Move Over Antoine Dodson! It’s Time For Sweet Brown To Get Paid!

Kid Fury April 10, 2012 Elite Fuckery!, YAAASSSSS!!! 51 Comments

Meet Sweet Brown! Her Oklahoma City apartment complex went up in flames this past weekend while she tried to enjoy a cool beverage and probably a little Judge Mathis. Apparently the fire, which damaged five units, started in a woman’s home who is bound to a wheelchair.

Well Sweet Brown didn’t have time for that! She’s got bronchitis! Of course, newscasters zipped straight to the woman with a scarf on her head and depressed teeth, but what they didn’t know was that she is a God-fearing woman with common sense. Get into her story!

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  • cupcakess & bitches.

    the way she said “fire” was EVERYTHING & eliminated everything else i needed to know.

  • ogosh

    I like how the news people pretended there was nothing shady about them playing that clip. Blondie kept a good poker face lol!!

  • Derty

    So fluid, so eloquent.  Her thirst for a cold POP provided the fuel that saved her life.
    We speak your name, Sweet Brown!

    • cupcakess & bitches.


    • TSPtheMBA

      “We speak your name”.  Bwahahahahaha.  You just gave me my biggest laugh of the day. 

  • M.J.

    Let me lay down. 

  • Chrissyd0ll88

    Lord Jesus them ashy lips lol.

  • nat

    this had me in tears…a couple times.

  • nat

    i can’t stop watching it.

  • ericd

    aint nobody got time for that! 

    • LovelyGal

      LMAO that had me DYING i tell you!!!!! Jesus hold my drank so i wont spill it-i cannot stop watching it.

  • iAm_SHEE

    Listen, Im on the FLOOOOORRRR!!!! Look at the boy in the background that keeps walking back and forth……….

    • cupcakess & bitches.

      that must be her son. LMAO. he look so stressed out.

  • iAm_SHEE


  • NycityChick

    I’m dead @ I got Bronchititis. LMFAO

  • Ny

    Where exactly would somebody be ” bah-ba-que-en’ in PJ’s.

    The fire escape the roof? WTF is this

  • MrsSagittarius

    OMG this killed me then brought me back to life 

  • Budilicious7

    Jesus take the wheel

  • She Real Light

    BA-BA-cuein  ….. IF My People, which are called by My name…

  • Anonymous

    Lawd, lawd, lawd…..please help us!!!

  • Christina H

    Baby, when I say I’m in TEARS!!!! Lawd Jesus……….

  • Will G

    she din’t have time to grab no shoes or nothin’, jesus!


  • SomeWittyName

    LMAO…..*cues Praise Break music*

  • Cherry Blossom

    Jesus save us

  • SweetGaPeach

    LAWWWWWWWWWWWWD I got my laugh for the rest of the month!!!! I’m in tears over here!

  • Writing w/a Purpose

    She burnt her lips and fingertips before she escaped. #noshade

    • Thatssoyaya

      ROFL you are on punishment for that!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Madison J. Monroe

    Her + KidFury’s new twitter avi gives me LIFE lol.

  • nat

    two things….1. something tells me she’s only 29yrs old. 2. i think she was a character on Women of Brewster Place

  • LovelyGal

    man fuck this news channel, they diffenetly ‘disrespekin’ this woman. they know this would have people laughing-ole basterds. the lil blonde bitch can hold her cool (heffah)

  • Morgtayl


  • TSPtheMBA

    The video makes Baby Jesus cry. 

  • Miss Pam

    This can’t be real. I’m calling shenanigans and foolywang on this.

  • Jaz

    She sounds just like Beyonce.  Sorry, Queen Bey!

  • Beck

    But none of you heauxs are ready for those bangs though.

  • SmplyKay

    I’m tooooooo weak!!!!!!! Lemme shut down this computer! Lol

  • hey kid

    lol at her several references to Jesus…her eyebrows when she says “pop”…and how she says “fire”=”far”……however, i think i call fraud too, the guy in bakground is foogazy, his acting stinks

  • Mizznell

    I laughed so hsrd I woke ma baby Chile up omg …. Homie in the back haaahhha

  • GG

    Well this here is quite the wing dang doodle.

  • Amberina Powell

    I said o Lord Jesus issa fahr!!!
    LMAO that part and the way her face did has had me cracking up for two days now bwahahahahaha!!!!

  • Raelola

    Somebody lay me down on the cross lmao, Sweet Brown doesnt see it for Bronchitis

  • Cam

    I’ve been redeemed. This mess is too much. Her son Stanford is the one walking back and forth. 

  • Brittany

    the last person i heard say pop was my grandfather and he was from Texas. this women is so country it’s cute 

  • BonnieRedd

    soooo, we just gone ignore that 1973 one gold toofus in the front that somehow is the same color as the rest of her teefuses?

    • Christina H

      LMAO!!!! Go sit in the corner, you are wrong for that!!!

  • Cee-Emm-Zee

    This dude walking back and forth really wanted the world to know how distressed he was……..

  • Anonymous

    this is what yall should be upset about in terms of black stereotypes rather than mjb’s bk commercial 

  • cocoa

    in defense of dear sweet brown, in chicago we say pop. not in the hood either i mean its in print its a legit word. so i can only assume that this is true elsewhere in the midwest. also s/o to the person in the vid who laughed upon hearing “issafarr”. probably the same person who suggested asking the crackhead in the first place.

  • Sheifunmi

    LMFAO! Lawd Jesas be a CONDOM and shield me!! eyecannot.. lol

  • Chrystal Lecointe

    wow – God bless her!

  • Jai Jackson