Oh Lord Jesus: Lauryn Hill Could Be Headed To Prison

Kid Fury June 8, 2012 That's A Damn Shame 18 Comments

Oh, Lauryn. I feel like you’re that cousin who got with the dude we all warned you about, only to watch you tumble downhill and sit under the farthest tree at the family picnic…and we still love you.

Lauryn Hill is facing three years in prison after being charged with three criminal counts of willful failure to file income tax returns in 2005, 2006 and 2007. It’s being reported that the rapper/singer earned $1.6 million during that time and paid Uncle Sam dust and detergent.

According to the charges filed by the U.S. Attorney, Hill had a gross income in excess of around $818,000 in 2005; a gross income of more than about $222,000 in 2006, and a gross income of more than $761,000 in 2007 and didn’t file an income tax return to the IRS on that money during those years.

Lauryn is set to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael A. Shipp on June 29th in New Jersey. If convicted, she could face a year plus $100,000 for each of the three years that she skipped out on her taxes.

I’ve never understood all these rich people getting in trouble with the IRS. I know Lauryn has fifty-leven kids, but that money could have been set aside with plenty of herbal tea and shea butter still in her home.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • {M.J.}

    Oh Lauryn…

    • Loplide

      yeah this ain’t a good look for Lauryn at all

      Guy Speaks Out on Zombies in Miami “I Eat My Wife All the Time & I’ve Never Been in the News” LOL too funny 

  • Slim

    Oh pretty baby, it’ll be alright..

  • Rikki

    girl. get it together because you see how long they put blade in jail for messing around with uncle sam!

  • MissDom

    Lauryn, please pay ya taxes. U have too many kids to be gettin locked up.

  • whatevs

    Gawtdammit people pay your taxes. You are not above it! And if you DO have money watch what the people handling your money are doing! 

  • Brittany

    There’s no excuse for this

  • icajin8ion

    fifty-leven, hahhaha …no excuse Lauren

  • Geothom Smith

    Lauren caaalll mi now!

  • Brandon Dean

    If my broke ass can file taxes I know somebody with real checks should be able to. Heck, she wouldnt even have to do it herself.

  • LetmeshowyoutoyourSEAT

    …and meanwhile, Rohan is somewhere getting sucked off by his Vanilla surprise, with his ball sweat dripping all over Lauryn’s long-lost 1040EZ’s, which he used to make his paper mache sex mat out of…

    • SubQueen

      lol.. im gonna go ‘head and #clockout lls!

    • Suchalady

       OMG! LMAO

  • gurliguess

    Getting caught up on island dick for the past two decades is not an excuse to pay your taxes girl..

  • Mizznell

    Girl u can’t get right can u?

  • M. Knight Scallywag

    I knew it had something to do with taxes, I’m sure whatever Island Dick rastafari indoctrination she absorbed from her BD led her to believe she don’t owe the government shit. Hopefully she can get on the Black Celebrity Back Tax Deffered Payment Plan with the rest of our fave performers.

  • Kwan

    Kid Fury lawd the way you described Lauryn as that cousin….. I CAN’T EVEN lmao I have lost the ability to even.

    I honestly don’t know what goes on in these celebs minds that they feel they don’t have to pay Uncle Sam. They will lock yo butt up have you doing free concerts in Metro girl. 

  • Lunaqua7

    Oh Wesley….tsk tsk…