Terrance & Rocsi Are Finally Leaving 106 & Park!

Kid Fury May 17, 2012 YAAASSSSS!!! 36 Comments

He might not come when you want Him….hey, glory!

After seven years of corny dialogue, walking off set, and fun with Webbie, BET hosts Terrence J and Rocsi Diaz seem to be calling 106 & Park quits. According to reports, the duo who replaced original hosts AJ & Free in 2005, have decided to move into different avenues.

Terrence has created a few moves in the world of acting, appearing in films such as Stomp The Yard 2, Burlesque and the rather successful new comedy, Think Like A Man. Honestly, although I’m not a fan of him and his 400 teeth, he’s a decent actor. I’m happy for him.

Besides dodging Queen Pen, Da Brat, and LisaRaye, Rocsi has a nationally syndicated radio show and also plans to pursue a career in acting when she relocates to California this year.

Hopefully, BET uses this as an opportunity to revamp the show and create something less plastic. Ripping it from air sounds ideal to some, but there are still so many new artists who need a program like 106 for marketing and connection with fans.

Do you think they should axe it or wax it?

Source: NewsOne

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  • Hudson

    Ax that shit.

  • Jaiizsteez


  • KataRacks

    Ax it.

  • Colored_Intelligence

    I knew 
    Terrence J wasn’t go stay long anyway. I’m so happy I don’t have to see 
    Rocsi and her crazy outfit wearing ass anymore, i mean girl come on who told you that shit was cute.  

  • Monie

    they could use this as an opportunity to revamp it.. But I doubt they will. Or they could ax it and bring back Cita’s World haha

    • Anonymous

       Yesssss Cita’s World was my SHIIIT.

    • Kahlijr

      Lol @Cita’s World. Damn thats a throwback!

  • Love

    Who watches this shit?

    • Brittany

      Teenie boppers

  • Anonymous

    i hate that show but i say wax it. Kids watch it and it’s rare to see actual music videos on anymore

  • SmoothBabyHair

    I say wax it…they barely got shows that show music videos and it’s for the kids *shrugs*

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    axe it. no one watches it but 14 year olds. and that’s what’s wrong with the youth today. Im really like that hip hop pov show now. I wonder who they would get to host the show now…..I can’t even think of anything shady to say…

  • LindseyMari

    It’s about time! For at least the last 2 years, I can tell Terrence was just going through the motions. Whenever I did watch the show, he wasn’t enjoying it like he used to. Keep the show, but definitely revamp it somehow.

  • Ash

    I say wax it. I got an 12 y.o. cousin who watches and I rather have her watch this than Basketball Wives, BGC, or RHOA.

    And it’s actually not AS bad as some people are saying. We just got old and over it that’s all.

  • Suchalady

    Who cares…Terrence will be just fine. Rocsi though… >_>

  • Ash

    And besides I needed them back when they were giving out Watch the Throne tickets lol

  • SecretDivva


  • Anonymous

    AX IT!!!
    Terrance was corny anyway and Rocsi was even cornier than that.
    But I see why Terrance is leaving cuz he is starting to get that movie star money so I aint mad at him at all.

  • jaquanna

    if they bring back AJ & Free, they will survive 

  • Tanae

    I think they should ax it! If TRL knew when it was time to gracefully bow out then it’s long overdue for 106 and park bench to bow out as well and they just create a different more innovative platform for artists to still get their shine

  • Wow!

    It’s about damn time! And that’s my favorite gospel song, thank you for that I might start watching that show again

  • Iesha

    ax it

  • TamTam

    Seven years?! Time flies when you only watched one episode of a crappy seven year run. I never had any interest in Rocs and Terrence hosting. BET needs to grow, and please just revamp a good show.

    • Anonymous

      Im so happy BET is finally giving them their pink slips it was long overdue…Although I do wish them the best I just never liked these two as host. Their chemistry on the show was horrible and they were both annoying (Terrance and his corny jokes and Rocsi with her dry sense of humor). BET has a lot of cleaning up to do because the network is looking real sloppy.

      • Caraudioguy08

        They shoud bring back rap city in the basement,and play the whole music videos

  • Genuinefine


  • deshan

    Axe it. I haven’t watched the show since AJ and Free left.

  • Vataurus84

    They need to flush that shit down the toilet already…smh.
    Fury, I heard you on my way home from work today promoting Rhianna “Curry Goat” as you call her the President of the Not Many Fucks I got MY LIFE today..thanks boo!

  • aliy

    well i expected this from terrence w/all the tv stuff he’s been doing. but rocsi? what she finna do?

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  • Jazz

    I say wax!! Vh1 and Mtv music videos dont really provide the kind of music black youngsers listen to if you take 106&park away we wont have anything else to watch but the ratchet stuff that comes on in the afternoon. So shoot they better get new folks!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think they should ax the show the two of them make me stop watching the show! Honestly Terrance isn’t that great of an actor to me but more power to them both…

  • Aspire2Inspire91

    There are plenty of young fresh good looking Black Communications majors around the country. It’s time for the producers to start scouting NOW! WAX IT! 106 and Park is a great platform for new artists and just for music in general. It’s one of the last programs to actually show music! It’s also a beautiful thing because it would be awesome if 106 and Park could go on to make history. It outlasted TRL and has been on air for 12 years. You can’t just cancel our show like that! lol. I’m 20 and I remember being in 4th grade rushing through my homework so I could watch 106 and Park and catch the hottest new videos. Nothing like a bowl of popcorn while you see Mariah, Beyonce, Sean Paul, and 50 Cent videos in your living room. All I will say is there needs to be a re-vamped format for the show. A different look and more urban and likeable hosts. It took me a long time to grow on Terrance but he’s very likeable. Rocsi on the other hand should have been let go after walking off the set. That forever ruined the way I see her and tarnished the illusion of the show. She broke character. The new hosts need to really out-do AJ and Free. I like the interactive Twitter thing they do on the show, but there needs to be more fun audience interaction. To be the “livest show on television” they are kind of being boring. They need to play games and have more audience quizzes and stuff. Kind of like Soul Train used to do. They also should feature a YouTube video of the day each episode (something funny or something interesting/entertaining.) There needs to be more modern things happening. I love 106 and Park though and hope to see it still on when I’m 40. 

  • Alicia Collins

    They let Beiber on during the 7 year run. Did we not learn anything from N*Sync’s appearance on the show?! 

    I say wax it but fix what’s broken.


    personaly i think they should i know yhey other things going on in there life but 106and park is a great music who alot of people love to watch but they shouldnt take it off noooooooooo way keep it on so i can see CHRIS BROWN BABY.

  • Moniquesylla

    but 106&park isnt the same anymore its kind of lame i miss them and im sure you do to