Funky Dineva Reports Live From Chateau Shereé

Nessa girl, you know Funky Dineva is always here to clock the tea and toss that shade, and that’s why we live for her! This time our dear Youtube friend took a trip to Shereé Whitfield’s unfinished Lego castle in Atlanta. It seems Chateau Shereé needs a little more work and a lot more prayer! YES GAWD!

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  • Miles


    Werk Funky Dineva

    Her hair is laid like atlanta swamps

  • Michelle

    “Yes GAWD, bitch!” & that dildo. This just made my day.

    Sheree better get her She by Sheree design team back together & hit up Rainbow. Or get a loan from NeNe, because it’s not looking good.

  • Anonymous

    1st off, I can’t even handle the fact that Dineva is speaking into a vibrator. 2nd, why does her house look like middle school history project. I can’t with any of her fuck ass shenanigans. 

  • MirahMirahOnDaWall

    Yes!!!! I have died and went to the infrastructure of Chateau Sheree. We he had the nerve to say  that the wood didn’t even look good, I lost my breath. That shit is by a stop sign, bus stop and a high way. Is that the discount land plot of Atlanta. Sheree boo boo, you need to start lending out those weave extensions for pay and moon light as a body guard at night. I have no time for your home being incomplete a whole year later. 

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    isn’t there a no trespassing sign up *in my sheree voice. I fell the fuck out when pheadra said all she seen was sticks and dirt on neverland and sheree said that shit. she was eternally hurt lol. but yassss dineva for the live coverage!

  • Kingphoenix

    I still can’t believe Funky Dineva did this….lmfao. And Michelle from StraightfromtheA holding that umbrella serving “Never shade the bitch holding the umbrella” realness talmbout she waiting for the bus…Lmfao. The shade of it all…The need to have Funky Dineva be apart of the Reunion show or something next year.


    Not only was he shading Sheree, but Kandi as well.  Isn’t that one of the sex toys from Kandi’s line?!?

    • Kingphoenix

      He wasn’t shading Kandi but promoting her…she sent him the whole line in the last video. Funky Dineva is getting them coins

  • Kellyrmw1989

    WHat is in his hand? WHAT IS IN HIS HAND?!?!? I can’t……..

  • Anonymous


  • Realola

    My cervix just dilated a whole 8 cm …. damn you Funky Dineva lmao her hair is laid like my contractions lmao

  • Brit

    *throws everything off my table* fury, what is this foolery you got me watchin?!?!? smh

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  • Jai

    I live for Funky Dineva! That is all. 

  • Mizznell

    She better go ask Kandi for a autotune special shit it worked for Kim dont be tarty for the demolition crew or the house didn’t me a thing

    • Mizznell


    • longlegged


  • Ben

    YES GAWD! lol 

  • Sannyd


  • Anonymous

    I love his nasstyy bun!!! lol

  • TrinaBaby

    I have life, and I needed it DAMMIT!!!

    Funky Dineva’s hair is laid like a First of the Month Rockefeller!!!