Snooki Shows Off Baby Bump With Boyfriend

Kid Fury March 9, 2012 I Got Nothing 21 Comments

It’s official — Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is carrying around a little meatball. She and her new fiancé, Jionni Lavelle shot a few pictures showing of Snook’s new baby bump.

The Jersey Shore star is reportedly three months pregnant, while shooting a spin-off series with co-star, Jenni “JWoww” Farley. In my mind, that child is going is going to be drinking tequila and pickle juice straight from the nipple, but I’m very happy for the bite-sized couple.

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  • Anonymous

    He does not love her or care about her. If you watch jersey shore, you could see he had feelings for her back when he was frustrated with her. But now, he could care less. He wants her money, oh course he would impregnate her… I’ve been telling MTV to dump this cast and get fresh new non-celebrity faces on there. They’ve been boring since they left Miami.

    • FirstNameLast

      Actually Jionni has his own fetta. He’s twenty something and owns his own business, a business he established before anyone even knew what a “snooki” was. IMO, he’s good for Nicole; he can reign in her partying ways more than anyone else I’ve seen. So many people assume that the things they see on the shore show are concrete portrayals of these people’s personalities and quite frankly it’s just a fraction of who they really are. Nicole is well-educated despite the idiotic things she does and says on the show. A normal couple, by today’s reality standards, just wouldn’t make good t.v. The people want drama and shock value. What the people want, they get.

      • Anonymous

        Business or not….He wasn’t making Snooki money, that’s why he hitched himself to her wagon. He doesn’t even get mad anymore about her. 

        • Franny Glass

          maybe he just got over it… she obviously is who she is… doesnt mean he doesn’t care. i hate that ‘stalk me and get pissed or you don’t love me’ ideology. 

  • _lesbiTREN

    why the fuck is she already having pregnant photoshoots? bitch.. yu aint even out of the miscarriage zone yet. ugh. see.. i was out of order for saying that. i didn’t mean to press her edges but.. i just dont like that bitch.

    • Nicole Churchville

      shes past her first trimester, she didn’t want to announce anything until she was into her second….. you’re not out of miscarriage zone until you have the baby

      why are you mad though? you dont know her and unless youre a Chilean girl adopted and raised by Italians and/or living the ‘guido’ lifestyle she doesnt represent or taint anything you stand for

      im a fan of the show and i actually do think that she has enough common sense to raise a child. if she doesn’t, there are plenty of people in the world who arent ready and snap into shape when shit starts getting real. grab some hot chocolate with marshmallows and sit down because anger isnt cute on anyone

  • Anonymous

    Jionni looks like he was one genetic trait away from becoming a little person :)

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  • Nappygirl89

    Smh @ those shoes

    • whatevs

       Daisy Duck game proper

  • whatevs

     To think there’s a certain group of people trying to stop a certain sect of folks from adopting–never mind, lemme stop

  • Suchalady

    Jionni is either the dumbest man alive or a gold digger…I’m hoping a gold digger because both of them being idiots is just…

  • Lisa Noelle

    I was so hoping she wasn’t preggo

  • keilo

    Her boyfriend’s name makes me hungry…don’t give me that look because its not fair…

    Hopefully this baby makes her grow up…and she’ll stop jumping fences at 2 am to live out her lesbian Baywatch fantasy…

  • Ben

    Kinda cute….I repeat, “kinda”…

  • Nicole Shawol

    For her own sake, I hope this foolish girl doesn’t miscarry. With her kind of lifestyle, I can only imagine the sort of backlash she’d get. 

  • Anonymous

    Dear, Lord why?
                         yours truly.

  • Tammy

    Whether she still drinking or not that baby still gonna end up with Alcohol Fetal Syndrome. 

  • Ilovefavi13

    ugly ass shoes snooks

  • karie

    why is everyone being so negative about snooki? she’s doing her own thing with jionni, stop hating, i bet have the girls that are posting such negative stuff about her being a stupid bitch and a soon to be unfit mother is because half you bitches dont have a man to get pregnant from or one that loves you, so stfu.

  • Seiko

    Snookie isn’t as stupid as people make her out to be. If I’m not mistaken she has a degree. Not to mention the fact that shes one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She parties… so the fuck what, what 23 year old do YOU know that doesn’t get fucked up when they go out? You’re judging her why? because shes on T.V.? If you don’t fuckin like it turn the shit the fuck off! Its as simple as that. But don’t be negative because her unborn didn’t do anything to you to make you wish such malicious things on his/her life.