Candid Yams: Kanye Kardashian Treats His Yamp To Broadway Date

Kid Fury April 30, 2012 Candid Yams, Oh, Kanye 23 Comments

Every time I see these two photographed together, a piece of me dies inside as we all await the impending doom this shall bring upon the entertainment industry. Kanye and That Hole appeared in NYC holding hands where they went to see Wicked on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre.

Apparently they also went for lunch at Serafina again, and ended the day at a showing of Think Like A Man later that night. I just cannot imagine the trash that will come from this — the albums that will be dedicated to the botched love affair. You know what, I’m Njena Redd Foxx to the bullshit.

Photos: Just Jared

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    More angry Kanye fans/stans will throw things at her in the street like they did Caillou. At least I hope they do. *eats apple* 

    • RobinTinnicsha

      Lmao I HOWLED @ “Caillou”

    • Camille

       I just died reading that, and I’m in public too.

  • Suchalady

    LMAOOOO this whole story slayed me

  • Love

    Kanye and Kim aka Lady & The Tramp

  • Mileskeeney

    House Mother Kanye’s clit is being fondled by Kris Jenner as we speak.

    He has sold his soul to the devil.

    I’m not here for it

  • Mskayty

    wrI’ve done everything I know how, including the rattling cat bones and chicken beaks in a circle during a full moon and whispering prayers to summon the sweet spirit of Dr. Donda West so she could keep her precious baby from the clutches of the  evil and wretched “Booty Monster.”

  • SomeWittyName

    I detect antics here. But seeing these two photographed together is more annoying than Chris Brown & Kryptonite.

  • Anonymous

    That hole…lmao

  • Farrah

    I’m over these 2. I just don’t want her ass hanging around Bey!

    • Nic

       Exactly! He better not bring that trash around the Queen.

  • JAYE

    We’re gonna get a good ass album with this is done

  • LovelyGal


  • Treo700gurl

    I just think that… this shit is absurd. 
    This is not Caillou – a relative unknown that had a dope look that you turned from arm candy to She Who Must Be Seen Due To Implied Fierceness. From the Pole to Paris. This is the Skank of Skanks, The Vaginal Void where careers go to die. Shit. We could at least SPECULATE about Ambrosia’s whoredome. Hell, Kim’s is DOCUMENTED. She’s featured more wood than your local parks and rec. 

    Donda, we NEED you right now. Somebody call Ms. Cleo so she can channel the soul of his mama and bring some clarity to this bullshit.

  • Beck

    IF and only IF Kanye allows his girl around Beyoncé will I start to feel any type of way about this..situation.  Until then, fuck if I care. 

  • Lisa

    I’m thinking about what rhymes with Kardashian as we speak

  • BK

    all i can think about is

    • BK


  • Michele Lee

    Don’t know how he could do it knowing EVER N**a he’s knows has thrown up in that old kat.  Kim, gives what’s left …the last few crumbs of that elastic cooch a rest.    ** 

    Dear Kim’s Cooch,
    Please take this entire  back row of seats thank you. 
    Signed Kim’s Cervix

  • Burks325

    To quote the sweetest of Brown’s, I got bronchitis… Ain’t nobody got time for this.

  • Nic

    As much as I wanna believe this is real (because I think he really would shape her family & her up) I think this is all bullshit. I like Ye but him doing this fake ass show is so not cool.

    Whatever, to each their own. She needs to stay away from Bey & Blue and we all good.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be mad at Kanye.. We all wanted to jump up and down on a trampoline in our neighbors backyard when we were kids.. Now he has his own private one… Two Thumbs to Kimmy Poo’s Cooch along with 2 Fists,  2 2×4′s,  an overhead projector and anything else that might fit up in Jungle Gym..

  • Siasunshinee

    She looks pregnant.