Candid Yams: Beyoncé & Jay-Z Hit The City With Blue Ivy

Kid Fury February 25, 2012 Candid Yams, Memoirs of a Creole 36 Comments

Queen Cerulean Creole Devine Carter and King Shawn Carter The Roc were spotted out on the streets of NYC with little Princess Blu Ivy wrapped up in mama’s arms. Get into the couple wearing all blue everything — Beyoncé even added blue highlights to her hair.

Photos: That Grape Juice

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  • Ashley

    She looks SO much like a mom now. Love them.

  • KhadiJah Medi

    OMG Queen Bey is wearing sneakers!!! *gasp*

    • Nicole Churchville

      those are the sneakers from the love on top video!!
      better safe than sorry when carrying the most splendorous baby in the country

      • Anshan

        Theyre Isabel marant heeled sneakers! Like 3-4 inches

        • Nicole Churchville

          ooooh i see the wedge now! they look comfy

          • Annelyse Cincinnatus

            They are :)

        • KIngphoenix

          Beyonce never wear flat shoe! Lol A true diva, but is she like a small person on the low, because that’s crazy that even her sneaks are really heels.

    • Emerald

       They’re actually heels. They’re isabel marant shoes. Y’all know good and well Bey ain’t leaving the house without some heels lol.

  • DominicaRocks

    *Cues the haters* “I bet that’s just a Bratz doll in Beyonce’s arms,” nah bish Blue’s all covered cuz her radiance blinds her lessers and YOU.WILL.DEAL 

    • Anonymous


    • Ay

      No, it’s a cabbage patch and you know it!

  • Mel B

    Whats blue about her hair? Like really! LOL

    • Candace

      I see some bluish tint there.

  • Sophia Allen

    Blue Ivy is the only person to put Bey in sneakers! love it!


    i don’t even see the baby…

    • Rated eM

      Ok. Move around. Clearly she is holding a baby. 

    • Candace

      O_o You’re not suggesting that there’s no real baby, are you? Just wanna make sure, now..

  • Nicole Churchville

    well it is about 30 degrees in new york today so…… your point is?

  • Nicole Churchville

    well it is about 30 degrees in new york today so…… your point is?

  • Joy

    Jay told her…”You will NOT be traipsing around in 7 inch rollercoaster inspired wedge heels while holding my seed.” No Ma’m.
    Love her look. Protect baby girl from the “flashing lights”!!!

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  • Tijarah08

    I love Bey stans they give so many great quotes especially the myth, the man, the legend a.k.a Kid Fury, lol

  • Medealicious

    She looks good!

  • Lorane Lynn

    I absolutely love how Bey looks so motherly now!!! Jay looks so much like a father the way he’s looking down at baby Blu while Bey is holding her. Beautiful!!! Keep the Carter fam pics coming :)

  • cute but on my nerves

    Tired of all three of them. They need to rest for awhile.

    • Rose

      All they doing is walking around as a family. Stay pressed!

      • Ay

        walkin’ around for the paps *sips tea*

  • Tjfdragon

    your Queen needs parenting classes on how to hold a newborn… where’s the head and neck support????  I swear, some of you stans, if Beyonce took a big dump on a silver platter you would think it was a Picasso or something…

    • SomeWittyName

      What’s it like to be so damn pressed? CLEARLY the author of this blog is a self-proclaimed Beyonce stan…so are AT LEAST 95% of his readers. So why then would you even venture to this corner of the internet just to hate?? Kindly dislodge yourself from Beyonce’s clit…then kill yourself. Please and thanks!

    • Clever AF

      Why do people who don’t like Beyonce even click on posts with her name / picture in them? I can’t even begin to understand this concept.

      • SomeWittyName

        Thank you! And it’s always in random places…where you would have to SEARCH to find info on her. Said it before and I’ll say it again…so damn PRESSED!

    • Christina H

      Clearly you have no children. Blue is wrapped in a Moby wrap (that would be the blue cloth tied around B’s waist) which is nothing but head and neck support. How do I know? Because I used one with my daughter, now take a seat ma’am/sir.

    • FirstNameLast

      I love how an opposing opinion is always hate…oh and let’s not forget the word of the day, being “PRESSED”. I could never and would never like to live the life of a stan, for beyonce or any other. Why can’t we just enjoy the [celebritainment] and not behave like you’re their publicist or anyone else on their payroll. This nig is tired of BlueZeyonce and the rest of you are still salivating at the sight of them. Ok, now let’s all move the fvck on.

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