Rihanna & Her Nipples Pose With Fans In NYC

Kid Fury June 11, 2012 Candid Yams 13 Comments

Curry Goat has been prancing around New York City this weekend and a few lucky fans got a chance to catch her and take pictures. I’ve always loved how Rihanna is so friendly with fans — greeting and taking photos pretty much anywhere.

Of course, it would not be RiRi without a sexy number. Her chest treats were on full display and you know she didn’t give one square shit about it.

In other news, Chris Brown was also rolling around New York City this weekend, so of course blogs are on fire with rumors. Apparently Chris and Rihanna ended up at the same club last night and he sent her two bottles of champagne. No other interaction took place.

Not sure that I believe that or even care, but hey…I’m just letting you know.


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  • AnnGMorrone
  • Aghashiyah2005

    Mann that forehead is huge…

    • Think Before You Ink

      i know right.. Curry goat.. kid fury is a mess

      Chris Brown Says “EVERYbody Worried About Rihanna Face, Nobody Ever Stopped to Ask Me How My Hand Felt” .. Wow really?? 

  • Kasey Jr.

    Why she look like she gotta gap tho?

  • Brit

    no shade today. she actually looks quite demure by nekkid-ass celebrity standards.

    • Zan

       LOL…is she wearing lingerie? Or is that a figure skating outfit? I really can’t tell…

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  • FrostBiteMe

    Such a fitting president of NMC :-)  

  • LadyM

    They both look like two tired Marys I would see any day going uptown on the A train. I don’t why anybody is excited.

    • KidFury

      Cause they’re two FAMOUS tired Marys.

      • LadyM

         Oh, I know. And you see my butt is looking and commenting too. I just need them to strive towards being better, not just a beef patty and some coco bread.

  • Killa Kookie

    As for Rih and Chris I think the coconut between them is fake. Them niggas fuckin!

  • banging on a trash can

    She has lost her damn mind… it is not acceptable to walk around in bras and underwear… if we didn’t know it was her, I’d think she was a homeless person with schizophrenia or something.