Tia Mowry & Pooch Hall Being Replaced On ‘The Game’

Kid Fury June 12, 2012 I Vote No! 34 Comments

After the news broke of Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall leaving BET’s The Game, it’s now being reported that not only are the producers continuing the series, but they plan on adding new characters in place of the originals. Zap2It found information on casting calls for these new roles.

With Tia Mowry leaving the show, producers are looking for a new female actress to join the cast in the regular role of Kiera, a 20-year-old former child star who has been in the spotlight since she was five years old and starring on a “Cosby” style sitcom. According to the casting call, she’s bright and charming, but struggling into transitioning into a grown-up career.

Kiera isn’t the only newbie in town! Another series regular will be hired to play Bryce “The Blueprint” Westbook – a #1, Ivy League draft pick running back who breaks every “dumb athlete” stereotype. He’s not only got a Heisman Trophy, but he’s usually the smartest guy in the room — which sets his new teammates on edge.

How long is BET going to stomp on this dead horse? The Game has tumbled harder than Scarlet ever since it switched networks and it makes zero sense to create a Season 6 without the two key characters on the show. Trash.

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  • Jordan

    First it was kelly, now derwin and melanie bet you have official fucked up my favorite show. Bet eat my ass

    • Think Before You Ink

      you’re so right. BET might as well cancel BET if they going to continue to do dumb ish like this.

      Rocsi (106 Park) Talks About Her Latest Career Move; Admits “F*cking Eddie Murphy Best Job I Ever Had”! 

  • Ur_a_loser_6746

    Dead at tumbled harder than scarlet nobody can tumble harder than that big precious sized beached whale

    • Nno0007

      Lmao I’m too thru

  • Drea1204

    Girl, what? Smh.

  • Corie Johnson

    i completely agree, is OVA they should just create a new show or something, the game is just trash, i feel it would have faired better on vh1, but that’s just my opinion

  • Jean

    I am so over it. BET and The Game can suck a horse nipple.

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    that’s why we don’t have that many shows. every black sitcom always falls bcuz of shade, money and other issues that I thought were suppose to left when u put on professional shoes, with any job. sigh. we can never win

  • Tired2334

    The Game hasn’t been the same since it came to BET, this shit needs to be cancelled and BET needs to come to the conclusion that they are incapable of
    producing anything even emotely decent. Why do they even exist?

    • Guest

       YESSSSS!!! You speak the truth!

  • Ty ツ

    So is Brandy joining the cast?

  • Cicely

    Does anybody even still watch this show?! Tee. Are. Ash. Tia should consider it a favor to not be associated with this mess.

  • Kwan

    BET can hang it up they have good ideas for shows like Let’s Stay Together and Reed Between The Lines but their writers suck so they should honestly stick to showing reruns of good black shows, good black movies and go back to being a more music inclined channel otherwise hang it up. They need a whole revamp over there I blame Bob for selling to Viacom…. dumbass.

  • maybeitsmobley

    I only watch because Tasha Mac makes my entire life. But other than that I’m over it. Did you guys witness the fuckery that was the season finale?….i can’t be bothered.

  • LadyM

    I blame Tyler Perry. But anyway, did Pooch come out yet?

  • offwithbet

    Is Kelsey Grammer still producing this? I doubt it. BET is so poisonous

  • PrettySuper

    If 2 1/2 men can make it post Sheen, so can this. I don’t know, I just want it to do well, bc although it isn’t as good as it was, i still watch, bc its still showing black folks on tv and its not complete buffoonery *cough Tyler Perry cough cough* ..I liked Brandy on there, although it would NEVER be believable in real life that someone like Jason fell for someone like her. But it’s tv, a sitcom and it can be that. And I love Tasha Mack, and she finally found love. And I don’t know.. I’m just.. hoping for the best, expecting the worst, but I haven’t completely given up on them yet. 

    • KidFury

      Love you, but I have to disagree. In terms of the buffoonery, Brandy’s character is named after an alcoholic drink, Malik’s sidekick “Tee-Tee” was selling chicken at one point and Tasha is every black female stereotype there is.

      I’m not doing the whole “support them cause they’re black folk on TV” thing anymore. If the show sucks, I’m not going to fight for it to be on air just because black people are on it. We need more programming for African-Americans, but it should be quality programming that EVERYONE can enjoy. 

      Kerry Washington and Columbus Short on Scandal? Those are black people I will support on TV, because the acting AND the show are superb. I’m not here for watered down nigga shows blazing across TV just for the sake of having colored programs.

      • Patricia

        i agree 100%, if its trash then its trash. im all for power to the people, but once the people get the power they abuse it.

        hell, Chappelle said it best, “they shoulda never gave you niggas money!!!!”

      • Candice

        And there it is!

      • Purrfectleigh

        Preach& Church! The Game is glorified ratchedness and lest ye 4get -Melanie & Derwin’s tragic ass story truly had no place else to go – so done.

      • whatevs

         THIS people is how we do better, stop accepting scraps!

      • Latanya

        Couldn’t agree more! First of all  Scandal is my show and secondly I’m also tired of the whole support it because it’s black. That thinking is how we ended up with shows like Housewives of the Piggly Wiggly and Basket Ball Wives of the WWE!

    • Ty ツ

      I wonder if the people who always talk about buffoonery on Tyler Perry sitcoms actually watch them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re AWFUL and poorly acted, but I actually caught House of Payne last week and it’s a just a run of the mill family sitcom.

      • Kp_princess22

        House of payne isnt all that bad honestly. the plot is strong but the storylines are just a bit sketchy. the only issue i have is the fact no two episodes really ever come together to make sense a lot of the time like other sitcoms BUT id take that over the trash bet has been tryna shove down out throats the last two years with the game. they took a great show and made it just plain garbage. chuck d said it best when he said BET is the cancer of black society. 

  • Koko Yoki

    BET is where black shows go to die

  • Candice

    The Game is nothing but a Triple Crown book now. Fuck BET

  • Trouble

    I stopped watching after the first season on BET glad to see it wasn’t just me trippin. How the hell you take the stars out of a show and continue the damn thing? 

  • BS

    as much as i love The Game or used to love it BET done fucked it all up….

  • We The Roses

    Guys I know this may be a stupid question, but where do you click to open the posts on the main page? I’ve been clicking on the red dots and the picture but they won’t open for me. The only ones I can get to are the links at the bottom of the page..

    • KidFury

      Click the titles. I’m working on fixing this. My apologies.

  • Elaine Esther

    I agree with you. And I also think there was something relatable about the characters when it was in the CW network, when it got moved to BET I was excited, but as the episodes progressed something wasn’t the same anymore and now this..

  • JJFab

    I do think the changes will make this a completely different show…but i’m ok with that. It was hard watching as the show tried to evolve but didn’t maintain that great balance of comedy and drama as it once did.

    • Am

      “…didn’t maintain that great balance of comedy and drama as it once did.” NO it did not. I just watched the first 3 seasons & I just got so upset because The Game was a fucking great show. It went from being a show with a great comedy/drama balance to just being a terrible drama. Kelsey Grammer couldn’t have been producing anymore. Something had to change. I loved The Game & I’m pissed they ruined something great. Tia & Pooch were so lovable on the show. I’m sad a little bit inside. =(