Azealia Banks Talks Curse Words & Mixtapes

Kid Fury June 27, 2012 Cute For You! 47 Comments

After wrapping up Hackney Weekend, Azealia Banks sat down with NME to briefly discuss her foul language, upcoming mixtape and her balls. Her Fantasea project is currently slated for release on July 11th — Lil Kim’s birthday.

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  • Kagem

    She’s pretty & sounded good on the M.I.A remix. I like her. 

  • Kingphoenix

    I love her voice and get into that baby hair!

  • Victoria

    Now that I hear her speaking voice I hear all her twitter rants in that voice.. and they just seem bratty… (if that makes sense) Her flow is still sick tho… 

  • banging on a trash can

    You know?

  • Merriegirl

    I’m convinced that when she gets up in the morning to get dressed, her objective is to look as bad as possible.

  • Nicole

    ya knoow liike? get into her hair pins though, general dollar chic

  • Apalacian

    Not with those shoes!

  • JengaBitch

    So anyways about her actual MUSIC, the mixtape sounds interesting. When she said aqua themed I was thinking her song Aquababe and if she’s rapping on the mixtape like she did on that song it’s all good because I love it.

    • Kingphoenix

      You know? Its one of my favorite songs by her…and thats saying a lot.

      • JengaBitch

         Me too. The first time I listened to it I liked it but didn’t love it and then it just grew on me so fast. Definitely one of my faves too.

        • Kingphoenix

          I didn’t like it at all when i heard it on autoplay on her damn tumblr, but then I took a second hear, and was like what the fuck was wrong with me….And then i looked up the lyrics to understand some of the parts i couldn’t hear and was just like, wow this bitch is going to fuck up the game.

  • Chile…

    I love how our generation claims it wants people to be themselves. But because Azealia’ style is different or her hair isn’t to your liking it means bash her. So much for being who you are….

    • Girl…

      Chile please. If this was anybody else he/she would catch the same shade and you probably wouldn’t say shit. Stan down!

      • Chile…

        Right of course I’m a stan because I feel that we don’t need to CONSTANTLY attack people. I just can’t have an opinion that’s positive right?

        • Seiko

           Its hilarious because if You peep some of her older videos she had her own flow, her own style, she was truly that uptown hood chick that could do it like a dude and still have mojito’s with the girls. She has gon from an original to a clone of MORE THEN ONE PERSON. Don’t believe me? Youtube some of her earlier music and her earlier videos. She wasn’t on this Techno-Rap bullshit, but like everybody else in THIS GENERATION, she had to sell out to get famous. But her attitude is so fucked that shes never going to get where she should be because she has too much mouth

          • Chile…

            What does this have to do with me saying we shouldn’t attack her over her style?

          • Siku Hamin

            people change, that happens in life. Like most real artist, their music grows as they do. It’s something I enjoy seeing when the change is good, hers was. 

          • Kwan

            But unlike everyone else she moved to the UK which is also the majority of her fan base and where she got her big break. It wasn’t a trend she immersed herself in the culture and it influenced her music. Unlike Iggy who just imitates southern rappers. Not to mention if you remove the house music and listen to the lyrics unlike most who go the Euro route and fail her ish is good.

    • syd.

      the fact that your names are “chile…” and “girl…” just tickle me. tickle me bright pink, indeed.

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    I dunno why I just simply cannot…I think it has something to do with the fact that her and the Australian lady that raps got the same name in a way and it pisses me off. I know, it’s kinda petty but I mean, how many Azaleas, Azealias, Assymetrics do we need? No Shade

    • Squeezyfbaby

      Azealia is her real name, though. She’s just using her birth name. Iggy Azalea’s real name is Ameythst or some shit…

      • Ms. I Stay 100

        I feel that. It just seem like they both came outta nowhere with the same name. LOL! I’ll try to not put that in the equation no more.

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  • Squeezyfbaby

    There’s a reason why Azealia got a massive co-sign by Nas the other day…she is the real deal. Love this girl. I love her even when I don’t agree with her opinion. She’s genuine, she’s not out to please and be liked and sell herself. 

    • Montpensier

      Not out to sell her self? Chile… she’s pushing the same squat as every other mainstream artist in the industry right now…

      • Squeezyfbaby

        No she’s not…she’s not desperately chasing any accolade or co-sign or magazine all comes to HER. People who give less of a f**k and let their music/talent speak loudest always do best. She’s about being able to make music that she likes, not people pleasing. She doesn’t bend over for anyone, and has lost a lot of support and $$% because she refuses to be fake. But in the end she’s winning because she has talent as well as the IT factor that Nas was talking about.

         Iggy for example tries so hard, eg gets her Azaleans to vote in droves for some dumba$$ online music award against Azealia…I don’t think Azealia even knows it exists.

      • Lolly Rock

         Are you talking about pushing the illuminati shit thats been rampant in most videos lately? Peep the dress. How is this not being discussed?

        • Seiko

           No sugar. She sold out just like every other female rapper does these days. She went from everybody’s favorite homegirl to Kanye’s little summer camp arts and crafts project

          • JengaBitch

            Azealia does not work with Kanye. She performed at a fashion show for him once and he praised her music because she’s fuckin talented. He did not discover her and they do not work together. Unlike Iggy she doesn’t need another male rapper behind her to have some success. All of the male rappers who have talked about her have done so because they like what she’s doing, not because they work together.

          • Chile…

            You seem mad about her because tbh your comments are not at all factual. Azealia has worked with ZERO male rappers except Styles P on a song that has yet to be released.

        • Montpensier

          Yasss, this trend is blatant as hell and unequivocally repulsive. Fact or fiction, playing into the occult hype is the least original move any “artist” can possibly make right now (in addition to being the most pitiful “co-sign”). Lol. All I’m asking for is her to either serve me fresh fish or gtfo…

        • Aly

          So basically you believe half baked conspiracies you read on the internet, no matter how baseless or implausible. It’s an Egyptian hieroglyph. What is this “art direction” and “creativity”? Obviously anything that’s a little bit out of the ordinary MUST be some kind of ~occult symbol~. After all, every Vigilantcitizen essay or hour long video on the internet is always right. 

          Please at least try and use some sense before parroting every stupid thing you get off Youtube.

          • Montpensier

            Good read but that is entirely beside my point. I was simply stating that she is UNORIGINAL for using imagery of that sort. I’m not here for yesterdays reheated triangles, show me something fresh rather than perpetuating what’s already been done. I don’t believe I’m asking for to much…

  • Kwan

    The outfits she performs in are better than her red carpet looks Azealia girl I luv ya but get a stylist asap

  • Jamari Fox

    I’m getting into this girl so heavy. She is a refreshing change.

  • Feminem

    I like her. Though her attitude is a grade below filth, her music is what keeps me drawn. I must say all the new girls are serving tho (iggy, lana d, leikeli47, asap rocky) … The name “azealia” also makes me think of a reptile but like I said her music is dope.

  • Giggle Fit

    her voice <<< i hate not sure is shes fakign or what..but im not rocking with her vibe yet..

  • LadyM

    I really do like her music, but is this ho wearing Starburst colored Crocs with mudstains on them? I mean, what the hell is really going on?

  • Sherae Renee’

    I LOVE her Valley Girl ass voice!


  • Paz

    This girl is quietly, effortlessly changing the whole game in 2 ways
    1. she’s got people in Britain getting into REAL RAP, getting into her flow, her wordplay and actually appreciating the art or rap- without even realizing
    2. She is representing black girl beauty like it ain’t no thang. You got white boys all over crushing on a dark skinned gal with no booty, no this, no that, just a beautiful face.
     With both, she’s doing it like it’s nothing new. People don’t even realize what they are being exposed to. That’s the beauty of it.

    • Sherae Renee’

      Yes hunty. Say that.

    • Squeezyfbaby

      Yeah…I was watching her performances at Hackney and DAMNNNN…a crowd of thousands of English people, singing every word of her songs…and she’s only a 21yo from Harlem! 

  • Siku Hamin

    I don’t even understand why so many people hate her, She’s a cunt, but that’s how you have to be sometimes in a world against you. Rihanna is a cunt too, but everyone loves her curry ass. Her music changed, name one good artist that puts out music on a constant basis that doesn’t evolve. She’s doing good, she’s doing her and I’m proud she brings the dark skinned girl back to life. 

    • JengaBitch

      All I know is lately she’s been minding her own business and concentrating on her music and building her career so I’m getting tired of people saying “She’s dope but she has a bad attitude” I swear that comment is on EVERY comment section of every article about her and she hasn’t done shit to anyone lately lol. The last time she went at someone was T.I (she was provoked by the way) and that was months ago. People need to get over it. Iggy’s been takin random ass shots at Azealia the past few weeks yet no one says boo about that. I bet if Azealia responded though, people would be on her case HARD, Including Kid Fury because he very obviously hates her and loves Iggy.  Azealia even said on her Twitter she’s trying to stay away from the bullshit and just concentrate on her music. I hope she continues to do that. She’s too talented to let it go to waste over bullshit.

      • _bombshellBritt

        But before we think irrationally, note that being salty and throwing shade publically stating that someone doesn’t deserve something that they apparently worked hard for, just as much as anybody else and making a mountain out of a simple lyric that was misunderstood causes people tonthink she has a bad attitude. Salty, because she didn’t make it to the XXL cover as a freshman this year and Iggy did, so yeah Iggy is gonna take shots. So now that that’s on the table, I note that her music is no doubt different and as an artist she gets kudos. Shes beautiful and all that jazz but I don’t see it for her if she has to act like a brat. Talent is talent, music is music. But being a “cunt” .. It’ll only get you but so far.

  • Gawga_peach

    Heard her song on the radio the other day & I swore it was Nicki Minaj until the DJ said otherwise! NONE FOR ME, THANKS

    • Kingphoenix

      Yet they don’t sound nothing alike, I could see if you said you thought it was Foxy but come on son ur just being lame.