In Case You Missed It: Jill Scott Rocks ‘VH1 Storytellers’

Listen, I’m always here for Jilly From Philly. Not only does her music bring me joyful thoughts of soul food and snacks, but her voice is breath-taking and she’s just so damn beautiful. So in case you didn’t get to catch her on VH1 Storytellers last night, here’s the full episode. It looks like they didn’t air her performance of “Hear My Call”, but I didn’t feel like mopping up tears anyway.

Source: MWP

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  • MirahMirahOnDaWall

    I live, Die and Resurrect for Jill Scott. She is magnificent. Her voice and others as talented as her is what I should be hearing on the radio every damn day. Her rendition of He Loves Me with the Spanish Opera in the middle had me in the throws of Jesus Hands and his custom made Snuggie. DI-VINE!!!

    • Franny Glass


  • Raelola

    Jill Scott had me sitting on my living room floor Indian style with my toes curled, eating some King Hawaiian rolls smothered in gravy, collard greens out the damn pot on some hood shit , sipping a “COLD POP” with my pinky up……………. BITCH. I. GOT. LIFE.

  • Sr854

    Ch……I found myself sittin on the floor in front of my tv slave moaning!! If she would’ve sung “hear my call” Look…….it was gonna be a wrap! Jill’s music is like soul food.

  • Jamect66

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Jill Scott…this is real music and what music should be about….upliftment…she brings chills through my body when she sings!!!!!

  • SpottieOttieDope

    This woman just did an opera break. Ma’am. *sigh* I got my life.

  • Jajay22


  • Ttgirl91

    Jill almost made me throw my shoe at the tv and go into a praise break I was in here hollering while everyone was sleep I didn’t give not one fuck though because miss Jill took me all the way there lol

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  • Franny Glass

    I’ve seen jill live, and let me tell you…. AMAZEBALLS! and she’s gorgeous and sexy as all hell 

    • Alicia Collins

      You ain’t lying. Those Essence festival sets stay with me. 

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  • Triforce_swvgg

    I would love to hear Mama Ji and Honey Bey do a summer track together. We need a ‘Sitting on the porch, sipping kool-aid with a lemon while the breeze does its thang’ type a song. Yusss!!!