New Music: Usher – Lemme See (feat. Rick Ross)

Kid Fury April 30, 2012 New Music 15 Comments

Here is Ursherbabeh’s new single, “Lemme See”, from his upcoming 7th studio album, Looking For Myself. The Jim Jonsin-produced record impacts urban radio in a week, while his new dance single, “Scream”, will move on to pop stations.

I don’t see it for this song at all, especially with Rick Ross rapping, “Chanel hoodie on/looking like Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman don’t want it.”

Really, Big Worm?

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  • Beyanna

    Miss me with shit.

  • Suchalady

    Ugh…Ricky is such a damn buffoon, what do ppl see in him?!

  • SomeWittyName

    I was gonna click play until I read “Feat. Rick Ross”. I strongly dislike him for reasons I don’t know or understand. I honestly wish someone would disguise Nicki Minaj’s ass as a powdered donut…and then Rick Ross takes a big bite of it and that all the filling in her ass makes him go into cardiac arrest.

    Strange, I know….but oh well.

  • Dayuum_chelz

    lmfao @chanel hoodie on. rick ross, chile boo, you know chanel dont make hoodies in size 25xxxxxmfb(mutha fucking big)

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  • Anonymous

    Usher singing all high pitched like someone hit the right spot in his booty hole & Rick Ross big ass rapping about the same shit in every song & doing that tiyad ass, annoying ass “I gotta stop every five steps to take a breath” grunt. Girl, NO!

  • Coonye West

    What happened to mainstream songs with bridges? Do they not exist in 2012?

  • Ayye

    Sans Rick, I can get a bop with side twist of two-step on to this. I’m TOO ready for this album!


    I actually like this song. The beat is nice and Usher delivers vocally as usual. The only problem is  Rick Ross.But honestly what else is new? I’ve been tired of his career for a while now.

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  • Ash Ward93

    Lets get into the fact that Usher insists upon making songs he know he cannot sing live and deliver. Girl, Goodbye & have several seats on the way out. *flips hair*

    • whatevs


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  • imhismiss

    Lol Fury did u call him big worm

  • fxckinfaded

    i fuck with this song! even though usher is sounding like a horny drag queen church boy in the beginning. & rick ross needs to just have a diabetic stroke.