it’s not really worth it.

  • Mizznell

    This girl talked about his eyebrows Ohh what a,Queen.

    • S.


    • F’em all

      yea…as “cute” and funny as that line was I couldn’t help but think what hyper macho man raps about another dudes eyebrows. he might as well have said he has large pores or ugly nail beds lol

      • whatevs

        A hangnail? That that shit I don’t like
        Chipped french tips? That’s that shit I don’t like

        • KidFury

          No lip chap. That’s dat shit I don’t like!
          Pleated slack pants. That’s dat shit I don’t like!

          • Kwan

            ya’ll aren’t gonna do it, ya’ll not gone send me to the morgue today!

  • Dd

    Man, Drizella and Christasia need to stop this bitch shit and move the fuck on.
    Oh and no, Chris didn’t just come for drake crocheted eyebrows, lmaoooooo

  • Oliver

    The beef between Debbie Gibson & Tifanny was more gangsta and entertaining than this soft boy pussy shit.

  • Ohsnap

    I would like to see this one-on-one match that chris is asking for.  I have no doubt Drake will lose

  • Michele Lee

    So Abrey Brey makes a comment at a concert..then Chrissy makes a ” piss track , its clear that it’s that special time of the month and Chrissy and Abreyisha’s mentral cycles have synced up……this has butch queen written all over this one

  • Apalacian

    Damn I’m team yellow cake and team panty liner…I’m so conflicted right now

  • ndolaraisedme

    i’ve… always wanted to know Chris Brown’s thinking process, my guess it’s after he’s made a foool out of himself… then he decides to think about it- if i was chris brown PR team i would just quit or get a pay raise on top of a pay raise to be dealing with this bullshit… and karrueche needs to escape before he self destructs!! Drake should keep silent, Chris is already killing himself, Drake doesn’t need to do anything… it’s been done

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    I just…ch…why can’t chrissy and drieka just polish each others crowns and tighten up each others fades over a cool glass of red kool-aid while watching sister-sister and moesha re-runs and chill the hell out??? i mean…is that too much to ask???

  • Young & Pruned

    Can somebody get these two caramel creme coons a pump-bottle of ID glide, a pack of Kimonos, and a key to the CocoDorm? Wrap this “beef” up right quick.

  • Mahogany19

    I’m sorry, everytime i try to go to bat for Chris, he does this stupid shit. How r u going to start a lyrical war with Drake…he might be soft, but his lyrics slay..Chris you ain’t on that, your raps are basic at best, and that’s coming from someone who tries to look at you in a good way. #HANGITUP

  • Trch1097

    Chris Brown will forever be the biggest bitch since he like to fight girls. Sorry Chris, there’s no escaping it, lol.

  • Napigg

    chris is a pest thats why that chin is suffering.

  • syd.

    lort. christina.. i’m done.

  • Madison J. Monroe

    Anyone else find it ironic that Chris decided to add some bars on a track that Kanye referenced never hitting a woman? Looks like little Ms. Christopher tried to read Drake and ended up getting indirectly shaded by Kanye. Welp, i guess all’s well in Love & Hip Hop *Shurgs*

  • Gorgeousmia_91

    cornmeal breaded butch queens going at it like labradoodle puppies, thats that shit I dont like…

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    these comments got me dying..lmfaooooo. It was definitely that time of the month for Kanye and CB on this track. Give these girls some midol and a pillow. 

  • Missglamzon

    These two need to just have a good old fashion  after the club fight  in the Waffle House parking lot complete with snatched wigs, ripped rainbow outfits , broken heels and some nigga with a flip camera ready to record.

  • A_Kicks

    so chris gives long pipe? i agree with that slim jim he got. but as i’ve said before & i’ll say again: these two butterscotch queens need to have all the seats & benches too. neither of them are about that life. the end.