Video: Nicki Minaj – Starships

Kid Fury April 27, 2012 The Life of a Barbie Girl, Videos 50 Comments

Nicki Minaj and her absurd backside roll around in Hawaii for the long overdue “Starships” video. The rapper has delighted fans by returning to Twitter and delivering news of upcoming videos and singles. That’s all I’ve got.

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  • Shay

    ok is she a alien that’s on a starship to party with the Samoans i’m confused

    • 80sbabydoll

      ME TOO! LMAO

    • TheHostileNegress

      No Ass! She’s Malibu Barbie goes to space where they shoot A Clockwork Orange using those Samoan WWF wrestlers from the 1980s as extras!

      With water.


  • Kevin-João LaShawn

    Whoever introduced Nicki to lacefronts needs to be arrested for conspiring with that hairline to take over the rest of her forehead.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a tragedy that with all that damn money, she can’t afford a proper sew in. Chile i’ve seen better quick weaves than that.

    • phillyphilly


  • Miles

    I’m just Not here for this!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love queen onkia but this just aint it… sorry better luck next time with your singles and lacefont endeavors!

  • Anonymous

    Omg her butt (well she paid for it…) looks so strange…I feel sick *puts down Burger King chicken wrap*

    • Nicole


      • SomeWittyName

         crispy chicken….wrappedupinnaaa

    • kim

      Her body looks like it was crafted from play-dough.

  • N I J A


    • Zan


  • Supanat

    that’s one corny ass broad. 

  • Anonymous

    This would have been a great song for Katy Perry.

  • Lilautaut

    all I seen was Ass.

    • SomeWittyName

      Correction: All you seen was ARTIFICIAL ass. Her ass probably has enough preservatives and high fructose corn syrup in it to kill Rick Ross big ass! 

      But don’t take my word for it, check the nutrition facts. They’re printed on the inside of her tired ass lace-front.

      • Jazz Espy

         you straight up fooling for this  post lmbo good one

  • LindseyMari

    I know she isn’t a “pop star” exactly, but if you’re gonna make dance music like this, commit to it. Learn how to dance, because this prancing around in a bikini is not gonna cut it.

    • sodabread

      Exactly if Curry Goat can step her game up with choreography so can she! 

  • Anonymous

    Well, the song is no “Superbass” or “Beez in the TRap” and I can’t really see myself watching this video again…. BUT Nicki is still great to me. This song and Video are not it for me.

  • iAm_SHEE


  • DONE

    FUCKERY I TELL YA! fury if u wud do the honors and please slice this hoe to bacon bits,it would b greatly appreciate.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

      Yass!  lol!  Fury, PLEASE read this video- PLEASE!

      • Guest

        Add my name to the Fury Read This Video petition.

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    fury, I didn’t like the video. at all….this is what I’ve been waiting for. move yourself down a seat fury, I think I’m joining you on this one…

  • Nicole

    She jocked Heidi Montag…. yeah, i saw Higher…. bye Onika
    and what is with this pink slime? is she playing in raw chicken mcnuggets??

  • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

    Nicki don’t like me no mo. *pokes lips out & walks home*

  • Crys

    She could have just shot this shit in Club Cheetah and invited Snooki and them to do some complimentary fist pumps and THAT would have made more sense.

  • Driven_Beauty

    I wonder which voice told her that wearing a bikini and that lacefront was okay…

  • Keegan

    that ‘ish right there – infinite numbers of WRONG. I couldn’t even make it past 1:16. #musicshodosuckthesedays 

  • Shellbee

    *sighs* More ho-hum raps over Disney ready beats.

  • FirstNameLast

    I think what she was trying to go for was “look world, my fake ass CAN move”. This video and song kinda reminds me of I’m a Barbie Girl by Aqua. Just a bunch of weird shyt. Remember when music videos actually had concepts. 

  • pixie

    smh at those granny panties

  • MirahMirahOnDaWall

    So I felt like I just ingested some shrooms, extasy and a bottle of bleach. I don’t know what the fuck is going on right now. I refuse those high waisted Hanes panties that she stay rocking. On top of that, you have the nerve to give me My Little Pony Weave Extensions and body paint. 

    Who created this Lisa Frank Nightmare video, a ten year old. I can’t deal with this gumdrop cavity sweet music with her overly sexual behavior. How you gonna put some bullshit like this out that is solely to attract the youth and say “Fuck who you want and fuck who you like” Nicki! Nicki! Nicki! I wanna glue you to a firm seat for all this fuckery on my Friday. 

    You should apologize to the Hawaiian culture for polluting their land with your lace front tragedies and silicone dreams and pay the Rock’s cousins some extra money for wasting their time. I don’t see why you’re revelant especially every time I see you your rocking a skinned Sesame Street Character.


    • DetroitGirl

      *DEAD* @ The Rock’s cousins! lmao

  • TheHostileNegress

    So yeah anybody who’s ever been to a function knows damn well what a femmequeen out of control body looks like…

    I mean really.

  • Christina H

    Watching this ish just gave me PINKeye…………..

  • Anonymous

    What???? Safaree wasnt in the video…thats a first.
    I dont kno what to say about Nicki….just confused.

  • I CAN’T

    I can’t.

  • Ambermorris29

    Her ass is awkward big because it looks as if she is wearing period panties instead of a bathing suit bottom!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This song is growing on me.

  • Maverick746

    Ok Fury thank you for this public service announcement, as a result I am banning all children I know from speaking her name ala Harry Potter and I think this may be the last work of hers I will ever “feast” my eyes upon. It’s the wee hrs of the morning and I feel as if I need to gouge my eyes out as this may be some form of mass hypnosis through colors and sounds…it’s possible and we are too close to the Lord’s return for me to gamble with my salvation lol

  • Brandon Dean

    The next video we see from her will have her lacefront sitting on her eyebrows. The two seem destined to meet eachother. Eventually her hairline will travel all the away down her face and rest above her lip. 

    Lets not even talk about her injected hips that FOLD when she sits. Who’s hips CREASE like that when they sit? I think she is afraid of moving too much because it would show that her ass doesn’t move like a real one. The reason she might wear these granny panties is because often  with fake butts, there can be to scar spots right above the ass, a spot normally covered by a thong, or underwear. But enough about her ass, and how it has about as much movement as a sack full of playdoh.

  • jordan

    when did ke$ha get ass implants?

  • HauteCoco

    She’s officially a pop star. No amount of interviews, curse words & “Beez In The Trap” type songs will ever change that.

  • ~Mel

    Nicki still looks so awkward in front of a camera to me. And no, I’m not even speaking of the awkward way her fake body parts move. She just never looks like she commands a scene. I miss old Nicki for the lyrics, but all together Nicki needs to get more pizazz.

  • Jazz Espy

    lets face it here career is wayyy past over just go and die somewhere kim i mean nicki 

    • fantalite

      please don’t wish death on someone! I know we’re all here for shade and fuckery but ain’t nobody got time for dat!!

  • Alicia Collins

    What happened to her body? She was such a beautiful girl, with this naturally flattering figure. Not she every bathing suit looks like she’s wearing Depends underneath. I don’t want to talk about this Radio One-type song with the mandatory faux dubstep breakdown. 

    She could have been a great example. She wanted instant gratification instead of eventual transcendence of all culture. Sad.