Jada Pinkett-Smith Brings Her Family & Tight Cheeks To Movie Premiere

Kid Fury June 8, 2012 Red Carpet Stuntin' 25 Comments

Listen, I don’t know why folks have been trying to lead me down a path of lies when Jesus has clearly brought light along the harsh edges of Jada’s enhanced cheekbones. I love her with all my heart, but that ain’t Stoney.

Mrs. Smith brought her husband and daughter to the New York premiere of her new film Madagascar 3 yesterday. In the meantime, Willow is working with her father and Jay-Z on the film remake to the Broadway classic Annie. Will is serving as producer with Jay taking over the musical score.

Will also jumped back in the studio to record a new remix to his own classic, “Summertime.” The track serves as an intro to DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie’s new mixtape, Summertime 3. Listen over at TMZ.


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  • Farronelizabeth

    Damn Jada. STAY AWAKE FROM THE COSMETIC DOCTORS!!! she’s such a natural beauty, why girl whhhyyyyyy?!?!!

  • Ashley

    one- love the new layout of the blog! two- jada looks nice idk i like whats she’s wearing she looks good & so does will & willow..sure.

  • Think Before You Ink

    jada stay looking good but she needs to lay off the botox.

    Rick Ross Says “Uhhh!” Grunt Actually an Uncontrollable Stomach GROWLING Issue He’s been Dealing with for Years ..really?? lol 

  • Blondeisha Racquel.

    I’m trying to understand Willow’s outfit, though. She’s pretty, but I’m trying to understand that whole issue.

  • Keilo

    Willow is a future lesbian…

    Or she’s gonna sign with Bebe’s Kids…I mean Odd Future…

  • Brit

    i would like to see willow learn to play guitar, go through some teenage angst, start a rock band and take it from there.

  • MissDom

    Hmmm…Will is trying to bring back the “Fresh Prince of Bel-air”, high-top fade….classy.

  • Brandon Dean

    Why does will look like one of those 10 year old’s at church in his easter suit? He is serving easter egg hunt realness.

  • LetmeshowyoutoyourSEAT

    Little Willow is beginning to actually look like character off of Star Wars. Her entire demonstration is the prime example of what happens to children when their parents let them make their own decisions from age 5, on up. Learn from this.

    • KFed

      “Little Willow is beginning to actually look like character off of Star Wars.”

      • LetmeshowyoutoyourSEAT

        SO…she looks extraterrestrial. And that’s not a good look, in my book. Just my opinion. And, I’m not expecting a child to look like a “Basketball Wife”, as you commented somewhere below. I expect her parents to advise her when she makes choices that do not suit her. She’s a child–how would she know? Stop being so sensitive. Every look is not a good look, love. Child or not.

        • Lexi

          That’s your comfort zone and preference, though. :/ And while that’s fine and dandy and you’re entitled to you opinion, it’s not “right”, or nice, to say she looks extraterrestrial. It’s just not how you envision fashion and that’s it. And if you don’t feel comfortable about how it looks, then just avoid looking like that. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable because she wears clothes that she likes to wear in the manner that she wears it.

          Just teach her the societal norms and make sure she knows what she needs to before you let them go off in their own direction. I’m pretty sure they would have said something and/or done something if they objected to the way she dressed herself if compromised her safety or her person. Will & Jada don’t really give me the impression of people that will let their children walk over them when it comes to their rules. 

          Just saying.

          • TamTam

            When I was growing up I would have loved to dress like this; my parents would let me do no such foolishness. And looking back I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL.

          • LetmeshowyoutoyourSEAT


            Just a bonus for you, Lexi. Another example of how NOT in control they are of this little girl. *exits stage left*

  • Mrs Adside

    Jada girl… your face looks like that skin hurts from being so tight.

    Willow…. honey please, please, please stop.

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  • Lei

    you know, growing up i use to look up to the smith family, they always LOOKED (i dont know what went on in their lives off camera) but on camera they atleast looked like a decent family. will and jada always talked about how they had their kids “under control” and blah blah blah. but ever since willow debuted that hair cut at the bet awards 2 years ago, and then jaden started rapping, the whole family looks a hot damn mess. every last one of them. will is aging like hell (which is natural i guess), jada looks like she’s trying to stay as young as possible, willow is gonna grow up to be a dike(everyones thinking it) and jadens gonna get hooked on something. they don’t look as “in control” as they claim to be.

    • Lei

      oh!, but i do love that blue cardigan willow is rocking tho…lol

  • Teddirose

    I thought, who is that boy they have with them? Had to do a double take to realize thats their DAUGHTER! Lawd help this child now!

  • KFed

    People make me sick judging children by their appearance. Sorry she doesn’t look like a Basket Ball Wife since that’s the only style African Americans are used to now.

    • KFed

      And just to help you “understand” her pre-teen aesthetic: These items are my favorite at the moment……so I’ll wear them all at once! (so what, big deal, get a life) Leave her alone and focus on your own mirror.

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    Will Smith looks like he just did a photoshoot for church fans. I can’t _ …. He’s giving me a NASTY Willie Watkins funeral home pose  

  • Sweetpea McGhee

    All I saw was “remake of the Broadway classic Annie”… I blacked out after that. I can’t deal with it… I won’t stand for it… I will not prescribe to it.

  • DeezNuts!

    So who’s the little boy with the orthopedic shoes & the red beret?

  • Trouble

    I listened to the summertime remix and Will sounds constipated