Got 2B Real: Season Two, Episode Five

Once again we’ve been blessed with another episode of our favorite shady divas courtesy of Patti LaHelle. This show just keeps getting better and better. Treat yourself.

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  • Beck

    That Christina voice is PERFECT.  Did PattiLaHelle somehow cut it so she could actually use Xtina’s voice or…?

    • Andy S.

      It’s another youtuber, as credited in the end credits. Major props to her for nailing both the speaking & singing voices

  • confused but cute

    I know I wasn’t the only one who took two-three steps back when Dionne (msp) called the younger generations “low class pieces of shit” DAMN.

  • DominicaRocks

    When will I learn not to eat while watching these videos? I almost choked lol

  • whatevs

    Why does Toni even bother coming for anyone when she gets pulled over every few feet? I’m fucking dead. I need more Chaka Khan

    • whatevs

       I did NOT know about Christina “coming on” at Etta’s funeral! Is this serious?! *clutches chest* JESUS.

  • MirahMirahOnDaWall

    Lmao I died when Christina Aguiliera did that damn rift and Dionne face was stone cold not having it. This by far needs to be a television show. I would tune in every time. 

  • Rick Ross side boob

    Completely died after beyonce told riri that she WANTED to congratulate her on having a number 1 album. 

  • ColdCharge

    Chaka and Patti went in on Christina, they was shading her like a coloring book

  • SomeWittyName

    My soul left my body the second the “Crispy Chicken” anthem came on!!! And Bey WANTING to congratulate curry goat on a #1 Album?!?! 

    Patti Lahelle’s shade is IMMACULATE!! I love the subtle shade that you only catch once you watch the vids a second or 3rd time.

  • SomeWittyBane

    And to add….I can’t believe nobody clocked Curry Goat for butchering Hero!! When they played that clip, I lived AND died!

    • Christina H

      Those blank stares were all the clocking that she needed!! Chaka killed me!!

    • JAYE

      Dem Babies clocked her & Dionne’s face was the best

  • Guest

    “I just don’t get the indecisiveness–I mean even in the way you dress, it’s like for two different occasions- Church and a track meet” 

    “This is the perfect example of someone who is confused as to how to get to Sesame Street. Learn your homophones, bitch.”

    “You mean to tell me back on Calvary, Jesus shed his bronzer for my sins?” 

    This shit here…I. CAN. NOT. and I WILL NOT! Got me chokin’ on my dinner…

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  • Kwan

    I don’t know about anyone else but Grandmuva Warrick plays no games in this shady competition she slays left and right and will forever be my fav. 
    “hussy please I got platinum, gold and silver records what do you have on your wall…. velcro cotton and dust” JUST DIVE INTO AND LIVEEEE!!!!

    • Slapyamammy

      Grandmuva Warrick don’t even be slaying no mo she be straight up gutting them ishEs!!

  • Anonymous

    I live for this. That is all.

  • Lolyeah

    Every episode is a gift. This is a marvel.

  • Supanat


  • H3av3nsc3nt

    I am dyin at “alot of u hoes was beltin for burger back in the day!” ahahahahahahahahahahahaha…Toni “Broke”ton?!?!?! Ahahahahahaahaha u and ur sistas tiny, toya, trinidad and tobego…im dyin!

  • H3av3nsc3nt

    Omg i died with rihanna singing hero and all them stunned ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahhaha that was a hott mess for real

  • Anonymous

    Lol at “Tussy” deodorant. and after Aretha shaded Dionne, she changed the subject.

    • Slapyamammy

      That Tussy comment had me floored you hear me!! Dionne be slaying, gutting, and frying they arses! Lmao

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce’s laugh!!

  • ESHA

    Patti: “Girl my voice box was the manger sweet baby Jesus was away in. He’s a constant stay in my diaphram. There’s no way I could be off key”… I can’t, I have already been pronounced

  • Slapyamammy

    Yasssssss I live for Dionne Gutta Gutta Warrick!! She stay gutting them joes like fresh Mullet!!!

  • Brandon Dean

    Toni : “You should’ve just tapdanced for watermelon slices in front of the NAACP headquarters” 


    Rihanna : “I’m like the moon you cant phase me. I’d be mad too if I was shaped like a tetris block!” 


    Wait, did anyone catch the Sweet Brown (I got bronchitis)  reference Mariah gave after Christina did her vocal runs? “Aint nobody got time for that!”  YAAASSSS.

  • Mrz_m

    Why did the good Houston girl say “Jessica Simpson still pregnant.” Ya’ll make sure my dh buries me in my good lace wig. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    The Dowager Countess. Yasss!

  • LaTia

    I was slayed and resurrected when she said “All the doors in your vocal cords must be locked, because you can never seem to find the right key”

  • Shellbee

    Patti La Helle for President 2016! That is all.

  • Derty

    The shade, the shade of it all.  If I didn’t know any better
    I would think Patti Labelle was actually behind these
    her unbothered-ness is so spot on.

  • Christina H

    Dionne is the undisputed QUEEN of Shade…She gives me life every time she is onscreen!! And add to that YAY for Fanny coming back!!

  • Anonymous

    Kid Fury is so Awesome for posting this

  • That Dude

    The blank stares after Riri’s singing…even the babies were shell-shocked!! *dead*

  • Rainbowfemme85

    Jesus TAKE IT!!! LMFAOROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL jofue0ruwpj dfkje0pwuej djfwejrjwe #shadecountry

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