Candid Yams: Get Into Blue Ivy’s Shoe Game!

Kid Fury March 13, 2012 Candid Yams, Memoirs of a Creole 38 Comments

Mighty Mother Creole Superior Sweet Knowles was once again spotted in NYC with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter: Warrior Princess. Beyoncé and her two-month old baby stomped the Manhattan pavement today with a bodyguard close by.

Feel free to clutch on to your polished pearls as Blue Ivy annihilates your lives with her slipper magic. As if you aren’t already jealous that she’s strapped to the bosom of The Queen, she also shines her regal light over all eyes in these new fashions.

I just…more photos below, girl.

Photos: Rap-Up

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  • Brandy with a Y

    All we can do is anticipate what Blue’s spring/summer fashions will bring us…

  • Brandy with a Y

    All we can do is anticipate what Blue’s spring/summer fashions will be…

  • Anonymous

    Blue is the only one that can get Beyonce out of her heels…..I thought Blue was gonna come out the womb with pre-installed red bottoms on

  • JAYE

    Julius got a day off?

  • Franny Glass

    off topic but.. how can people say bey was never pregnant? even with the baby bjorn, you can tell her entire shape is different. 

    • CDS

      See, and therein lays the problem for me. I’m not sure what pictures you are looking at but all those that I’ve seen show her looking the same size  or smaller. Her face, neck, thighs, ass ect NEVER got ANY bigger and we are talking about Ms. B a big bone female. Yes, there are many women that get pregnant and don’t gain much weight. But these are small bone women to start with. And here’s the rub; I realize however this pretty lil baby was brought into this world is no ones real business but there’s. But she made it ours by telling us she was pregnant when she was NOT. Angela Bassit after struggling for 7 years welcomed a set of twins with the help of a surrogate. This did not and does not diminish her as a women and/or star. She was honest and kept it moving. So if Ms B couldn’t carry a baby or simlpy decided not to (for what ever reason) my issuse is the lie. God bless her and lil ms cutie but really am NOT drinkin any of that “jim jones she was pregnant juice”You +1′d this publicly. UndoDeuces!

      • SomeWittyName

        You can look at her thighs in the picture up above and see that Bey has put on the weight. And also, if you look at pictures of her at Carnegie Hall for Jay’s performance, you can look at how those hips spread and her bosom is full of milk. Although her weight has always fluctuated, you can tell that this weight was definitely courtesy of Miss Blue Ivy Carter.

      • Franny Glass

        we must not be looking at the same pics then lol… beyonce has always had wide hips, sure, but look at her! look at how wide she is up there. her hips and thighs look waaayyy bigger to me. her boobs got bigger for SURE (bey has always been flat-chested, and dem titties looked ready to pop towards the end… they just looked FULL) and i also remember seeing pictures of her backstage at an event (can’t remember which one off the top of my head) where not only did her face look fat, she looked freaking EXHAUSTED… I’m fairly certain she didn’t carry the kid to term (a common practice in the industry, i hear), but i have no doubt in my mind that she was preggo

      • MsTex

        If you’ve ever seen Beyonce in person, you would know that she’s not actually as big boned as the media’s made her out to be.  Does she have shape?  Yes.  Is it like they make it out to be?  No!  I’ve seen her in person and found her rather petite, considering the image put forth.

        • CDS

          Hello MsTex I totally agree with you that Ms B has a great shape/nice body. She is what we would have called back in my day “A Brick House or a female having a Coke bottle shape” all of which is good!I do however beg to differ on her being petite. I consider a women petite who like myself is under 5″5 or 5″5 at the most. Ms B is about 5″7. I’ve seen her not once but three times in person. Once in concert when she was still with Destiny’s Child, years later sitting in the third row of a fab concert of hers and very briefly at the 40/40 club Jay Z owns. Close enough to know she is THICK! And again I find it very hard to believe she could have carried a baby full term and not gain weight! So I guess we like so many fans and foes will have to agree to disagree. Stay blessed!

      • RS

        Well, since you mentioned it LOL… I find it strange that after a supposed miscarraige (God bless them for having to go thru that), that she was poppin, lockin, and droppin it like it was hot, when she was high-risk. That’s what I find odd. And the heels too. Not even sturdy heels, but stilettos. If they did lie, that’s what bothers me too. Who cares if you had a surrogate?!
        Either way, the baby is here and she’s a doll. I’m happy for both her and Jay.

        • Anita Brown

          Lawd have mercy, You sound like an idiot!

        • AngryWriterGirl

          I just really don’t think anyone would lie about going through a miscarriage. And I think it’s kind of callous for anyone to question that. We don’t know exactly when she was pregnant in the past. 
          My guess is that they were secretive about her being pregnant with Blue Ivy BECAUSE they went through that. They wanted to be certain the baby would be born and healthy so they wouldn’t have to share pain like that with the whole world. 

  • SweetT

    those shoes are presh!

    but forreal doe… since when beyonce’ start walkin’ around manhattan?

    • LM

      Thank you. We’ve never seen her going for a stroll, to the supermarket, Target, NOwhere. Now, all of a sudden, she’s going for a stroll and Prospect Park everyday. Photo ops? Not sure. Maybe she just so used to movin’ & shakin’ and that only thing she can really do right now is take a stroll. It may get boring being in the house all day. Who knows. But I agree, it’s out of character.

    • AwFuCkTHAT!

      Really when did Beyonce start walking? Girl you are reaching soooooo far! She’s had pics of her and Jay taking strolls to multiple places, and she lives in NY so it’s common to walk around. C’mon now 

      • AwFuCkTHAT!

        And maybe she’s getting some exercise and fresh air like seriously ppl!? 

      • SweetT

         girl/boy, good day! reaching? sounds like you’re reading. i asked a simple question.

        yes, bey & j been seen out walking every now & then but there have been at least 3 posts in less than a week.

        • AwFuCkTHAT!

          3 posts in less than a week? Oh shit call the fire department it’s an emergency. Your question was simple and also stupid. Who cares if she’s walking around Manhattan, that’s what people do to get from place to place. Like I said she’s been walking around Manhattan before, so what’s the deal now? 

      • Franny Glass

        fyi, beyonce and jay-z don’t live in nyc. they live in scarsdale… which means someone drives her to the city and lets her out of the car to walk around. lol. 

  • MD

    I wonder what happened to her other earring..she’s brave wearing those big things around her baby…i can’t tell u how many times my earrings have been snatched out


    I dont get it bey. You prance around NY often with BIC but we cant catch a glimpse of her hair, hand, damn even an ankle? SMH

  • Anonymous

    Smh I love you kid fury but is it really that serious? Beyonce and blue are just regular people. You talk about them as if they’re gods. Again I will ask…is it really that serious?

    • AngryWriterGirl

      Lol that’s the point. He’s a fan, but he plays up his obsession for comedic effect. And I loves it! 

      • Anonymous

         THANK YOU AngryWriterGirl!

      • whatevs

         Lolol seriously, what part of entertainment do some of these people not get

      • Ben

        Exactly – just humour! :)

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  • Chickenlittle83

    This is about as serious as 2 fish fillets in a deep fryer, read more at

  • Me

    Blu Ivy is coming for Suri Cruise’s wig before she can even crawl. How cute is that?!?

  • Nicole Churchville

    the cat and mouse is the cutest!! i cosign these flats!!

    in my head the asian guy behind bey in the main pic is giving me Mr Chow tease and thinking ‘you better work it for these bitches’

  • candyrayne

    beyonce carried her weight better than jessica simpson, why is her bloated behind on my newstands anyway….? but i woulda LIVED if Our Lady Of Creole Beyonce woulda poised for the obligatory naked pregnancy pic… dah well…

  • Livi

    Seriously? It’s not that serious…

  • Arie

    who puts shoes on there baby?…i dont think i bought mine shoes forreal until he was like 7 or 8 months lol

    • Redstallyun

      Uhh, people with money to BLOOOWWWWW! LOL!

  • keilo

    Where do she be goin???

    I wonder…..

  • DailyDish

    she’s serving so much baby mama coochie, robo cop shade

  • Alicia Collins

    I don’t even get down with “Grand High Honey Suckle” Beyonce like that, but I love the way she presents herself. She is definitely setting a decent example for how to carry out a pregnancy with dignity and grace. I believe that we are all equal but a part of me expects anyone who is reproducing to be prepared and mature enough to do so. Hopefully they are doing it with a partner who is equally prepared or at least ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  Whether you’re a millionaire or an office clerk.