Candid Yams: Kanye & Kim Eat Fancy In Paris + Clips From Oprah Interview

Kid Fury June 18, 2012 Candid Yams 19 Comments

Mother Kanye and his stunt have been cruising through Paris with the top of their rented Lamborghini pulled down and tons of flash bulbs exploding into their melanin. The superstar couple stopped at Ferdi restaurant in Paris yesterday, dressed in all black like the omen.

Meanwhile, Oprah stuffed tons of ratings in her bra last night when her Next Chapter show featured a sit-down with The Kardashian family. A very interesting and well thought out interview. You can find a few clips below. The second part airs next Sunday at 8/7c on OWN.

The Kardashian Siblings Talk Beauty and Fame

Kim Kardashian’s Epiphany and New Fairy Tale


Photos: FrameFlyNet

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  • I love Beyonce

    I just threw up in my mouth!

  • Elieca

    I want to know how much ratings this got. 

  • Trouble Marley

    I watched this last night and I can honestly say I enjoyed it. Now with that being said, Kim has to be really dumb if she thinks we’re going to believe her marriage to Kris Hungries was genuine. Something just doesn’t add up.

  • Twerkisha Ampro Gel

    Oprah had on her shady butchqueen cap during that interview and I loved EVERY minute of it. She went there with every single question and kimkardashyClit was shady as ever

    • KidFury

      Oh, Queen Oprah came with Gucci trunks full of shade and side-eyes. I live for her. I truly do.

      • Twerkisha Ampro Gel

        fury follow me on twitter @minajmk93 you inspire so many of my ratchet ass tweets

  • Michele Lee

    LMFAO @ ” Dressed in all black like the omen”. Somewhere Lil Kim is dying for these royalties.  

    Queen Oprah smothered the shit outta Kim K with that interview. I thought she was gonna ask her why her sex tape was so dreadfully boring.  Shade was cast perfectly Ms. O.touche!!

  • Rainsplash

    Oprah said she’s going to be doing an interview with Rihanna come august. Can’t wait for all the shade and curry infused tea.

  • Apalacian

    Kim k has no personality. She is so boring. I hope mother yeezy can do to her what he did for Amber.

    • hongray

      That ho needs no help with her personality, she can’t act & she can’t fake interesting. If Sista Kanye save one mo’ ho!!!! *raises fist*….. What may need help is that horrible abused snatch of hers, I kind of do wonder how much botox, fillers & now since she’s with Kanye, confetti machines her vadge has received.

  • Franny Glass

    these two. they should teach attention whoring 101 

  • Sigh…

    Kim, which 50 year old person do YOU hang with other than your mom??? Chile, please …

  • hongray

    The way O threw that subtle read with a question, in that second clip had me so messed up. That was class A shade. The eye rolling>>>>

  • Nate

    I never thought I’d see the day when the words “epiphany” and “Kardashian” were in the same sentence. Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham and carry me home in a golden chariot with cherubs, sweet Jesus!

  • ohgirl

    *old black woman sigh* …I really feel like I just caught the herpes simplex virus just from looking at her overly glossy lips..smh no more

  • A_kicks

    I really cant find any fucks to give about a Kardashian, I’m just ready for her to tell us when exactly Kanye will reupholster that pussy.

  • granky161

    yall hating kim is beautiful. They look happy in love, let them enjoy thier lives

  • Acid Tweets

    “Some people just have that it thing- I can’t explain what it is” -_-

  • keilo

    It just bothers me that this family is so vapid and clueless to the fact that they’re so TRASH!

    Rob mentioned them being role models to little girls…what little girls? Please tell me what in the entire fuck can any of them teach little girls?? What talent do they have? Kim u can’t even teach ANYBODY, young or old, to suck or take a dick…and that’s a VERY valuable lesson to teach…

    Kim…bitch u compared the experience of having a baby to the experience of having a fake marriage…and then in reference as to why ur “famous” you said “some people just have that thing”…waht thing? a camcorder, a cheap ass hotel room and a pimp for a mother?? cuz i have a camcorder and i’m sure my mama wouldn’t mind the extra money…where’s my reality show??

    It used to be that you would have to be talented to be famous…and there are so many people in this world with so much talent and drive and would work there asses off to get a spot on Wild Out Wednesdays…but these talentless wet blankets get to shoot the shit with Oprah?? Oprah though???????