Candid Yams: Mariah Carey Trips In London

Kid Fury June 25, 2012 Candid Yams 7 Comments

Well street photos are never too candid when Mariah is target of the lens. MC was one of many celebrities in London being all famous this past weekend. She stopped outside of the Dorchester Hotel to give the paparazzi some face and ended up tripping on her Louboutin heel. She didn’t drop down low and sweep the floor with it, but hey…divas fuck up too.

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  • mimi

     First Julius lets the riff raff next to Bey, now Nick’s nowhere around and MC go tumbling around London..uhh you can’t pay for good help these days!

    • Ceira Ford


  • Kaiser Soze

    But why is Mimi posed like my 6 year old niece tho?

  • Twerkisha Ampro Gel

    She always just gives me mall-trash

    idk what it is about her but she always looks cheap

  • chai tea

    Why is Mimi grimacing in all of them?! Not one smile tho’

  • Wynter

    *enters stan mode*


    The Queen did not trip, the earth rotated incorrectly!

    • Melissa W.

       YES! Mariah is my spirit animal! She’s so extra it’s amazing and I love ALL OF IT!