Candid Yams: Ciara Dines Out In Hollywood

Kid Fury June 22, 2012 Candid Yams 22 Comments

No, this isn’t Ciara on set of True Blood where she has been cast as Tara’s long lost cousin, Presheeka. The dancer was spotted leaving The Ivy in West Hollywood yesterday with this downtrodden ass hair and no makeup.

I’m just wondering when the promotion of her new single, “Sweat” will take place. I mean, I actually like the song and it would be nice to see some visuals for it and such, but everyone’s gotta eat.

Source: FlameFlynet

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  • NYCNaye

    “The DANCER was spotted…” SHADEEEEE! Lmaooo I love Fury.

    Ciara, those ends are looking like a Kim Zolciak wig =

  • Operamystic


    • BKkid

      You’re kidding right? You sensed that was a joke right ?

      And the Ivy? Really?

  • Lusciousraen

    I hit the floor when I read the word “downtrodden”
    But seriously, why is Ciara dressed like a 1990s drug addict? I expect better from this chick….
    Bad enough OKC let me down-I don’t need this.

  • Degagirl

    Going to The Ivy these days means “I was a celebrity, please notice me!” 

    • KidFury


  • Melissa W.

    I love CICI, but I need these boots to be put on hold til November 2012. Ma’am, it’s summer.

  • Hooker-on-a-church_corner

    No you didn’t say Presheeka….

  • Suchalady

    Btw, typo on the title Fury.

  • TeRese

    CiCi’s wig needs a VO5 hot oil treatment and prayers from Jesus!

    • Ms. I Stay 100

      OMG! *falls face-first in my casket at this comment* roflmaoooooo

  • tuna melt

    I think she looks lovely without make-up tho’
     I’d love to give CiCi a style overhaul, as this girl NEVER gets it right!

  • kwan

    I thought it was only me who thought she and Rutina looked like they could be related, right about now that’s what Cici needs to do get her a regular role on somebody’s show so she can remain relevant.

  • Alicia Collins

    The waitstaff look concerned for her.  Three men should not be giving you looks of pity like that. 

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    I’ma need for her to stop trying to be some type of “Fashion Icon” like she so desperately wants to be and get her ass back inside somebody’s studio. Babyface is probably looking for some acts. 

    • ohgirlno

      Mmmmhmmmm cuz you know he’s gotta pay Tracey

      • Ms. I Stay 100


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  • LLDD

    she tryna be Rihanna, all over this pic..sad

    • banging on a trash can

       Nah, Curry Goat just wouldn’t be wearing a shirt. Titties all in your face. Theeen she’d totally be Rihanna.

  • Trouble

    every time i see this child i just want to grease her scalp.

  • Angeebelle035

    Ciara has vowed never ever,ever,ever,ever to show those hand feet of hers well at least til her toe transplants have completely healed.
    Her old Toes.