Rihanna Unfollows Chris Brown After Alleged Diss Track

So for whatever reason, Chris Brown is still rapping. He felt the need to let his inner hipster-hop out on Kanye’s “Mercy” and “Way Too Cold” beats, and now lyrics from the latter record are making headlines.

Apparently, Light Ike made some shady remarks about his ex, and Rihanna seems to think they were directed at her. Curry Goat unfollowed her famous ex on Twitter last night.

The line goes, “Don’t fuck with my old bitches/like a bad fur/every industry nigga done had her/trick or treat it like a pumpkin just to smash her.”

Chris also unfollowed Rihanna shortly after her Twitter chess move and tweeted, “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about.”

Now in the nicest way possible, I must say that both of these kids are industry whores. So Chris has a few exes that may have set out that puss on a shrimp cocktail. However, he had to know everyone would think this is about Rihanna. As the world turns.

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  • clairhuxtable88

    lmmfaoooo whew im weak!

  • Jamie

    Poor lil’ curry goat. It must be hard trotting your puss out for display and it coming back to bite you in the ass.


      TOO thirsty for blog attention and Twitter encouragement from her Salvation Army — I mean Rihanna Navy… I’ll be glad when her lil spotlight is over. 

  • Gogo Ubari

    Love Rihanna, but she played herself. Tweeting that rice cake and all that, shoulda done the song, collected the check, and kept it moving. She was thirstier than a mug over CB. 

  • Driven_Beauty

    Rhianna isn’t his only ex so we don’t know if he’s talking about her. Chris’ other exes are “rumored” to get around the industry as well (i.e Draya, Jasmine). But Rhianna did unfollow him right after he tweeted the link so she must have felt some type of way about it…a hit dog will holla!

    • Kingphoenix

      More like a hit goat will yodel….”Baaaaaaaaaaa!”

      • Deda

        ooooooooooooooooo naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • Brittany

        yodeleeeee heeeee hoooo. sorry i had to say it.


      And Driven_Beauty has spoken. But Rihanna stay pretending to be unbothered. She’s pressed, she’s always been pressed, and the fact that she tweeted about it indirectly then unfollowed him shows she’s pressed. I’m with CB; if you feel some type of way about it, then you’re probably guilty! Simple as that. That line could’ve been about ANYBODY. Somebody get Robyn a nice comfy seat. 

  • MsDulce

    That Karracoochie rain just won’t let up.

    • Tfaraday

      *cries* Oooo think I cracked a rib!

    • Zan

       I LOL’ed…but it’s “reign”. :)

  • Jasmine Robinson

    Chris. Come on sis. It’s time to grow up and move on. 

  • JAYE

    i thought she was talking that talk? i guess that hurt her gangster…

  • Tmjack4

    The line was weak any-damn-way….trash ass “rapper”.

    • KAY TEE

      You took the words out of my mouth. The song is weak! 

  • MrsSagittarius

    somebody throwing coconuts 

    • SomeWittyBane

      Shade heifer! shaaaaaaaade….shade!

  • Anonymous

    We don’t know what was going on personally with them. Maybe they have been dipping into each other’s sugar tanks behind everyone’s backs and we just don’t know about it. Cuz we all know Rihanna never gives a fuck about anything…now all of a sudden she took this to the heart? It just seems strange but who knows…

    And he HAS had some other heaux ass girlfriends…

    Umm Chris, stop rapping sis…please & thank you.

    • ash

      thats what im saying..if you have a gf..its not a good look to be talking about exes dude come on man..they both crazy & immature & they def keep in contact outside of twitter anyway so whatever this wont be the end 
      for all we know this couldve been thought of together

  • Lovly_Mofo

    Be about yours Curry Goat. Evelyn Lozada is…

  • Jewel

    I really really really am not seeing how he couldn’t be talking about the string of industry chicks like Draya and Jasmine. He doesn’t sound like he is talking about a first love who he only a couple of months ago made sweet, pornographic music with. Chile boo – assumptions is right, I bet Rihanna saw allllllllll the tweets on her TL talking about ‘ooooh FUCKING SHAAAAADING OUR BAJAN QUEEN’ and then interpreted it as so, because I was ready to get blocked by Breezy when I saw the tweets then heard the song. I’m just being optimistic that Chris isn’t as dumb as his speech impediment and rap lyrics will have us to believe. I am a CB fan, but I’m just being honest.

    Not everything CB does is about Rihanna and not everything Rihanna does is about CB. It’s just..a mess right now.


    • Angie

      even if people made it seem like it was about her y would she get her feeling hurt? she know ppl think she a hoe ..oh but bc its hurt right -.- 
      they both messs-eeeeyyyy

    • Suchalady

       Totally agree!

  • Rikki

    Can someone come collect sister Christina? because I don’t believe anyone asked her to continue rapping. All I know is  light ike better stay shuffling across neon blocks whilst lipsynching because I’m not here for his sensitive ass raps…WE GOT DRAKE..ISNT THAT ENOUGH?

    • Jasmine Robinson

      I liiiiive!

    • SuthernHummingbyrd

       This commentary has caused me to die a slow death…*closes casket….bwahhhhaaaahhhhha!

  • Anonymous

    Welp…so much for Rihanna being the President of the NMF Coalition….

    • Kingphoenix

      I told yall! lol.

  • MirahMirahOnDaWall

    Shit maybe Rihanna woke up and said I don’t give a hot spice fuck about this kid anymore and unfollowed him. Maybe she unfollowed him because he didn’t come over the night before with the  Rum, Coco bread and Jamaican Patty popping hot. 

    We don’t know what that girl is thinking but I have faith in her Not Giving a Fuck Attitude and that goes along with doing whatever she wants and not caring about the speculation. I live for Rihanna and her ignant (yep nothing wrong with that spelling) ways. That Bajan Beauty got shit on lock and probably popping her pussy to a new beat as we speak. 

    • Serenissima7

      I’m with you. Hopping on the Rihanna slander train when we have no idea why she actually unfollowed that ass = lame.

  • SomeWittyName

    Hasn’t Rih been moonlighting as a thug these past few months?? Now she wanna get all up in her feelings because she THINKS someone said something mean about her?! I mean it’s not like the line went hard or anything. It was whack as hell. Aintnobodygottimefodat!

    • wtf

      lol the line was whack..but we dont know what happens behind closed doors..its more between oh wells..’they got coconuts between them’

  • SomeWittyName


  • [M.J.]

    First, Robyn (I’m calling them by their given names) calls up Christopher so they can both croon and shriek off-key on two forgettable remixes. Then, they go on, telling folks “they’re over it, People forgive…” yada, yada, yada. Now, Christopher releases these “freestyles” and Robyn gets all into her feelings.


    Both of these kids need a quick open-handed slap in the mouth, their Twitters revoked, a class in English, and a fucking timeout. This attention whoring is ridiculous.

    • Nothing Amigone

      You complete me.

    • Zan

      Pretty much. 

  • Kingphoenix

    I guess when people were saying “its just music” when they were doing them remixes where wrong. Shit gettin’ hot now. Rihanna as the “President” of NMFC, you are showing a lot of curring and hurt feelings….*sadface* Somebody needs to be impeached.

    • F’em all

      That’s what I say. How dare you take on the title of President of NMFC then have the nerve to give an F about what a rabid beaver thinks of you.

      • sodabread

        Rabid Beaver! That is the perfect description of Sister Chris! 

  • Nate

    Chris Brown is overexposed and his fucking album isn’t even out yet. Bitch, have a seat.

  • F’em all

    Rihanna is outta line unfollowing him. It makes her look mad over sensitive, which is whatever if that’s the way you are. But don’t pretend to be a thug and “bout that life” then get your feelings hurt over a line that you THOUGHT was about you…that’s what happened with the last couple

    (Common and Drake I mean)

    • BuffyFan

      she’s OUT OF LINE for unfollowing him? what? for unfollowing her own damn ex from her own damn twitter? the slander has gotten to you bitches brains. log off for a few days. 

  • Statesside

    Ok, SO she doesn’t unfollow him after kicking her ass yet she does over a vague rap line. Did Draya not cross her mind? lol I’m actually happy maybe they will hopefully stop having any sort of contact with each other.

  • bleh

    I’m tired of both of them. Just make music for what’s left of your fandoms & stfu.

  • Jannah

    And now, watch Kriskrossapplesaucedomeafavorgetlost come in to this. Kaprisun always has something to say when Lisp Brown is mad at Ms. BodGyalRiRi. -___-

    • Anonymous

      Lisp Brown???!!! LISP BROWN??!!!

  • theComplex

    Lmao, funny as fuck.

  • Kyana

    Hey now, it’s “Not Many F*cks”, and if 1 comment and 1 deletion is considered many, then I’m in the wrong coalition. When you love, you give f*cks.

    • F’em all

      *sigh* i guess…

  • Nic

    She doesn’t take offense to him beating her up but she’ll take offense to a diss track that may or may not be about her. Girllll you have your priorities all fucked up. 


      Mmmhhm *waves church fan* You betta’ say that!

  • Smekiyah

    Everyone knows Rihanna is a hoe whether or not you like her or not…Ask any guy if their first love turned out to be a hoe after they didnt work he will most likely never fuck with her again like that and basically try her when hes tired of hearing about his “old lady” because hes embarrassed. Its no secret she gets with rappers now…but hey its entertaining im enjoying this hoe chronicles !!! I know karrueche is just sitting back laughing at Rih who thought she could take her man back. lol 

    • Dee B

      Everybody knows?  You Phaedra now?

  • Shellbee

    I sure hope they’re not doing this shit at the age of 40. It’s already getting dangerously close to not being cute because they’re no longer teenagers.

  • Coonye West

    This is all too Basketball Wives style for my liking. TBH Kentuckyderby probably wrote those lame bars so she’s the one Ri should be mad at *closes macbook*

  • Mizznell

    Well we all saw this coming.

  • Budilicious7

    baby ox tails and mike-N-ike need to sit ther asses down.  NMF on this situation

  • Sweet Ichigo16


  • Anonymous

    She is always putting it out there how sexually liberated she is so why she mad?

  • Chevannespenvera

    Maybe he was taking about Draya ? =/

  • guess

    I don’t get Rhi Rhi. She was all talking about how she’s on this “NMFC” shit but yet she’s caring what her ex’s (who’s an ex for a reason) is saying about her in a song with a lame ass line? To me that’s being a hypocrite when you say you don’t care about shit you don’t care about shit there is no point of getting mad when you’re on the “NMFC team” that means shit don’t get to you & you push shit off your shoulders (I thought Jay would of taught you that by now). & why get mad & unfollow the boy that’s just letting people know you felt like he was talking shit about you & you got your feelings hurt being on some kiddy ish. I mean boo your fucking 24 this whole getting mad at someone just because you think they’re talking about you ain’t cute for your age that’s some fucking HS shit get over it! Mind you I don’t even like light ike (I’m a Rhianna fan) but when it comes to this I’m on his side. Rhi Rhi get your priorities straight!

  • Bihenda

    I don’t get why Rihanna is mad. First off Chris could have been talking about any one of those other hoes he dated and next if he was talking about her its not like he was lying. Based on the pics she posts on twitter and her updates she kind of presents herself as a hoe.
    You cant post pics of uaself with people grabbing onto your body(with Snoop and Warren G) and with strippers (at Meek MIllz b’day party) and expect for people to think you are not a hoe.
    I love Ri but the way she presents herself to the public is what makes people think this way about her so she shouldn’t have been mad.
    Chris Brown isn’t saying anything we didn’t already know.

  • BK

    Chris Brown is forever making a fool out of Rihanna ….and himself

  • Franny Glass

    lol i don’t know who any of his exes are (don’t currrrrr bout them nobodies) so i immediately thought it was about rihanna… and as far as the question, ‘why is she mad?’ i would’ve unfollowed his ass too, no need to see diss tracks about myself on my own damn TL… her unfollowing him doesn’t make her mad imo, just over his antics as far as i can tell… I mute/unfollow niggas every day specifically because i don’t give a fuck about the stupid shit they have to say any longer *shrugs*

    my question is, if breezy is so happy with kracker-barrel, why is HIS ass still mad… making diss tracks about slutty exes, whoever they may be… O_o why don’t you focus that energy on promoting the album you have coming out? just saying. 

    • Kyana

      I nominate you VP !

  • Bonjour

    Just because Rihanna doesn’t give many fucks does not negate the fact that she still has feelings. Chris knew what *she (I say she cuz that is some shady bitch ish to do) was doing when he wrote that verse. Even if ol girl was talking about Draya being a hoe. Nobody cares about any of his ex’s except Rihanna. He is foul for that…especially after Rihanna played herself by letting him sing about her puzzay and how much he missed it. Ugh.

  • Brittany

    i’m sure Khlymydia was laughin

    • TrinaBaby



      *stomach in knots from laughing*

      Oh shit, I… can’t… breathe… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  • MicheleNYC

    Know what Christina?….how many times do we have to ask you politely to shut the fuck up– about everything. Seems like everytime you try to say something slick that goddamn lisp gets in the way and some wack shit slips out. I dont care who the shot was at. Its a bitchass move to take a swipe at any woman you were sleeping with in a diss track. Your track record in the media should force you to be real careful about what you say. Why make any comments that can be miscontruded in the first place ? I mean you beat curry goats ass, now shes Tupac. Your girlfriend Kleptomanic is running round town feeling the need to post pictures to ” prove” how in love looking PRESSED an sad as all hell.

    Chrissy baby, just go over there and dance like Michael Jackson for all of us to enjoy.

    • Kyana

      That was perfect, Thank You ! *still crying laughing @ “you beat curry goats ass, now she’s Tupac” *

  • Kwan

    Rihanna girl you cracked that coconut ya damn self for unfollowing him. I support Christina’s tweet about her too she assumed and we know what happens when you do that. That ish was about Draya and Jasmine Rih has never been rumored to be a hoe the only person she was ever rumored to possibly tell tales beneath the sheets with before Chrianna was Jay and we know the voodoo clan don’t allow new members so that’s her fault for gettin all up in her feelings. She HAS THE NERVE *in my skorpion voice* to be pres. of the NMFC smh.

  • Gateskid

    What I don’t get is this MF kept talmbout I wish people would forget the past, I’m done apologizing and then he write songs about exes and how their traps are so worn out…Girl Bye…RiRi should come out with a diss track about how he left her eye fat as shit on Grammy night #clapback

  • TrinaBaby

    Awwww…… poor little Rih Rih the Professional Pandering Punanny Popper done got her feelings all twisted, huh??! *sad pouty face* 

    All that snide, snarky (and public) shade she was serving Kerplop has come back in the form of some hot, sexy, half-naked Karma for that Bajan ass and now she’s hurt. I got one word for you, Robyn…



    • Anonymous

      “Kerplop”?! *extends chu’ch finger to exit Kid Fury*

  • Mizznell

    What I fail realize is she can forgive Chris for basically knocking the windows out her face but as soon as a song comes out abut a ‘hoe’ she draws the line umm ok girl I guess u gotta stand fir something {shrugs}

    • Rem

      im assuming bc she knows she had a big part to play in him peeling that potato back. she prob let out too many goat warbles and hoofs and he clapped back on that ass. THAT’S why he’s forgiven and nobody can tell me otherwise!lol

  • S.

    Really Christopher  …You bought “her” fifteen hundred pairs of shoes?

    • Laila Corrorez

      I don’t get it…he said that in the song?

  • lil minxx

    their both childish lil fucks that need to grow up in my book

  • Dayuum_chelz

    well since rihanna is no longer president of the NMF Coalition, can i be. thats the only reason i wrote on this story, cause lord knows i dont care enough about curry or christina to read it.

  • Brittany

    I’m sure they’re still fuckin on the low

  • Seduction

    LOL. You can unfollow someone on Twitter because you dont feel like it coz you really dont give a fuck. What is wrong with that.

    Chris, stop being such a whiner. Just pop that pussy just like you should.

  • Missbehave

    Why Rihannah was nominated in first place is a mystery to me. Anyone who pulls that many media stunts is CLEARLY concerned with other people’s opinions about them. As for CB, here are your walking papers sis, you are dismissed.


    Rihanna’s been throwing CB under the bus for 3 years in magazine interviews, then magically in February “all was forgiven” and she wanted to record remixes and tweet Tupac lyrics and claim she’s gonna do what she wants to do and attack Kamikaze subliminally…. All for press time on blogs.. But as SOON as Christopher released a freestyle, this broad wanted to get in her feelings and unfollow people. OKAY girl. The main people who scream they don’t give a fuck are usually the main ones who give a fuck and are pressed. I can’t with her over saturated ass. 

  • Tijarah08

    I don’t understand the shading of Rihanna, I have unfollowed basic bishes for far less. At the end of the day this ninja might have called her talking reckless and that’s why she unfollowed yellow cake’s ass

    • Franny Glass

      girl. i don’t get it, either. these hoes are commenting on this board like they’ve been waiting for the moment they could pounce on rih and ‘expose’ her ass. unfollowing someone = you give a fuck? and here i thought it was the other way around -_____- 


    MEANWHILE… Matt Kemp is still Fine as F@CK.

  • lala

    im late but… i think its mad lame hoe chris and drake gonna come after riri, its all good for chris and drake to fuck every girl they come in contact with, esp drake simp ass. but not ri and hoe? i wish she didnt get mad over it

  • drmsd

    Oh to be so damn young, rich, and pressed.

    If there’s going to be a recall for President of the NMFC then I would like to nominate Fantasia for no other reason than her entire look for that Mother’s Day concert. The abdominal situation alone would win in a landslide.

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