Drake Wants To Meet The Girl With The Forehead Tattoo; Threatens Tattoo Artist

Our dear friend Aabriyah is fully aware of the young woman in LA who had his name tattooed clean across her damn forehead not too long ago, and he wants to meet her. Probably not for hugs and free CDs, but to suggest counseling and hopefully the strength of Jesus.

“I wanna meet her and understand what happened. That, to me, is absolutely incredible,” Drake said in a backstage interview. “I wanna talk to this girl and understand it all, you know? It was love. It’s crazy. It’s surreal. I don’t even wanna look at it anymore…”

Drake (and Rupert) also had a few aggressive words for Kevin Campbell — the tattoo artist who inked the name across that child’s face.

“The guy who tatted it is a fucking asshole, though. I will tell you that. I don’t fuck with that guy,” he said in a moment of saltine-colored rage. “You should lose your job and you should never do tattoos again…and if I ever see you I’m gonna fuck you up!”

Um, when did Drake get so hot in the chest?! Has he always been a light-bright brawler or is he trying to prove to people that he’s not soft by threatening to rock a few blows? Ah well. Watch the clip below!

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  • Lele

    I’m hoping she’ll invest in a good stylist that will cut her some bangs to hide that hideous forehead stamp.

  • roman

    i was done at ‘saltine-colored rage’. I CAN’T AND WON’T WITH YOU FURY!!!!!

  • Dreadenette

    I don’t believe Drake. But I do believe Rupert. You know what, I think I’m just going to address Rupert when I comment since he probably has more street cred and balls than Aubrey does. 
    P.S. I love Drake, but I really miss him talking about playing scrabble and hanging out with his mom rather than threatening to slap people and trying to prove how hard he is.

    • JAYE

      Rupert will slap the shit outta somebody but Drake might call the police

    • JAYE

      Rupert will slap the shit outta somebody but Drake might call the police

      • Anonymous


    • MgM Hit List

      Like for real, Who grown man wants to see a female tat their name across her forehead.  If I was Drake I would want to slap the Tat Artist too. It’s clear Drake cares about his Fan’s and he is more then likely considering how her future is going to be with his name Tatted across her head. Holla at me

  • Kim

    Drake is doing too much. And I’d ctfu if that tat artist had something for his ass lmao

    First Common, now a tat artist. Drake is asking for trouble and he’s going to find it.

  • ✿ April ♏ ✿

    ” he said in a moment of saltine-colored rage ”

    GOOD BYE!!! LOL!!!

  • Jaleesa

    Drake couldn’t fuck a mighty kids meal, so he really tried it with that statement. Have several seats, Aubrey.

    • Jaleesa


  • Nicolle

    I’ve seen the artist and honestly in a sad but true reality I’m sure Aubrey or even Wheelchair Jimmy could kick his ass. That girl really does need help though, fucked up tattoo artist that actually did it though? SMFHx2 

    • Kevin Campbell

      Hahaahahaa where have you seen me at???

      • #SheDiddy

        Hey Kevin, I totally wouldn’t be upset if you pushed Drake down a flight of stairs making him wheelchair bound once again….the circle of life.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, Kevin. 

        You should be fired.

        • #SheDiddy

          fired for what? doing his job? he asked the girl repeatedly if she was sure she wanted to get the tattoo and she did it. Nobody fired Drake for singing “Back That Azz Up” in A-Minor. Hell, he said “tattoo my name on it so i know its real”…he shoulda been more specific as to the location of the tattoo. His bad!

          • Anonymous

            Girl.. as a tattoo artist, you reserve the right to say NO. He chose not to, which is unfortunate. And he should lose his job because of it.

          • #SheDiddy

            but who’s he to tell that girl she can’t get her face tattooed…if he didn’t do it, someone else would. its not his decision to make.

          • #SheDiddy

            but who’s he to tell that girl she can’t get her face tattooed…if he didn’t do it, someone else would. its not his decision to make.

      • Dreadenette

        As a tattoo artist, you did your job and I ain’t mad at that. It’s not your fault that idiot walked in, mentally competent or not, and wanted that tattoo. 
        However, as a human being, you kind of suck for for what you did. lol

  • Brionna


  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t want to meet female tarzan on PILLs

  • word

    why slap the tattoo artist. slap the DUMB BITCH that walked in there, requested it, paid for it and walked out proud as fuck enough to take a picture. i dont have no damn sympathy. aubrey is just frustrated with him because her period is coming next week. BYE.

  • FirstNameLast

    No one was this upset when Gucci Mane tattooed that God forsaken ice cream cone on his face. No one lost their shit at Danger aka She Smashed The Homie’s tiger face tattoo. All equally pretentious. All equally idiotic. I love Drake, but it seems what he really wants to say to the girl is that she was a f@cking idiot for doing that. I concur.

  • Nstybyzfrstldy1

    No one has addressed the fact that Kevin did not tattoo this poor child some eyebrows instead of that God awful DRAKE. I’m not mad at the artist. How’s he supposed to know she’s not a Universe-Soul Circus stand-in clown? She’s the one that has to live with that foolishness. As far as Aubry & Rupert, we all know they can’t even peel the paper off the maxi pad.

  • guest666

    that dumb bitch even went back to get that tattoo finished!

  • Shellbee

    Oh so tattoo artists are also supposed to be psychologists now?
     Tattooist: “So lay down on the couch and tell me about your childhood.” Chile please. @Aubrey- Stop embarrassing yourself, son. Hell, I’m embarrassed for you.

  • Shanna4 C

    I’m LATE but…….

    Aubrey need to stop acting like she hard. She know she wasn’t that way when she was on Degrassi. When she played wheelchair Jimmy, I guess getting fake shot in the back gave street cred.  I seen that aftershow special when  some Degrassi cast members showed what they did and Aubrey took us to her Momma’s suburban treelined street home. Where her room was neatly clean and where she still spoke properly and had the WORDUP! magazine type small ass posters of her favorite rappers on the wall. I guess its cool to live in suburbia and sound ghetto when you drop the proper friends and hang with people from “lower incomes”. Girl Please. As for Aubrey not being happy with the tattoo artist, it’s not the artist fault that Aubrey used Kotex instead Always…with wings. If she’s uncomfortable then say so, don’t rant about random things that don’t makes sense. As for the hoe who went and got the word DRAKE on her forehead. More power to the artist, because the size of that shit had a serious cost. If it didn’t then that’s where we all cuss out the artist. The youngin? or Oldin? that got that shit? Unless they do some kind of freelance work, in the entertainment business (porn or music…or both), some behind the scenes stay at home shit or own their own business, in this day in age with people struggle for work, I need for her and I to be the only applicants for the job I want to transfer to. I would be the shoe-in ….that’s all I got.

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  • Novis1976

    Its funny because I met the girl a couple months ago… and let’s just say you wnt see her walking around town any time soon. She’s a nice person and she can sing. She’s crazy to do that on her head but she doest regret it.

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