Angry Birds: Chris Brown Gets Chin Checked By Drake?!

By now you’ve probably heard all the talk of Chris Brown’s huge brawl with Drake and his entourage last night. Chris showed up to Club WIP in NYC to party with his homeboy, Teyana Taylor. Drake, Meek Mill, French Montana and others were reported to also be at the function.

Apparently, Chris and Drake have not been feeling each other as of late and it’s rumored to be over Rihanna. Somehow words were exchanged until Drake and his crew took a page out of Evelyn Lozada’s Hoodrat Handbook and threw bottles in Brown’s direction, slicing open his chin.

NYPD has confirmed the battle did indeed take place, although Chris and Drake were not at the club upon their arrival. Five people were injured including Christopher’s security gaurd, Big Pat, who is ALL tore up. You can catch the angry tweets from Chris at Karen Civil’s place along with more pictures.

I’ll save my thoughts for a video.

Update: According to TMZ, Drake is denying his involvement in the altercation and all the blame has landed in Meek Mill’s lap, who already denied being involved.

A rep for Drake tells TMZ … “Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began.”

The rep adds, “[Drake] did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

The story has suddenly switched to a screaming match that happened between Meek Mill and Chris, which resulted in the aforementioned brawl. There were rumors not too long ago that Chris snatched a feature from Meek off of his upcoming album after MMG rapper allegedly slept with Rihanna.

Update 2: Chris has shut down the previous rumor and tweeted that he and Meek are cool.

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  • nellskee

    Damn curry goat box must be yanking lol Ohh na na whats ma name…

    • Brittany Jackson

      Don’t act like you didn’t act a fool the first time somebody took you to the jerk hut….

      • F’em all

         i did tho, so i understand lol

      • nellskee


    • DeezNuts!

      I MEAN! …they musta saw the sun, the moon, the mountains & the rivers…

  • nellskee

    Damn curry goat box must be yanking lol Ohh na na whats ma name…

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    ch….. they tagged the security too. in my head, rihanna is a “what they call a woman who poses as a gf but the bf is really gay” a beard? well Rihanna is a beard, and Chris gave Drake gonnoreah and so he confronted him. that’s how it played in my head.

  • Whoa There

    “the chronicles of a yellow warrior” Fury you have made my week hun

  • Kingphoenix

    I wonder if Star Jones is going to get in the middle of this?

  • Dertyo_0

    Rihanna got that super snatch.
    My favorite quotes from all this
    “Rihanna is Sookie Stackhouse, Chris Brown and Drake are Bill and Eric, Meek Mill is Alcide”
    “Drake might get the true death for that bottle”

  • Jasmine Robinson

    Light Ike’s fans have been pleasantly quiet this morning. Y’all were all down with Christina beating you up but when he gets served by Aubrey it’s time to sit? Okay. Okay. 
    I’m just waiting for KleanColor to show up to try and bring her rice cake shade, like anyone is still here for her.

    • whatevs

      KleanColor?! *hides nails* 

    • Franny Glass

      Breezy fan right hurrr and only bitch niggas throw bottles then go hide in the bathroom. Drake Lozada and Co. need to have all the seats… They ‘served’ him like the females that they are.


        Ch’ puhleeze –  bitchass birds of a feather flock / party together, and Beezy’s bird-chested ass needs to retreat to the bathroom w/Aubrina and this Millie bird, too.  

        • Franny Glass

          Girl… You right. *has a seat*

  • Where’s the Shade?

    “His homeboy Teyana Taylor” #DEAD lmao

    • aundrea austin

      I love Teyana, but that was funny.

  • Rikki

    #clapback chris 

    • Brittany Jackson

      I only want to see this because it promises to reach to the heights of fuckery. Two soft light skint negros pillow fighting on wax…

  • 10Cents

    They’re over her fighting over some coochie that’s been passed around to 75% of the industry? Fuck outta here… But seriously, Rihanna needs to write book about owning niggas.

  • L-B-L

    About that booger in his nose tho…

    • Jag

      That looks like a smidgen of cocaine..

    • Lahoja Illinois

      I believe that’s the other side of his nose ring.

  • whatevs

    Fury, since you like 90s fighting games, do you think Chris fought more like Vega or Chun-Li?

    • $-CLASS

      Drake gives me a NAAAASTY Cammy, whereas Chris gives me R.Mika. 
      Meek Mill gives Sakura, the project version.Bye.

  • Ladyfresh85

    If this shit is really over rihanna…..gyal got that magic school bus pussy cuz clearly this shit got Christina & Drakeisha aka 2 slices of 7up pound cake in a uproar. And meeka millz was messy as hell for that instagram…..makes me think he hyped this whole incident up.

    • We The Roses

      Meeka Millz??? Lmfaoo I can’t! LAWD I can’t smh

  • Lilmo2884

    Chris Brown nor Drake is about “that life”……their bodyguards maybe!?! I think this is all some bitch shit, people acting like drake put hands on the boy, he threw a Damn bottle.. that’s not hood. these r celebs they don’t fight for real they got bodyguards for that, n with that being said n the words of Ms. Sweet Brown…. I don’t got time for dat!

    • Franny Glass

      Exactly. Birds in here acting like Drake whooped Breezy’s ass… Him and his crew threw bottles before any gauntes were thrown, according to media outlets and the tweets of Chris aka King Delete… That’s bitch shit. Guess that’s why you hoes love it, huh? Smh.

      • Franny Glass

        *gauntlets were thrown

    • Kwan

      Drake wasn’t even the one who threw the bottle Wheelchair Jimmy put it in Drive and ran his ass in the bathroom lol

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    Drake…girl. We ALL know you are picking fresh roses from the YMCMB garden to send over to Yellow Cake’s bedside. Yeen bout that life. _ Chair given… 

  • aundrea austin

    Oh these girls should’t be around each other when they’re on their period. Teyana should have thought out that guest list a little more carefully. 
    IDC how much they dislike each other, throwing bottles of Boone’s Farm at each other when innocent people are present  is NOT cool.

    • Brittany Jackson

      Especially if it’s the peach! That’s just a waste! 

  • Lahoja Illinois

    Or that…

  • Sigh…

    They should just get together, do a remake of Brandy/Monica’s song, kiss and make up.  Or better yet, they could be like Ren and Ten, the Hip Hop Dalmations from Brown Sugar and redo “The H* is Mine”. Drake can sing the hook.

  • Brittany

    Damn poor Chris. That gash is deep and nasty. Now we all know The Butterscotch Brawler has a few screws loose, but Canadian Bacon needs to sit his ass down cuz we all know he ain’t about that life.

    • Stephlodocus

      the Butterscotch Brawler.  goddamnit

  • Choneychild

    while i don’t condone beating up people even if they are fucking ASSHOLES, i don’t feel bad for chris brown. Karma is real and inevitably everything that someone does has repercussions. You get what you give. 

    • brekndahabit

      But what did Chris Brown do?

      • Stephlodocus

        Be Chris Brown



  • JAYE

    By the looks of Chris’ security, I should take Drake’s lyrics more seriously. I’m sure I won’t tho…

  • brekndahabit

    Rihanna is fine as fuck, but why they acting like she’s the only woman on the planet who is fine as fuck. Why fight over her when you have your pick of beautiful women who want you? No fighting or chasing necessary.

    • Zan

      That Bajan pum pum is a motherfucker. 

  • LadyM

    I can’t wait to see the Untucked episode for this one. The shade of it all. 

    • Myssdee

      DWL @ Untucked

    • 12Step

      OMG YOU TRIED IT!!! Untucked yaaassss take it to the lounge ladies…#DEAD

  • Stephlodocus

    double comment, sorry

  • F’em all

    Drake is smart to play the “i wasn’t there card”. but don’t the photos prove otherwise? Anyway this is about to get messy. Which is cool. Cause my Thursday at the office went by a lot faster when I started reading about this mess

  • Lilmo2884

    I’m just gone put it out there that maybe Chris should have had Justin bieber to tag along because we all know Justin will throw them hands u seen him with mayweather

  • Drea

    At the end of the day…Rihanna is somewhere getting high and fuckin with somebody else…Damnnnn

    • TeRese1119

      With not ONE fuck given

  • Me

    Is LaCucuracha slow? I just don’t understand why she still hangs on for his whatever he has for Rhianna. She just let’s him do whatever he wants and just smiles. She kinda reminds me of Kim Porter but at least Kim has some checks coming for a few more years. Coco Puffs has nothing to show for her “loyalty” besides a purse or two and maybe clothes and shoes. She needs some self esteem ASAP because he is not the best she can do. And dare I say did Ms. Badu pass on her treasure box secrets to Rhianna? I was kinda hoping she would write a book. :(

  • Negritte Snow

    The shade on this thread has given me eternal life. Ashe.

  • Kimberley Kimber James

    He needs a nose check too! eww at that lice egg in his nose.

  • Zan

    As much as I love Kid Fury, the comments on his posts are always pure gold!

  • Luvdashade

    Whats that white shit in Chris’s nose??? That explains his inappropriate behavior!!! Lol

  • Beyoncé’s Lacefront

    @KidFury I bet Rupert is behind this! I’m sure he instigated that mess!

  • DeezNuts!

    I am very confused, I didn’t follow this mini-series this season. I’m also getting nauseous trying to figure out if (& if so, WHY) this clown has a booger.