Kid Fury’s 100th Video Spectacular!

Kid Fury April 27, 2012 Kid Fury TV 45 Comments

Drunk celebratory trash with bits of shade for Brian McKnight, Auntie Kanye, Kim Kardashyknees and the Real Houseflies of Allanuh. I’d just like to say thank you for all the support you have shown and I hope to keep the laughs going.

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  • Nicole

    those stills!!!!!!! your youtube videos will always give me life!

  • kim

    If anybody deserves a reality show it’s this man right here. No man can throw this much shade and I still love them. Lol

  • Sky

    Your Tyra impression scolding to Kanye is everything.

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  • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

    i’ve watched this over a dozen times on youtube and every time my spirit jumps  up and praise dances all over my house!… 

  • Michele Lee

    12:24 of pure LIFE!…* inhales**

  • Ausetmistressofmagik

    I just love the way you throw shade on muthafukkas lolz and you a yardi too gwan tru yuth!!

  • Yjgaines

    Ready for 100 more! They are everything!

  • starbooty

    Mr. fury your videos make me laugh, occasionally make me cry and always bring me joy. thank you for continuing to honest and truthful and bless me with a new vocabulary. 2 years i’ve been watching and 2 years i’ve been smiling. I hope for many great things in your life/career as you deserve them. 

  • Nicole

     i got scared when you said LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS!….omg shit got too real

  • Brittany

    Congrats on all your success!!! I love ur massive shade. This video was everything!!

  • Nygrl4803

    Her Whole LIfe LOOKS LIKE Kia’s ALBUM COVER?! *falls into Keri Hilson’s cardboard box*

    • SomeWittyName

      lmao….no…not Keri Hilson’s cardboard box!!

  • SomeWittyName

    What can I say about this that hasn’t already been said?? This video is EVERYTHING….but what else would I expect from the shady genius that is Kid Fury.The formula for your shade is so exquisite that I’m saying shit like “exquisite”.Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re AMAZING! And  in the future I will most certainly be sitting on the couch with a Cold Pop and some bluebell happily watching your TV show, because I know it’s coming.

  • SomeWittyName

    titties on yo back bitch, titties on yo back….can’t get that outta my head!

  • LovelyGal

    BEST VIDEO THUS FAR!!! i laughted my ass off the whole way thru. Let there be many many more :D

  • Anonymous

    I love you…that is all

  • maymajesty

    This vid gave me so many moments! You are the bestest!! I still go back and watch the shout out vid where you shouted me out, after you almost got locked up in the feds for causing a commotion up in the irs call center lmao!!! 

  • Lindsay Clark

    aaaaahah the oregon trail moment. you are fucking greatness

  • Lindsay Clark

    this bitch just saidddd kim fogged up the camera. & phaedras lip. 18 wheeler. shout out to everyone who has a dream that wants to talk shit. hahaha you be killin me. good shit

  • Mrs Moreire17

    I never comment, but I just want to say that I Love You! I always know that I can either watch your videos or come to your blog for joy :) Stay exactly who you are and dnt ever EVER change!!!! Muah!!!!!

  • Lisa Marie


  • Alyce-18

    I absolutely adore you

  • Chileplease

    You are absolutely truth and hilarious… Im hoping the one people see these videos and give you a show b/c seriously, I WOULD WATCH ALL DAY and TIVO everythang in sight. 

  • Chileplease

    the right* Sorry

  • Betty Hamm

    Happy 100 KF!!!!! Yur like oxygen in a room full of fake fuckery! you make me laugh while speaking my mind as only you can…… Can’t wait until your @ vid # 200!!!!!!

  • Lemy J

    I fucking adore you! Keep striving <3. Can you promise a Canadian fan to meet when I come to Miami? Will be there as of Monday

  • Brittney

    even white girl wasted, you threw immense amounts of shade… and this, boo is why i adore you… congrats on your 100th video, and i WILL BE COPPIN “titties on ya back” on itunes…

  • phillyphilly

    Great video……I tell everyone about you KF! Hope to see you on my tv one day…now thats a show I would not be boycotting!  BTW I’ll have 2 of whatever your having lol

  • Free86da

    Yooooo!!! Kid Fury i want u to kno that i love and support you. I’ve been following you & watching your videos for the last two years and you have given me life eternal like the Lord, Jesus! I have obtained a brand new vocabulary and introduced my friends to all things fury and they love u too! Keep it up and I kno u got some things up ur sleeve cuz u been missin around these twitter and blogging skreets! I’m looking out for you ;)

  • A_freshstart_5

    KId Fury…I have been a supporter for years .I really enjoy the way you just YOU…Keep up the good work.You have stayed true to yourself the entire time I hope to see you succeed in all your future endeavors.

  • Honeyya2

    The Tyra speech to Kanye killed it. I expected you to say that his grandmama had her lights cut off so she could buy Kanyetta a swimsuit for the competition.

  • Anonymous

    *In my Heavy D voice* I got nuttin’ but love for ya, Fury!!!!!!

    Congratulations on 100 videos… as long as you are here, I will spread the Gospel According to Kid Fury to bring about life understanding, acceptance and the occaisional case of SHADE!!

    DEAD @ NeNe being an ”Optimus Prime built bitch” that used to “motorboat for Lunchables”!!!! You got me howling laughing at work… Love you lots, Fury!! :-)

  • FiFi

    I LOVE YOUR LIFE – O GOD! dnt you ever quit bitch ! we need YOU!

  • Itsbeautiful

    LMAO at drunk ass Kid Fury.

  • Ros11280

    Congrats Kid Fury! I’ve been in love since Fresh first typed your name. I can’t wait for 100 more videos.

  • nllie

    stay the eff away from beyonce…lol



  • LifeSupport

    So I just need you to know that I stand for this foolishness and finally got my girls to watch your videos! And you sir, were the discussion of a great happy hour convo! #lovesyou

  • Charvey2006

    You need to make a few “Don’t CUM For Me” TANKS for chicks (Sexxxxy)!  And do ones that read: “Don’t Come For Me” as well.  I mean it! We’d buy it! :)

  • Treo700gurl

    OMG… did Der Furiousness call Brian McKnight a Smooth Oregon Trail???!?

    This is why I love him!

  • Olskoolgal

    “…you fogged up the camera and we’re not here for it!” *slow death*

  • Kyana

    Love You Kid ! And you looked cute in your still for this post (the one with the legs) jk ;)

  • Diani

    LMFAO!!! @facebook-1255341160:disqus  the mysterious upper lip!!!! HAHAHHA!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwww, Lawd, I WASN’T READY FOR THIS FOOLISHNESS this morning!  Fury got me over here near bout ready to piss my drawls tryna keep from laughin out loud at my desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whew, yo ass is crazy!!!!!!!!!!