Candid Yams: Beyoncé Gives Jay A Pose On Jet Ski

Kid Fury April 11, 2012 Candid Yams, Memoirs of a Creole 19 Comments

Royal Houston Shea Butter Beauty The Boss hoisted that ponytail nice and high in the St. Barts sunset while riding jet skis with her hubby. This is simply the calm before the storm. A cute vacation with her husband and baby girl…before she collects scalps in Atlantic City next month.

Photos: Daily Mail

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  • Meangreene9876

    How cute

  • DeAndre Rushing

    “Royal Houston Shea Butter Beauty the Boss”

    .. I can’t

  • Sokumassimo

    Can we talk about the fact that Jay Z had no body hair lol

    • Dee B

      Or muscle tone

  • Deda

    Let’s get back to bidness!

  • Anonymous

    Jay looks like he could be Bey’s pop-pop or uncle.

    And its really fucked up that his legs are hair-free and flawless.

  • BKkid

    Dead ass Jay’s name should be Carol’s Daughter’s Royal Brooklyn Shea Butter Boss

    • LovelyGal


  • LovelyGal

    i wonder if they shave their legs together

  • Derty

    I’ve never seen an adult man as smooth a Jay Z
    not an ounce of muscle or hair.  I think that proves he does not worship satan
    because in my mind the devil in incredibly ripped, and so shall be his followers.

    • asia robinson


    • Brittany

      smooth like shea butter

  • Miles

    Cant wait to see B in AC. The wig snatching will be epic

  • Reeseecup23

    Yes, got my ticket!!! Kidfury did you get urs???

  • Beck

    Jay z has…feminine?…legs?…? 

  • Brittany

    I love seeing them so happy together

  • Jai

    “Before she collects scalps”.. LMAOOOO YAS! 

  • SomeWittyName

    “…before she collects scalps in Atlantic City next month.”

    *sigh* that comment was EVERYTHING!!

  • Bihenda

     before she collects scalps in Atlantic City next month. Calm before the storm…