Blue Ivy Carter Already Has iPod Privileges

Kid Fury May 1, 2012 Memoirs of a Creole 13 Comments

Holy Christian Dior Cherub of Tribeca has been showered in love and gifts since birth, as a new princess should be. One gift that I love is an extra-special iPod from Questlove of The Roots. Blue’s first media player already has 4,000 select songs on it for her Creole ears, and Quest says “Jay loves it.”

Now every year, Blue will have more songs added to her collection from UncleLove. “We have a system now where I’ll re-up it once a year, every Christmas,” he told Daily News. Also presented to the foot of her crib was a $1,000 stroller from Gwenyth Paltrow and lots of pretty clothes from Aunt Kelly.

What do you think is on Blue Ivy’s iPod?

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  • Xcuzememiss

    This picture is funny. The headphones are bigger that her ears

  • crissle beyincé

    I don’t know what’s on the iPod but the jealousy I feel is real.

  • SomeWittyName

    This child is just too damn beautiful…and I’m not just saying that because she’s Beyonce’s. She’s one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. And this pic with the headphones is too much, lol.

  • Reggie

    Is it safe to say the Keri Hilson’s new single won’t ever make it to B.I.C.’s Holy Creole iPod?

  • Madison J. Monroe

    I hope 4 is on there so baby BIC will be able to sing along and simultaneously snatch wigs by the time Bey performs in AC lol. 

  • bestnewactress

    bitch, are those earbuds in her ears?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA.

  • [M.J.]

    Blue’s iPod consists of  her momma and daddy, Auntie Kanye, Auntie Solange (for those angsty teen years), Adele, a lil bit of Rihanna, some Prince, Michael, Tina, Patti, O’Jays, Gladys, Diana (legends never die0, Shirley Caesar, Mary Mary, and Marvin Sapp (Jesus loves the little children).

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  • Beck

    Seeing as Questlove compiled the songs I’m assuming that it will be powerful & real af & she even has the Prosperous & Holy Mother Creole singing her spontaneous songs of Nurture & Godliness.  That child is the product of legends surrounded by legends….I can’t cope.

    • kwan

      right I’m just jealous of the fact that she had one of Hip Hops finest to personally pick songs for her to listen to. I want a quest love iPod *folds arms and pouts*

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  • Seiko

    Im mad she lookin in the camera like “Which one of you muthafuckas is gon give me a bottle? I am a Princess and Dammit I better get WHAT I WANT… WHEN THE FUCK I WANT IT!!!… Daddy can you give me some milk please? Thank you bitch”