Amber Rose & Wiz Latifah Share Their Valentine Love

Kid Fury February 14, 2012 Colored Love, Where They Do That At? 20 Comments

Sinead O’Balder just released a special photo with her boyfriend, Wiz Latifah. The caption “Happy Valentines Day 2 all the Lovers” was sent in a tweet to all of her fans.

Love is just peachy and I don’t wanna be a Valentines Day Grinch, but what in the name of LSD is this? It looks like the cover to a foreign scat film. I really wish they would stop.


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  • Tori

    Why does Amber Rose have fans?  Did I miss something?  Is she providing a product or a service.  Maybe I’m just getting old and irrelevent.  Because some of these famous people are just famous for no reason.

  • Anika Nelson

    Excuse you, fucking rappers is a skill.

    • Anika D

      Lol, ok jacking my name ;)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but as soon as i saw this, my mind immediately went towards some 2 Girls 1 Cup type stuff…  Why are only their mouths filthy looking? Like i don’t see smudge anywhere else. WTF is this? 

  • Su

    “foreign scat film” ?! *flatlines*

  • JAYE

    what is that smeared all over them? resin?

    • @yeaThtsMyBitch


  • 2 Wangggzzzzzz

    Sinead O’Balder………………..i literally just walked outta class cuz i bust out laughing!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t even think i’m goin back in.

  • Trch1097

    It’s cute I guess.

  • Misty Knight

    I always thought Wiz looked like a walking Newport. Now him and Amber passin out glamour shots while they bask in the after glow ,in the throes of passion after a hot night of bobbing for cigarette butts in a public ash tray.

    • Debs

      Dead at “walking Newport”

  • Jai

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO I can’t take it! 

  • LC

    they jus look dirty.. that’s half past gross..

  • sunshyne84

    Was she dying that blonde out of his hair or something?

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  • Suchalady

    It’s cute that they love each other so much and all, but this picture is gross…

  • Christina H

    Well, they look happy…..*shrugs* can’t hate on that.

  • Kajackson1986


  • Aisha

    Where they in the same room when they tweeted each other?  I don’t trust couples that go allllll out of their way to show public affection.  If the relationship is dope then it’s dope, no need for the show.

  • Sally10

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