Iggy Azalea Responds To Eve; Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Believe It

Kid Fury April 13, 2012 Oop!, You Mad? 107 Comments

During a recent interview with The Women of Hip-Hop, rapper Eve was asked for her opinion on some current female emcees (as female rappers are always asked), and she stated “I’m not really into the Iggy Azalea chick. I can’t really fuck with her music, but her look is crazy. I just can’t believe it.”

While Iggy has been touring, XXL spoke with her for comments on Eve’s statement.

“I like Eve,” she said. “Everybody is different, everybody hasn’t lived out of the box and for you to even know if it’s real, you have to kind of be an out-the-box person or somebody who likes something they’re not suppose to [like]. A girl like her that raps is expected, so, how could you understand something so different?

“I’m not mad at [Eve] for not understanding it. How could you if you’ve never been ostracized or loved something you weren’t suppose to love? Everything you’ve loved you’re allowed to love, so, how could you understand me? Thus, how could you know if it’s real? I used to be like, ‘It is real, let me prove it to you. Now, I don’t care if you think it’s real or not because it’s what I love, it’s my life. I don’t put my story all out there for you because I don’t need to put my story out there and prove it. I don’t give a fuck if you think I am or not ’cause that girl in the crowd understand it and that’s who it’s for, if you don’t then it’s not for you.”

Here’s my two dimes: If Iggy was black, most people wouldn’t have an issue with her, since hip-hop seems to always be associated with black people. There are plenty of international rappers/singers with accents who perform through them and adapt to different sounds and cultures. That’s music.

Nicki Minaj raps in all kinds of accents and creates several looks and songs that are completely out of normal hip-hop bounds, but it’s entertaining. Do you really believe any of the gangsta shit that Drake claims to live in his rap music, because I damn sure don’t.

I’d say 95% of the stories rappers feed you lyrically are false, but the link of black hood artists and rap music is universally understood and therefore it is accepted without question. When a white Australian girl starts rapping on the other hand, a lot of people don’t get it and there’s a problem.

Dah well.

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  • Killer Chels

    Aww poor white girl. She cant rap because all the Black people are being mean to her…or maybe, as is my opinion, she just can’t rap. But to echo Kid’s words “Dah well”

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t about whether she can rap or not. Most mainstream rappers can’t rap, but nobody says anything to them. This is about people not believing her, which in my opinion is because she’s white. If you don’t think she can rap, that’s perfectly okay.

      • Shesh1nes

        Yes kid fury! Please say that! I felt like i was the only one who felt this way!

        And also for eve to question iggys authenticity but not azealias is crazy! If u have ever watched an interview with azealia banks u know she sounds more like a valley girl than valley girls do. And she is NOT poppin all the guns ahe talking about out in every single 16 she spits. So whats real????

        • Anonymous

          Thank you! Azealia is a talented rapper, but she ain’t shooting anybody. People just run with it, because she’s a black chick from Harlem. If she was a white girl from Laguna Beach with the same lyrics, people would ask questions.

          • Kingphoenix

            I hope nobody thinks that Azealia, Iggy, Nicki or many of these other female rappers will catch a charge for real…They are just role playing…Now those girls of the 90′s were fucking crazy…Like Inga Fox Boogie might talk like a valley girl but fuck with her mani-pedi if you want too…

      • DaEsha Davis

        I for one dont think she rap but its not even about that because like you said most rappers cant rap its trash ( young thug)… but at least they write they’re own trash Iggy doest which is why she is wack to me and even if she wrote those lyrics they were still wack to me it has nothing to do with her being white I love enemin he is very lyrical

    • FrostBiteMe

      Man she sucks! Sorry Kid Fury, but aside from pu$$y everything I’ve heard from Iggy is lame. 

      • Anonymous

        Girl, I’m not on this woman’s payroll. You ain’t gotta apologize for not liking her.

        • FrostBiteMe


          BTW I STAN for you KF. If you made horrible music…I would probably support it. LMAO!

          • Anonymous

            LOL! Never gonna happen, but thank you, love!

  • Linneax23

    Mmm, if this was coming from anybody but Eve I would say the same thing but, didn’t she do collabos with Gwen Stefani? I don’t think Iggy’s race bothers her, as much as it undoubtedly does some other people. I think it’s  just the fact that Eve finds her music lacking. I mean she didn’t criticize her, she just criticized her work as an artist. And Eve was and still is a pretty solid rapper so she’d be in a position to know. She made “Let me blow your Mind” and “Love is Blind” I still listen to those songs.

    Keep in mind it goes both ways. Iggy’s a hit and miss lyricist to me. She’s obviously trying but sometimes I don’t think she’d have all the hype that surrounds her if she WASN’T white. At least in Eminem’s case the hype was justified, but in her case I think she still has alot to prove. She certainly isn’t on Eve’s level (at her prime) in terms of flow and lyricism. 

    I still like her music though. I’m just saying.

    • Anonymous

      Gwen Stefani is a pop/rock artist (that I stan for and she’s currently in the studio with No Doubt), so it’s not the same. I don’t think people would have a problem “believing” Iggy if she made pop/rock music.

      I do believe her being white also contributes to people’s interest in her and while I enjoy Iggy’s music, we all know most of these rappers AND singers fucking suck, so that’s not what this is about.

      • Kingphoenix

        I cannot wait for the next No Doubt album!!!!!! Sorry but her solo material just doesn’t match the genious of No Doubt’s work as a hole…she’s no Beyonce, she actually needs her back-u…i mean band/group members.

    • Be

       i agree 100%

    • Truth_Is

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, the race thing has nothing to do with it. In fact Eve’s with a white guy as we speak, but the fact that Iggy is an okay rapper makes her opinion of her valid. I’m not a person who judges my artist off of their race, because music is too good to do that to. I just think Iggy is okay. She kind of got on my nerves with the whole Kendrick Lamar line, she really should have thought that over. But as for an artist she’s cool, I don’t support Drake and his whack lines either because I just can’t support mediocre artist. If you’re going to be signed as a professional, like any other profession you have to know your shit and be the best. I wouldn’t take a mediocre doctor and let him give me brain surgery, and I won’t listen to a mediocre rapper and let them give me bs music. You gotta come correct, or don’t come at all.

  • CT

    The definition of hype. I hope she places her coins in the right slots though.

  • Niamusiclife

    Competition….that’s what this is about. Eve ass hasn’t been hot since…..wait, let me think…..O_o Nevermind

    • Anonymous

      Eve ALWAYS says shit like this though. I don’t think it’s about that. People ask her opinion and she says how she feels.

  • Mara (◕‿◕ ✿)

    Eve was dead on. That interview was as real as real can be. Forget being diplomatic sometimes. There was no shade thrown on Eve’s part. She was honest. If Iggy or Izzi or whatever her name is “didn’t care”, she should not have responded. 

    • ally

      So, she wasn’t supposed to respond in the interview when she was asked the question? You make no sense. Her response was real. If someone asked you how you felt about someone saying something about you are you supposed to walk away? No. She basically said ” I don’t give a fuck and this is why I don’t give a fuck anymore, and now y’all can stop asking me how I feel.”

    • COAL POP

      THANK YOU! she’s just trying to put on and show she’s bout that life….girl bye!

  • lonny

    I get her & Fury but she says Eve can’t think out the box.Eve was a rough stripper who became a desirable rapper,got her own sitcom & became a fashionable staple. She is out the box. Plus Eve worked with Gwen Stefani , who Iggy resembles but the song remained hip hop and made a lot of inside the box thinking black people comfortable with a white girl on a hip hop track in contemporary hip hop . Iggy is in the Eve lane…

    And Drake is tested all the time from trending topics to Common and DMX.

  • j*wavvy

    i’m about to have an old-school BET hip hop summit for female rappers. can’t they all just get along & take over the rap game instead of being crabs in a bucket?

  • Linneax23

    But maybe it’s a generational thing. Certainly in Mainstream Hip Hop the standards are much laxer than they once were.  I remember when as a female MC you had to BRING IT if you wanted to survive or not get laughed off the scene. You couldn’t JUST be pretty and have a bad look. That’s the generation that Eve, Lil Kim, Trina, Remy Ma and others are coming from.  So when they criticize people like Nikki and Iggy, saying that they aren’t doing anything new that they haven’t already done or their music is okay not great, it’s not always shade. Sometimes it’s “Critque” and not just empty criticism.

    For Iggy to say Eve wouldn’t understand her being different….um I don’t see what’s so different or groundbreaking her rapping about how good her pussy is. And as far as I recall Eve was pretty different. “Love is Blind” is the first time I remember a female rapper talking seriously about real shit like domestic violence and it becoming a radio hit. As a young girl at the time it was nice to see a female rapper tackle a serious issue and not just market themselves as a hyper sexual object. I could actually listen to what she rapped about and not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when I was with my friends( as a preteen/teenager). And I don’t think Eve has used her sexuality to market herself that  much as say someone Lil Kim has.(Also appealing to me as a tomboy at that time.) And from what I understand that alone is a massive feat in a male dominated, notoriously sexist/misogynist leaning music industry. 

    Iggy has no competition though so I could understand how people are believing her hype. Let Iggy have come out with her same material in the 90s when Mainstream Hip Hop wasn’t watered  down for the masses and I doubt she’d be able to hold her own against Eve, Trina, Foxy Brown, Lauryn Hill, Remy ma, with what she’s putting out so far. Iggy’s okay,good,or great depending on what your standards are in what you expect from a female MC in Hip Hop.

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  • Ms. S. Dot

    I find it weird that there’s some need to defend this Iggy chick and yet no one ran to Kreyshawn’s defense. I mean, in her mind, Kreyshawn probably believes she is “real” too, yet all I saw were people united in bashing her and handing her seats. But Iggy gets to continue? Why? She’s lyrically as awful as Krey Krey. Only difference is, Iggy girl is better on the eyes. Which actually speaks to the Nicki minaj point that Fury brought up, Nicki does all types of crazy thing but she gets away with it why…well, because she’s pretty. I don’t think it’s fair to say Eve made her comment based on race, cause even IF that’s the case, it doesn’t change what she said to be true. Personally, Krey and Iggy are in the same category of over-hyped additions making more yawn-worthy music to me. I’m with Eve, we don’t believe you Iggy. Keep your people. 

    • Franny Glass

      man, this, i used to get DRAGGED for liking kreayshawn. but everybody is feeling this iggy chick? okay. 

  • Linneax23

    M.I.A. is not black right? And she’s not even American, she’s from the U.K. yet nobody takes issue with her rapping or saying that she just gets visibility because she’s Sri Lankan. M.I.A. gets respect because she’s talented and creative. And she didn’t try to perpetrate, she used her accent in her rapping, and brought her own musical clippings and style to the table. 

    That’s why I don’t but that all of the criticism of Iggy is just because she’s white.

    • Anonymous

      M.I.A. isn’t a traditional hip-hop artist. She took rap and did something wildly different with it. So most people, like myself, are fans because of the innovative turn she brought to hip-hop along with the content of her music. If she had decided to fly to Miami and make booty music, people may have looked at her differently, even if it was good music.

      I just don’t think people realize how closely and subconsciously race is associated with certain music. And that’s fine.

    • Nothing Amigone

      I don’t think M.I.A. is the example to bring up. She’s creative yes and I’m a huge fan, but she’s not on anybody’s best lyrics list, and that’s when you can actually understand what she’s saying (let’s be honest, she’s a lazy rapper). Iggy’s trying to find her place in something that is already structured and established. M.I.A. created her own niche. And yeah she’s not black, but she’s a person of color and quite a few of her songs deal w/ the oppression and mistreatment of her people, a struggle black people can relate to. Iggy doesn’t and couldn’t inspire that camaraderie in the black community. And the fact that she’s not the female Eminem doesn’t help.

      • teenabeana

        “And the fact that shes not the female eminem doesnt help”

        I think that’s a critical point. As KF points out, hip hop or rap music is strongly tied to African American culture. I think that this allows us to give passes on a black artists lyricism and “realness” that other races dont recieve when they try to enter the rap game (ie Rick Ross, Drizzy etc). Even if they have not actually been through hood struggles, we can assume that they can relate on some level. Its not so far fetched. Unfortunately, that pass isnt given for whites. If youre a lyricist though, nobody can deny that. Regardless of race, your skill is validated.  

        Anyway, I think I’m rambling…point is I understand why ppl are quick to say Iggy isnt “real” enough, even if its not fair since we dont criticize black female artists in same way. Eh.

        • Nothing Amigone

          True. If I recall correctly, people still tried to come for Eminem in his early days (especially since a lot of his singles were considered “joke rap” or whatever). So even if you’re a talented white rapper, the black community is not gonna just HAND you your props, lol. He had to pay his dues, so to speak.

          • Linneax23

            Is ANY community just going to HAND someone, that’s an outsider, their props? I think not. And I think black people are more accepting than well white/asian people. There are non black RnB, Hip Hop artists. But I don’t  even see any non white people singing country music or winning a CMA. Well except maybe Hooty (Hootya and the Blowfish) and Charlie Parker, but definitely more diversity in Hip Hop RnB.

          • justsayin

            the black dude isn’t Hootie…

      • Linneax23

        Well… I never said M.I.A was a good lyricist, and I know she isn’t the best rapper but  that’s my point. That’s why I don’t think Iggy’s criticism is some kind of reverse racism. I think in general black people will be receptive to your music regardless of your race as long as you bring SOMETHING to the table and do it well. In that sense I think  M.I.A is a good example.
        But I understand both your points about M.I.A. being able to break in because she’s a WoC and because she knows what being oppressed feels like. That is true. Whereas Iggy just wants to do Hip Hop, and has nothing culturally to bring to the table. I think she just needs to step her game up lyrically and she would get more respect. At least from me. And as far as her thinking Eve doesn’t understand, she does. Iggy is getting more of the black experience than she cares to. It was cool at first when she was a novelty but now she finally knows what black people have experienced being “THE ONLY ONE” in a group of whites for ages. You have to be excellent, and not mediocre if you want to make it. My two cents.

        • Nothing Amigone

          See, I can agree w/ a lot of this…and nobody’s character was attacked or tastes were judged. Yay for us, lol.

          I especially agree about her showing and proving more lyrically. 

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Iggy, you mad? I love Iggy but just because Eve doesn’t like her doesn’t mean she does’t like things that are different, it just means she doesn’t like her music. Period. Anyway, who gives a fuck what Eve has to say? I sure as fuck dont. At least Nicki Minaj only had to drop little smart ass comments about Kim from time to time, and not giving her too much time. Iggy, you gotta get stronger girl lol

  • Linneax23

    Sorry don’t “buy”.


    I don’t think Eve was trying to be disrespectful, I think she said what she said and that’s that. I like Iggy, but do I take her seriously…no. I feel the same way about Nikki. I strongly dislike Drake, but dude is talented, you have to give him that AND he makes decent music. Iggy is just ok,  if she was black I would feel the same. If she was blowing bitches out the water I could see why you feel the need to defend her. I dont know if her mediorcre rap skills are more offensive than her wack accent…. I still bump some of her shit.. but she really is just sub par. How many other black female MC’s have been passed over because they were wack??? Her being white has less to do with it than her actually being talented. Her look is much more interesting than her music. TBH

  • Susan

    Warning, long post coming lol

    Eve said she doesn’t believe Iggy. She likes her look but she doesn’t believe her. I dont think that it is because she’s white. If Eve was asked about other guys in the game she’d probably say that she doesn’t believe them also. Fury said 95% of the things rappers say today are false. I agree. I dont believe Rick Ross, i dont believe Drake, I dont believe Wayne, i dont believe Nicki when she says she’s in anybody’s trap. I dont believe any of them. Most people of our generation understand that what rappers are saying are not true & they listen to them anyway. But Eve comes from the last generation of real rap. ’98 Ruff Ryders. At a time when it was DMX, The Lox, Busta Rhymes, Method Man & Redman, Beanie Seigal &Jay-Z, all on top. Thats what she comes from. She is from the streets, she swung on those poles, then struggled to get into rap at a time where just anybody couldnt walk in. Thats the train of thought she has. Thats when it was all about “keeping it real” or else you’d get called out by another rapper about it. Just like when Jay called out Prodegy on the Summer Jam screen, or when Jay & Nas called each other out, Foxy & Kim, The Lox vs Jay & Beanie. They all did that. So Eve will probably never settle for the mentality of “All these rappers lie, so whatever”. Thats not what she’s from, but i dont think it’s related to Iggy being a white girl. Its more about Eve.
    And just as an aside: Although rappers from back in the day embellished a bit with their songs just like the ones today, i believe their is still a big difference between them. Rappers before exaggerated things but they exaggerated things based off their own realities. Rappers today exaggerate things based off other peoples reality. For instance, Warning may not have been a true story but Big was still real to a degree. Did he sell drugs before & while he was rapping? Yes,  Puffy had to beg him to stop after he signed him. Fat Joe told the story of him having to save DJ Clue because Biggie ran up on him one day and put his gun in Clue’s face, pissed off because Clue was bootlegging his tapes. Big Pun used to get into stuff too. You could listen to Wu Tang and believe them that they would bring the ruckus. I remember a video came out of them at a golf course getting into beef and chasing people across the grass swinging gulf clubs. So shit, i believe them. Beanie Siegal. DMX’s crazy ass. All of them for the most part. They all we’re a certain way & whatever stories they told in raps where still based off of who they were. These guys today i think amplify their raps off of other people’s lives and not who they are. So it feels different to me.  

    • Shanell S Betts

       I couldn’t have said it better! You pretty much summed it all up and I completely agree with you! I MISS REAL MUSIC!

  • Gurl

    All these urban blogs can keep posting every time Iggy sneezes like it’s news meanwhile ignoring people like Azealia Banks who are doing major things like a top ten single, Coachella, etc. No one is rocking with Iggy because her music sucks it’s that simple. This has nothing to do with Iggy being ‘different’ because white female rappers have come before and will come again.

    • Anonymous

       Sweetie, start your own fucking blog and talk about whoever the fuck you want to.

      • COAL POP

        o WOW. YOU MAD SON? she wasn’t even coming for your neck. This white girl got your blood pressure up. LOL

        • Anonymous

          My blood pressure is far from up, because regardless of whether you like her or not, I’m getting paid simply for you being here.

          I am, however, tired of people coming here and judging what I post and what I don’t. None of you pay my hosting bills, so you need not discuss what I choose to post. If you don’t like it, start your own fucking blog.

          By the way, you referring to her as “this white girl” furthers my point.

          • Reeseecup23

            LOL!! I Know that’s right Fury! I get so annoyed when people come on other people’s blog and comment on the shit they post. I seriously don’t get it! Whether u said u don’t like what I post or not, I’m gonna STILL post what I WANT! It really is as simple as starting your own shit and say or post what you want THERE!!! Kidfury, you keep doing you boo,although I know that comment didn’t affect you in the slightest, I just get annoyed at shit like that!

            As for Iggy, I think she made it perfectly clear…you like her, then you like her, and if you don’t then you don’t! No shade to Eve, it just is what it is!

          • COAL POP

            Im glad your getting $, thats why we support you. its not that deep. It was a joke… sweetie.

          • Ash Taylor


            If you ARE “getting paid simply for you being here,” then AREN’T we essentially paying your hosting bill?

          • Meanboy

            Gurl Bye

          • Guest

            Looks like someone isn’t getting paid:)

    • Nothing Amigone

      Azealia Banks, is that you? Girl, ain’t nobody ignoring you! Look at all these accolades you mentioned. I tell you what, Yung Rapunxel, if you get a weave without baby hairs attached I’ll blog about you.

  • De Beers

    Iggy hush girl, if you can’t handle black people criticizing you you’re in the wrong profession.

    • Ash Taylor


  • SomeWittyName

    All these people who aren’t here for Iggy crack me the hell up. Writing novels and thesis statements and dissertations just to convince yourselves that not liking Iggy has NOTHING to do with the fact that she’s white and Australian. I’m not a true fan of Iggy’s. I like some stuff of hers, but can’t tolerate everything she puts out there. However, I do believe she’s extremely talented and has a very unique look. But at the same time, I’m not gonna get my panties in a bunch because everyone doesn’t feel the same way I do. Not only is coming on someone’s blog and attacking THEM for liking an artist you don’t like extremely disrespectful, it’s also tacky and makes you look foolish. There are ways to express your opinion without being an asswipe.

    • Tijarah08

      Actually it has nothing to do with her being White, in my opinion her voice is annoying as hell. It sounds so forced. I actually think Iggy being White has helped her tremendously b/c if she was a Black chick she would still be taking orders at StarBucks trying to make it as a “struggling artist”. For some reason Black people are fascinated with “White soul” look at Adele she is Jazmine Sullivane/ Ledisi in vanilla wrapping :/

  • Beck

    For me, its not a matter of factual disbelief; its more that her flow doesn’t suit my taste & her bars don’t either…to each his/her own. 

  • Nothing Amigone

    If you don’t like Iggy, that’s your prerogative. She seems sweet and generally excited about rap music, which is refreshing in my opinion. All these singers/rappers seem jaded as fuck nowadays: Drake crying on his album cover and reading freestyles from his Blackberry, Nas phoning in a dry ass verse on Melanie Fiona’s new album, etc.
    Iggy’s not the most talented rapper I’ve ever heard but if Rihanna can have Grammys and Soulja Boy can go platinum, why can’t Iggy make a go of it? I think she has great potential. There’s room for her. It’s practically a black woman’s birthright to be the next great (female) rapper (and y’all feel so damn entitled), but all we’ve got happening right now (save a few: Nitty Scott, MC and Azealia Banks even though she is pressed as a panini) is a clown yelling “Stupid Ho” at the top of her lungs, some former greats who can’t stay the fuck out of jail/keep up with their taxes/stop fucking with their faces, and the ones like Eve who are always “in-between albums” yet can somehow make time for paparazzi shots and unnecessary interviews for people who think, “whatever happened to…?” Let the girl rap, damn.

    • SomeWittyName

      Thank you!! This comment sums up everything I feel and more in regards to Iggy and the female rap game!

    • Ms. S. Dot

      how is admitting that Iggy is mediocre and could possibly in the mediocre company of Soulja and Rihanna a good thing? … if anything that argument would be evidence for Eve’s statement, she doesn’t feel Iggy is “real” because the girl is a subpar rapper. one doesn’t have to even look at Iggy to say she’s weak.

      • Anonymous

        Her authenticity has nothing to do with the quality of her music. I don’t think some of you understand the difference. This post has nothing to do with whether or not she can rap. It has nothing to do with talent. It’s about people questioning her sincerity in the type of music she chooses to make. People asking why she raps like she’s from the south, or why she’s talking about “murda” on records. That is it. If you don’t like her music, that’s fine, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

        • De Beers

          I think the two go hand in hand. If your talent is suspect then everything else about you is going to be thrown into question. If your music is really good then people are going to give you a lot more leeway persona-wise. People trip and say oh it’s because she’s white, but when black artists go the “I’m different” route they get side-eyed and derided even if their music is good. Just ask Janelle Monae.

          • Anonymous

            That’s not true. Ke$ha, Rihanna, Future, even Britney Spears all lack real talent and nobody questions their authenticity in relation to the music they create. Nobody says “Madonna can’t sing, so there’s no way she pops MDMA,” even though she talks about it. Her lack of vocal talent has nothing to do with the life she claims to live.

            On the other hand, Beyoncé has loads of talent and great music and people don’t even believe that she was pregnant.

            Janelle Monae is featured on the number one song in the country right
            now. She’s doing fine, and most who people side-eye her are (again) people
            wondering why this black chick is making rock/funk records instead of
            wearing weaves and short skirts and singing about some dude who cheated on her. It’s the same shit.

          • Guesthoe

            De Beers you must be drunk right ? saying something stupid like that ? fuck you talking about they go hand in hand, no they don’t hoe.

        • Linneax23

          Ah I see you Fury. Well…I think those questions would not be so pressing if she was more talented. True  people have trouble accepting her because she’s white. They question her motives and scrutinize her more closely than they would a black chick doing the same thing as her. Very true. But my take is…so? Welcome to our world. 

          “Everybody wants to sing our blues but nobody wants to live our blues.” And let’s keep it real, her situation isn’t even that bad. What she’s going through is what black people have been doing to each other since the Apollo. Even DAVE CHAPPELLE got booed the first time he went on the Apollo. Dave Chappelle! When he was young and hungry. People didn’t “believe” in him either not automatically, not right from the jump. If black people do this to other black people to toughen us up, because the world is tough on us, then Iggy should be flattered.  Some people are convinced, others will wait and see. I mean she has a record deal with T.I. and we’re talking about her to begin with. Obviously somebody believes in her. Or she just got lucky. Time will tell. 

          • Guest

             ”Everybody wants to sing our blues but nobody wants to live our blues.”  You basically summed it up right there.

        • Ms. S. Dot

           i understand you’re point. i just believe that authenticity is directly reflected in one’s quality of music. i mean, how sincere or authentic can you be with your art if you’re on some “murda” stuff and that’s nowhere near who you are? and people that truly appreciate hip hop music, appreciate the truth about it. pop music is commercial, it’s about the trendy sound, it doesnt require one to bear their soul or reflect where they’re from and been through. rap does. which is why you have so many people critiquing the ‘go hard’ aubrey, or the ‘on record drug lord/off the record former prison guard’ rozay. i’m not saying i expect everyone rapper to be a lauryn hill. i’m just saying rappers of any color become ESPECIALLY vulnerable to critique of their legitimacy when they appear to be posing or worse being a caricature. 

  • Pjamison85

    Okay I’m not a super fan of Iggy but i do see her talent. She’s gonna catch the same hell Eminem caught (as talented as he is)! So she’s gonna have to come super hard! In our community we critique the hell out of artist so she might as well get used to it!

  • Hazel

    I think our community, african american, tend to be over-critical of anyone who we see as a threat of what we use to be or could have been [with the focus and energy to make it happen]. Not saying she is a threat ot Eve or anyone else, just an observation in general.

    • Anonymous

      I notice that more with females in hip-hop. A lot of the male rappers support each other. Khaled puts 80 of them on one song. Drake took Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky on tour. Wayne swears he’s part of Odd Future. Male rappers usually support each other or shut up. Female rappers are always dragging each other through mud, which is a big part of why there are so few successful ones.

      • whatevs

         What you said, but I also want to throw in that the media (or the media that bothers covering hip hop) also apparently loves pitting female rappers against each other too and I hate that shit.

        • Anonymous

          I agree x20. I hate that they ask every female rapper about another female rapper. Like, who cares? That’s part of the reason why fans think there can only be one female in hip-hop. Well not everybody wants to hear Nicki Minaj on every damn song, no shade.

          • sck

            Yes! True. Female rappers need to learn how to shut the fuck up or keep it cute though. Like why accept an invitation to bring down your fellow sister? Just in general, women don’t support each other enough. So annoying. 

      • Kwan

        ehhhh male rappers BEEF all the time it’s only when a female rapper does it the media blows it out of proportion calling a double standard. Not realizing it was a female rapper herself that started the art of diss records. Honestly Iggy being white has nothing to do with her lack of lyrical hotness but it has everything to do with the hype she is getting. If this chick was black ya’ll would read her to the death and tell her to try again but b/c it’s not a normality in her culture to rap ya’ll blow her up. Truth be told it’s only recent that the media has been going really hard putting female against female singer/ rapper/ actress. 90′s and early 2000′s we had at least 5 on Billboard and nominated for Grammy’s and other awards.

  • Shanell S Betts

    Im going to have to disagree with you on that. I don’t like her music and it’s not because she’s WHITE its because she’s WHACK! I’ve tried to listen to her materials and it just annoys me. I feel that the general “normal”->if you can call it that…are starting to be hella over these artist feeding them garbage music whether white or black. It has just been a general mood that a lot of ppl I have seen just wanting real music *pause* I’M MAD GEEKED I JUST GOT MY “DONT COME FOR ME & EAZY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL BAD BITCH” T-SHIRTS IN THE MAIL JUST AS I WAS TYPING THIS! THANKS KID FURY!…anywho I feel that she would excel as a model and doing runway and high-fashion editorial but as far as music its just not for her and she needs to have a seat. She even explains in an interview that she was whack a couple years ago and if you ask me I don’t think much has changed. I mean we have a couple different white male mc/rappers that ppl like and respect and some even go hard but we have yet to have a female white rapper that come to the table with some good ish cause if Iggy had that I would def give props w/ no shade!

    • Anonymous

       LMAO! You did not announce the arrival of your shirts in the middle of this statement. LOL! Thanks for supporting the tees!

    • Kingphoenix

      I feel the exact same way, i never really questioned her whiteness because, I know they are a lot of authentically hood ratchet no matter what race…I just hate her music, then again when that whole white-slave master thing came out, i was a little perturbed and started questioning if she really loves the culture or was doing it for coins…

  • hello

    I dont care what color someone is if your music is sub-par Im not buying into you or your music Iggy is a weak lyricist her mixtape made my head hurt, people like the way Iggy looks which is why she’s honestly even relevant, her look is what got me but listening to her is what turned me away she can not rap point blank period this is def not a race issue people are so quick to pull the race card

  • monet

    i just dont like her, i agree with what eve said, but i dont think it was about color. personally, i love Asher roth, dope rapper, and he white.
    iggy….she just corny to me, but i am glad to see female rap make a come back, be it iggy, axelia or whoever. we need a fresh crop. eve, kim, foxy they old. they can come back, but we still need fresh face, and nicki, who i once staned for (i feel same as fury on nicki) she needs fire up her butt, she think she cant be touched. im not here for these rainbow bright rhymes

  • Anonymous

    Soooo many comments, so many interesting points.  I like Iggy, is she the best? no.  But isn’t it refreshing to have prospects of new female rap artists in the game? I think so.  I love nicki, but she shouldn’t be the only one.  You don’t have to have great flow and lyricism to make a jammin record, c’mon, i know all of yall jam to ‘Round of Applause’ in the club!  Just like KF said, people automatically have these strong opinions of her and her authenticity because she’s white.  Well, if u didnt know, she raps in a southern style because she’s lived in Fl and atl before…she cant help her surroundings, and thats probably the type of rap she had the most interest in back home in Australia.  Plus, she seems to really love rap, its not just a ‘business’ to her, which is more than u can say for some of the black people in the game.  Give her a chance yall.  And why cant we embrace all the female rappers instead of pitting them against each other? Isn’t there room for Iggy and Azailea??? (my two cents)

    • Teresa Vasquez78

      I’m sure they all love hip hip & i’m also sure its business for her too. Uts nite about where shes lived because she SPEAKS with an Australian accent; when other rappers use accents its generally for jokes or a character being portrayed. “you dont have to have to have great flow or lyricism to make a jammin’ record…” No you dont; but thats not real music. Real recognize real and I dont know this chick. lol But trust theres plenty room for her in this mish mash of fuckry they now call rap. =)

  • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

    ~puts on headphones and continues the countdown in my head for the return of Missy~

    • keilo


  • Franny Glass

    i question iffy azalea’s authenticity more because she’s Australian, than because she’s White. If she were Black, I’d be wondering why this Black Australian chick is rapping like Gucci Mane…. cause don’t they have accents in Australia? Is there some secret gangsta trill sect of Australia that I don’t know about? it’s questionable. 

  • Nagrom$ilva

    Well, I got bronchitis, so I ain’t got time for Eve right now! I’m just gonna grab me a cold Iggy and get in the Murda Bizness! :)

  • Gliitteriized

    “A girl like her that raps is expected, so, how could you understand something so different?”Really? 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anybody expected her to be wack because she’s white. And Eve was not at all saying that in her interview. I think the era of underestimating white rappers ended with the Beastie Boys (maybe earlier) and especially with Eminem. Wack bars do not discriminate.

    As far as her rap skills, I don’t see it. And that fake Kuntry Krunk accent she puts on is really ridiculous -_-

  • FirstNameLast

    Oh look, it’s Nicki Minaj’s skin bleaching progression. Looks good Nicki… Looks. Good.


  • Anonymous

    I for 1 like Iggy and i see the comments and i think a lot of it has to do with her race and the fact that she is Australian. Just like Fury says it’s plenty rappers who talk about things and we know for a fact that they are not really about. Just like Nicki said back when she was a real rapper “bitches are like crabs in a bucket”. Meaning when you put crabs in a container and one tries to get out all the rest of the damn crabs hold on and pull that sucker right back in the container. 

  • CocktailJay

    Bottom line; this Iggy chick sucks. Yes, Nicki sucks too…but she sucks less because she’s usually witty and her songs are catchy. Iggy’s only gimmick is being white. That isn’t enough. I don’t need to believe her, but she needs to at least catch my attention and she doesn’t. Stop trying to save-a-Whitegirl. She don’t wanna be saved.

    Eve has no need to “hate”. The mere fact that they keep asking her opinion on these new girls speaks volumes. Her opinion is valued because she’s made moves. She’s paid dues. Give her her 10′s. Lol.

  • Rini

    I’m sorry but why are they still interviewing Eve’s irrelevant ass? When I saw Eve I didn’t even bother to read the article. Moving on to more important fuckery of the day such as the gum stuck to the bottom if my shoe…

    • keilo

      there’s a seat in the back of the sanctuary…have a seat and rest those feet….

      Eve will always be relevant because she’s one of the greats…just because she’s not makin music now doesnt make her irrelevant…

      Prince isnt making music right now either, neither is Patti Labelle or Anita Baker..are they irrelevant???


  • Teresa Vasquez78

    heres the thing… Iggy is Australian… But when she raps she sounds like shes from BK? THATS what we dont believe. If youre good, it doesnt matter what race you are or where you come from. Look@ Mac Miller, Yelawolf, and Eminem. Theres not much said about their race because they’ve stayed honest to who they are. She’d get better feedback if she rapped with her own accent, especially because she doesn’t seem to be following the hip hop Bible… If youre gonna be “different”, commit to it. I was tryin to get into her cuz I keep hearing about her. Not horrible lyrically, but nothing extra special. I really think thats the real issue here… We know they all lyin, but when you start trying to sound ‘ghetto’, it confuses ppl… And that slave master line? She is treading on very thin ice…

  • keilo

    look…she said she was a slave master…

    i can’t get down with that…

  • Tijarah08

    Umm I just thought about what she said, what doesn’t Eve understand. Rap is a male-dominated field for the most part so I am pretty sure Eve has had those same feelings Iggy is having.

  • IDoNumbahs

    LMAO! Eve was trying to nicely tell her… you stink.

  • dmacdotcom

    I couldn’t care if she was white, black, red or yellow…..she cant rap and I wish she’d stop trying….crap springs to mind

  • J_chyna

    It’s not even the fact that she’s white tryna to rap it’s just the fact the she can’t rap.. It’s not about race…it’s just a lot of people look at it like but that doesn’t mean it was about race to begin…most mainstream rappers suck..that’s the society we live in.. I’m 19 but I’m more old school because of my parents.. And growing with the music of today and listen to music my parents grew up with music today is complete shit..the industry cared about Image the meaning of lyrics doesn’t even matter anymore..because those rappers who’s music has meaning is underground But she is pretty she just can’t rap same with Nicki Minaj.. Iggy should just be a model

  • Ualready Know

    Eve was Authentic she was really Authentic she lived it.. Queen Latifah Authentic. MC Lyte Authentic… Lil Kim lived it. Foxy was from Brooklyn. Iggy skin color gets her privileges that she may not even be aware of in America with the music industry. Why do you think they were so quick to cosign her cause of her skills or marketability… The way she looks… Her songs are nice good beat good production… Nothing about her is authentic shes not hood but she is cosigned by hood dudes. Its a mimick type of rap its a American thing when they want to avoid really being creative they copycat other people with a spin on it and better PR. Miley Cyrus is twerking lol rap is selling. Iggy is good at Mimicking African Americans from the south… Rap is the #1 music out so everybody is Capitalizing off its commercial success. Rappers make music for white people anyway so it works. Now they just got a white girl up there as their mascot. Its not authentic but yet what in music is. She is sounding like a 22 year old chick from the projects but really she is from Australia. What does she mean music she is not suppose to love? Uhh this is not the 80s Iggy White people listen to rap the record companies make black artist put out the most inclusive albums for white people not so much for their own women but thats another story she would know nothing about… A lot of people mimick black people in the music industry she is not the first or the last. What story is she telling she is not the first non black chick to copy black hood chicks to get some fame money and recognition. She does a good job but so does Kreyshawn but at least she is from Oakland… Like all American music Genres Rap has officially SOLD its Soul so she can get away with all that make believe and pretend to be like a down black chick. Black males in rap are kind of colorstruck they rap about skin color and hers is just Right! Rap music comes from African American culture its black culture. If you go to the Projects you dont see any chicks that look like Iggy so WTF she is repping I have no clue but she has some good Co Signers… Australians are some of the best Actors… Rock ON Iggy… Blacks are fight for everybody elses Diversity and they get no Equality.. I would believe her if she rapped about the struggles of Aboriginals but she is not even from the South she went there on vacation and now she is a rapper.. LMAO Eve was right.

  • Camille

    Cmon now is this the bes the industry can do i never saw eve and them doing any crazy stuff to sell records this is rediclous it gets bad when disney stars are the hottest on the charts. There are some people who can sing but if you tell me Justin beiber is the best singer and iggy is the best rapper then i am not buying any records at all ]

  • Camille

    Rappers are not people who rhyme crazy stuff and make crazy faces , and having a big booty helps is this image or artistry we pay for ???

  • Blake Johnson

    I dont care if shes black or white. She’s wack no matter what the color of her skin is. And eve is wack too soooooooo.

  • Raquel

    I wouldn’t have a problem with her if she rapped anything close to what she speaks like. I feel a way about how when the beat drops, she turns into a black girl from the hood, vocally. I feel like she’s straight up imitating black female rappers and it rubs me the wrong way. When Eminem raps, he sounds like Eminen and he also sounds like a white boy rapping. I think he appeal is that she has a big butt that appears to be real, and she’s so white and blonde that the male hip-hop crown wants to bang her and the girls want to be her. Kudos to her for capitalizing on the juxtaposition of her look vs her sound, but it’s not for me.

    • Raquel

      And I know I’m late, but I JUST heard of her last week when Jimmy Fallon did a lip-sync of her song, Fancy.

  • Iggy

    I love iggy and everything was fine until you decided to be stupid and bring race into this shit…

  • Lee

    She’s just another Nicki minaj but white. Fake music, fake ass, and probably fake personality. She wants everybody to worship her body, but I haven’t seen an ounce of class. Good luck finding a relationship, no man wants trash. And that’s what she is (or portrays herself to be). Thank you Eve

  • Cici

    I’m offended by her that is not how women are in Australia let alone white women. I’m not buying none of her albums or go to any of the movies she’s in. I can barely stand to watch her it’s like she’s a puppet without the strings.

  • Cici

    It’s too insulting it has nothing to do with hate. We as black people have a say in how we are represented and by whom!