Dawn Richard On Representing For The Brown Girl

Kid Fury June 27, 2012 A Little Something Good 20 Comments

With a pretty reputable EP on iTunes and a growing solo career, Dawn Richard has been making her rounds and grinding hard. She recently sat down with blogger, Carlton Jordan, where she discussed her thoughts on being a “brown girl” in the entertainment industry.

“I always say represent for the brown girl, because when you think of a sex symbol and you think of a huge artist, most of the time it isn’t the brown, darker girl,” she tells Carlton. “And I’m not dark, but it isn’t a chocolate girl and it should be more because there is no color to greatness.”

I still can’t believe we have these serious skin tone issues with bitter, shallow, insecure folk all over the place. However, I think Dawn is a great representation of a strong, talented, classy brown woman. I mean, she dated a butch queen and bounced right back. Applaud her!

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  • Dannielle Simms

    I guess I just don’t see the issue here. The thing is, I don’t think she isn’t a mega star because she is brown. I really think she is not a mega star because she is just regular and does not have a hit. I have never really been impressed with her or any of her music.

    Most women in Hollywood are beautiful, unique, or have a major talent. Dawn is an attractive girl, but she is regular. Her singing is just okay in my opinion.

    Whitney Houston is brown and she was a mega star. Why? Because she has talent and beauty. Beyonce is a mega star because she has talent and beauty. Rihanna is a mega star because she has unique features.

    As a brown girl, I can say the only time I ever see a brown singer that is underrated is when I see Ciara and Kelly Rowland. Both are beautiful girls and let’s face it, in today’s music industry you did not need to be able to sing that well to be famous, BUT you need to be beautiful or being something unique to the table.

    Dawn does none of those things, IMO!!! But what do I know?

    • Dannielle Simms

      excuse my typos!

    • FirstNameLast

      I love how Beyonce and Whitney have talent and beauty, but Rihanna only has “unique features”…..the SHADE!! lmao

      • Dannielle Simms

        I mean, lets be real! i love me some Rih, but she cannot sing. SORRY! LMAO!!!!

      • KidFury

        I caught that shade too. LOL

    • Courtney Cymone

      Shade OOOh lol but I agree

    • Suchalady

      Ciara?! Girl…
      And Rihanna is gorgeous.

  • curiousmind

    Dawn Richards doesn’t have that it factor to me. The end. 
    @ Dannielle I agree Kelly Rowland, in general is underrated but I must admit she’s a hit and miss with me when it comes to her music.
     @ Kid Fury, are you saying that skin color shouldn’t be an issue and those who speak on it are insecure? or are you saying it’s ridiculous that preferential treatment given to those of a certain appearance is still happening in 2012?

    • banging on a trash can

       I don’t know how you misunderstood what Kid Fury is saying… it’s pretty clear that he disagrees with this light skin vs dark skin thing. He still can’t believe in 2012 there a some people that think light is better or are even judging people based on skin tone.

      • curiousmind

        I never thought that Kid Fury agreed with the light vs dark. I’ve been a fan for quite some time i’ve seen his opinion so i know his stance. But i was confused on whether he thought ppl who speak on it are insecure or the idea that it still needs to be addressed in 2012 is ridiculous and signs of insecurity.  

    • KidFury

      I’m saying that it’s a shame that brown girls need to be “represented” at all. That people are so fixated on skin color that chocolate people feel insecure, ugly, unappreciated, bitter and what not.

      That idea that lighter skin is pretty causes all kinds of annoyances and bullshit. I poke fun, but in my opinion, light skin can be beautiful, but rich brown skin is gorgeous as well. I just think skin tone wars in 2012 is a fool.


        Say that, KING FURY.


          *Say that AGAIN – my bad.

      • curiousmind

        thanks for the clarification and I agree! :)

  • Mo

    The girls got passion and a dream. She can sing and dance which is more than I can say for half to T-rash out right now, so dawn girl…do ya thang!

  • honestlymonique

    Their are still issues today with skin tone. for some reason for me dark is sexy (not saying this because I’m a dark skin woman) n light skin is pretty. when I see a darkskin man I think DAMN when I see a light skin one I say o he looks good. yes its crazy n I don’t know why I think like this but everyone have their own taste. btw my husband is light skin so u can tell I’m all screwed up lol

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    @KidFury:disqus had that quick stab at the butch queen LOL

  • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

    If anyone denies the fact that skin privilege factors into how success gets translated, you are being way too Romantic about the politics of race in America, specifically how this translates in economic terms (think of this idea generally as well as in the music industry in particular here).

    With that said, “Armor On” is flat-out brilliant.  It shits on 2/3′s of the music that has been produced in the mainstream this year.

    ‘Armor On” is forward looking and the reviews from the TRUE music connoisseurs have spoken.  Good.Bye.

    There is nothing “regular” or “basic” about Dawn.  People who say this typically have “basic” musical taste.

    *Bumps* “Save Me From U” Remix

  • FoodstampBallin

    @KidFury:disqus  if you think that in 2012 skin tone issues are a non factor then boo boo you need some creole juice splashed on you! yes of course you can be dark and beautiful and yes you can be light and beautiful but that’s only in the real world! In the Entertainment biz dark skin women aren’t favored! It sucks but thats the reality! Rhianna would have never been sought out to be a marketable force had she not been light! And Rhianna have typical black girl features….Why is it that the only BEAUTIFUL black women praised in the industry are Beyonce,Halle Berry and Rhianna? Why not Viola Davis,Tika Sumpter and Dawn! Kelly Rowland in my opinion is just as beautiful as Beyonce but how many high fashion magazine covers did she land?

    • iservestheshade

      You better preach!