Sweet Brown Gets Plenty Of Cold Pop

Kid Fury April 13, 2012 YAAASSSSS!!! 24 Comments

After making her flawless debut into the world of online magic, Queen Sweet Brown of Oklahoma City was greeted by Youtube’s Lucas Ross, who supplied her with plenty of cold pop. Ross and his partner at 2MovieGuys also remixed her news interview and included Ms. Brown’s son in a skit.

This is surely the beginning of an extensive career for Sweet Brown. I’m seeing television, movies, gold grills and sweet pop in this woman’s future. I’m prepared to invest some cash and a little ass in her journey. Walk with us.

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  • Odile

    “We really got time for this” HA

  • M.J.

    Sweet Brown got her cold pop, and no brochitis is gonna stop her, Jesus. 

  • Tayjorcolmar

    RAN for mah lyfe! Lmfao

  • Raelola

    lay me down by the river and cleanse me with cold pop Sweet white baby Jesus

  • SomeWittyName

    Yes Jesus!! Sweet Brown has cold pop pressed down, shaken together, and running over into her bosom!! *praise dances*

  • Anonymous

    I really need a peach flavored Sweet Brown pop.

  • Leslie

    She got the ghetto pop RC.

    • TrinaBaby

      RC Cola is the best!! It’s hood as phuck, and if you drink too much your bladder will swell up, stop pissing and EXPLODE but it’s still damn good pop!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        LOL! They could have at least tried to bring her some Pepsi.

  • Budilicious7

    If i was her i would tell the devil’s advocate to get out of my face and take that COLD POP and pour it down Lake Hefner…..

  • vintagey

    I’m still saddened that this is my state

    • SomeWittyName

      you shouldn’t be. Sweet Brown is EVERYTHING!

  • Brittany

    Cute lil videos

  • Sblakely918

    RC cola though???? Smh

  • Mahesha

    I just simply can not with any of this. Niggatry is at its height right now.

    • Shesh1nes

      I really hate that they came back and brought her a f*cking box if soda. And followed it up with that weak ass song and skit…. amtoine dodsons story was unique and the people who were exploit him AT LEAST the gave him half the proceeds to the song AND the song went hard. This just exploitive, not funny, and did sh*t to pay her light bill or get all her belongings back after home went up in flames. WACKNESS.

    • Anonymous

       I’m glad somebody said it! I don’t find this foolery the least bit funny.

  • misslanikiss

    Thus the fuckery commences…

  • Afrokween

    sorry every time i see her son walking back and forth, it reminds of that part in signs when the alien walks past the window. its just wrong to exploit this woman.

  • Uhuh

    but if miss brown doesnt have a midnight snack attack for some cold pop from the vending machine, she wont know if there are fires in the building. this white boy trying to have her killed SMDHAFD

  • FirstNameLast

    Clearly she needs a functioning fire alarm, some carmax, and some vaseline intensive care lotion much more than some soda.

  • Menisha Bonelli

    Sweet Brown? ……I’m done. (walks away) 

  • Sheifunmi

    Oh Lawd! nau she gon be famous ….

  • Sloop_John_B

    needs a 12 pack of Slice.