Got 2B Real: Long Time, No Seat

Kid Fury June 25, 2012 YAAASSSSS!!! 19 Comments

Fantasia returns with a set of “creationary” words in this new episode of Got 2B Real. I can’t thank Patti LaHelle enough for these videos. The hilarious shade-throwing, blood-reading antics are always fresh and on point! Get your life below!

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  • jajay22

    I LIIIVEEEE! I have finals and need to study, but for these SHADY QUEENS IDGAF!!!

  • MirahMirahOnDaWall

    Omg I lost my breath when they put that pic up of Dionne and that creature. I was cracking up too hard for the work place. 

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    “How long did it take you to swim, from the island of Gulla Gulla, to get to my conversation- Benya Benya?” *Lays in casket* *Shuts door* X____X LMAO 

  • chai tea

    “what kind of welfare witch craft, hocus-pocus hoedown is this?” It’s Dionne’s voice that slays me everytime!!!

  • Trulade77

    For all non believers I assure you Der is a Gawd ! This video is proof ! I live again with life !

  • Courtney Cymone

    yes i live for this

  • Dani B.

    lmao, Dionne said,”I’ve got 99 problems but pitch aint one” #DEAD

  • Michele Lee

    “….Joy comes in the morning , this bitch gon’ take the sun.”   I GOT MY EVERLASTING LIFE from this video!!

  • KimberlyDiane

    Well, bitch, I GOT MY LIFE!

  • Nikiblu82


  • introspective

    *Dead* at:
    A-ratchett Franklin
    All that money and you take smurfette out barefoot
    Its half past caring and im off the clock.

    How can one episode slay me and give me life all at once???

  • Liipz87

    LOL @ “I’m colorblind to the bullshit”!!!!

  • Sigh…


    Bingo! Yahtzee!!

  • Kwan

    Hehehehehe Patti to Aretha “when all your wigs look like (all my life I had to fight)” *basks in the shade* I swear I have watched this about 5 times already. 

    • Kwan

      Oh excuse me it was MUVA Dionne yaaas Hussy her pocket stay full with some daggers

  • ColdCharge

    I could barely keep my composure watchin all of this shade being thrown around, if this is just regular human shade, i can only imagine what happens when God and the angels start throwing that divine shade and reading people with that spiritual discernment

  • TeRese

    “I just want everybody in here to know that BeyFRAUDce Gizelle Know-Lez, she is a crook. She a lowdown dirty thief. She’ll steal your lyrics. And bitch, if she had to, she’d steal your JOY! So you try to be positive about it and you say, ‘That’s okay because joy gon’ come in the morning.’ The bitch gon’ take the sun!” – Fantasia

    “And you took Antwan Cook from HIS son.” – Beyonce

    “You know Pete it’s summertime and I was thinking of strapping yours and Dionne’s careers… my feet cause I’m pretty sure that…hmmm it knows exactly how to flip and flop.” -Aretha

    “Why does Ving Rhames always try it with you?” -Rihanna

  • meh

    “Dionne, if it wasn’t for this show, no one would be able to pick your head out of the Million Stud March” *Jumps off my balcony* 

  • sexcgenius

    I was here for you until you threw that shade at Brandy.  That is not funny, KF.  Not only did someone lose their life, but that was an accident that any HUMAN is capapble of making.