Candid Yams: Rita Ora Works New York City

Kid Fury June 19, 2012 Candid Yams 13 Comments

Roc Nation sweetheart, Rita Ora, is still out on these streets working hard for Blue Ivy’s college fund. The singer stopped by Good Morning America for a spell before signing autographs for fans and heading to the Liquor Bar on Bowery after.

I really want to like Rita, but I need more material from her. She’s got a great look and matching voice, but not much original music that I would co-sign. I also find it funny that she and Rihanna both have winged tattoos on their right ankles. Just saying.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • Justina

    Maybe the blonde/red lip is just too harsh … I don’t know what it is but she always looks scary to me

  • guest

    i’m still so confused. like is this girl black? I know she’s from kosovo, but is she mixed? lmao my god these pop stars I cannot.

    • BKkid

      Right! I get that she’s Albanian but she looks mixed to me. Unless there are Albanians that look like her. Never seen em though. . .

  • Merriegirl

    “Blue Ivy’s college fund.” lol she is simply a Rihanna clone be prepared to take over once Jay Z gets tired of her.

  • tuna melt

    the caption and the lady in the back looool!

  • NYCNaye

    LOL I don’t know why I came to this post in particular, since I don’t find her interesting, but I STAYED for the shade in that thought bubble!

    Say what you want about Rihanna and her pet Forehead, but she’s so beautiful to me (naturally and with makeup) and Rita just looks…blah, so the comparisons MUST stop. I don’t like the route that Roc Nation is going with her. I thought she would be like the soulful, alternative singer of Roc Nation…but hey, I guess pop is what the kids want nowadays.

    • whatevs

       This whole comment is truth. There’s something about Rita that’s really pretty but really ordinary at the same time, it’s weird. Generic I guess? And I thought she was going to come out with alt soul/r&b type stuff too but nah. I feel like the Rihanna comparisons may finally be dying down though or maybe I just pay less attention to them now

  • aundrea austin

    Well, Fefe Dobson did say Rihanna jacked a couple of her tattoos, she might have gotten that idea from Rita lol 
    I like Rita, and you pretty much summed it up, great look and great voice but nothing to set her apart from what’s already out there. Only time will tell I guess. 

    • Laila Corrorez

      Rita has a beautiful voice, so Roc Nation needs to let her sing the type of music that will actually SHOWCASE her unique voice, instead of trying to mold her into another “pop star”. Everybody isn’t meant for that..some people have the ability to sing a more raw type of music (no shade). As far as comparisons, very few people in this industry are unique..everybody’s borrowing from others so lets just accept it..but just for the record, If I’m not mistaken, Rita has had that tatt for a while..Rhi just got an eagle tatt done.

      • KidFury

        Oh I know about the tattoo timeframe. Just found it funny.

  • Moi

    She’s funny looking but so was Rihanna until her first it second makeover. Maybe that’s the I banged J for a contract sisterhood tatt…

    • KidFury


  • ebonyhud

    It’s like Beyonce and Rihanna had a baby.