The Spice Girls Reunite In London

Kid Fury June 26, 2012 YAAASSSSS!!! 26 Comments

The Spice Girls ganged together again in London today to launch the Viva Forever! show. The musical based on all their spicy hits, tells the story of a young girl and her overnight rise to fame.

I remember my fifth grade dreams of storming the globe as Cunty Spice and being the sixth pop diva of the group. All these years later and the ladies are still snatched and turned up! I love it. You can find more info and video on BBC News.

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  • Kaiser Soze

    I remember being the only Black girl in my 6th grade class and all the Beckys wanted to be my friend so I could be the Scary Spice of the clique! YESSS!

    • Nappygirl89

      You too? Lol good times tho

  • Hizlioness

    ALWAYS LOVED SCARY AND SPORTY…..Posh is looking quite cracked out

    • F’em all


  • Jasmine Robinson

    God answered my prayers!

  • Drea

    Haaaa I had my own dreams of being their plus sized member, Fluffy Spice. Good times! Lol
    They all look great, i’m hoping for performance one of these days!

    • Nat-Tah-Lee

      Lol me too.. But my name was “DOUBLED Spice”

    • F’em all

       LOL “fluffy spice” you hold on to that dream girl! don’t let it go!

  • Nicole

    i never get why posh INSISTS on getting extensions….. they never work. her short hair is bad ass and goes with the not smiling that shes perfected. this is one of the few parts of my childhood that will remain unscandalized… raz b fucked up everything else

    • Suchalady

       lmfao @ raz-b…girl u aint never lied…

  • honestlymonique

    I would sooo let Mel B get it 

  • Missmarchmommy

    y is baby spice looking like granny spice?

  • Kwan

    Ginger nooooooooooooooo girl you can’t be Ginger without the Ginger Red hair and why Scary and Sporty was always my favs as their personality was close to mine. I used to like Posh when she had curves but can’t knock her fashion.

  • keilo

    I used to walk around my house with the mop on my head and I would roar…I thought I was scary spice…til my mom told me it was roaches in the mop and if I roared again she was gonna push me something sharp….bitch….

    Posh looks amazing as ALWAYS and Baby still looks 12…I will forever be a Spice Girls fan…

    • MsStr8Truth_NC

      *faints* lmao!

    • F’em all

       ROFL!! literally in tears

  • Cantrell Tedarrell

    I just went innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I had all types of Spice Girl shit…..suckers, posters, cds, vhs, dvd, etc. I was Boy Spice lolololololol. #IWasSoGay

  • Brittany

    they still look beautiful

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    yass. I always got my life off those “back then” futuristic shape up shoes they wore.

  • SiennaS

    They actually all look even better! Whatever secrets they have they need to share to some of these other artists cuz hunny….

  • A_kicks

    YES! I lived for these girls in grammar school! Backpacks, never used pencils, pens, notebooks, movies, cassette tapes, CDs, you name it, I had my mother buy it. I was always Sporty with my friends & we would legit perform their music in front of our families. I am so excited to relive a positive part of my childhood. 

  • TeRese

    YASSSSSSS to Middle School Memories!!!!!! To be honest, Scary Spice was responsible for my love of all kinds of animal print especially LEOPARD!!! SN: I love Posh’s fashions but she looks like she has NO fucks to give about this reunion in these pictures. Kid should make her VP of NMF Coalition!!!

  • Michele Lee

    Yaaass hunny they had me rocking the SHIITT outta those British Union Jack shirts.  I even had the “bloody English accent for a bit’

  • Nikki

    Did you notice the shade being thrown by Mel B and Sporty when Posh spoke?  Hmmm…

  • SheezAJazzybish

    Posh is a bad bitty! She was always my favorite. Especially when she had more meat on her face. She pulled David B. so she doing something right. 

  • F’em all

    I hope the show is a hit so it can makes it’s way to NYC. I would definitely pay to see it