New Music: Chris Brown – F.U. (I’m Famous)

Kid Fury December 9, 2011 New Music 7 Comments

This new record by Yellow Cake magically appeared online not too long ago. It’s called “F.U. (I’m Famous)” — a heavy club track which features a rapping and singing Christopher. Besides the pretentious song title, I think it’s pretty dope.

Mr. Brown’s new album, Fortune, is scheduled to drop in March 2012. Listen to the new track below.

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DL: Chris Brown – F.U. (I’m Famous)

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  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    songs make me wish I could give a sickening duck walk and dramatic spin dip.

  • Kingphoenix

    He’s trying to use the same formula for look at me now but its not working for me…Chris i thought you were an R&B singer, but all of your work lately just seems to be about money, strippers, cars, your ego, etc. Where’s the love?

  • Chill

    eh, i dont like it (yet)

  • Quinn’s Mommy

    …and the pretentious English accent.

  • Me Damnit!!

    @KingPheonix Um….you must not be a fan and obviously aren’t aware of his entire discography, especially his most recent stuff! He has PLENTY of recent songs about love. Fools With You, Up to You, Open Road (beautiful), All Back (Amazing), Treading Water, Should’ve Kissed You’, Next 2 You’ etc. He has released plenty of r&b records this year as well ‘Leave the Club’, ‘She Ain’t You’ not to mention  ‘Another Round’ with Fat Joe which is sure to slay the radio. Besides, Chris isn’t JUST an ‘r&b’ singer. Hell he isn’t just a ‘singer’. He is an ENTERTAINER, a PERFORMER  an ARTIST.  He is not supposed to stay in a box & only make one type of music and cater to one audience. Just because it doesn’t work for YOU dones’t mean it won’t work for the rest of his audience.

    Damn. I wish people would stop trying to put this nigga in a box and just let him do his thing!
    And how the hell does this sound anything like LAMN?! Two COMPLETELY different tracks!

    • Kingphoenix

      :) , this was cute and im sure Christopher appreciates it. But, no his voice does nothing for me and the content of his music as as deep as rain puddle…I like SANGERS and true artist, and he is not an entertainer he cant sing live and dance at the same time, he is a glorified back up dancer…And you like his “looks” more than you like his talent I’m sure.And you for got to include some tracks like Spend it All, or Snapbacks Backs, or GOAT and his rapping career and all that other nonsense didnt you. And i explicitly said it didn’t work for me meaning i wasn’t speaking for any one else but myself and how i felt so all that bullshit working for the rest and cater to an audience and putting him in a box is irrelevant because i am not his audience.

    • Steph B

      Girl, have a Gatorade. You don’t have to be so thirsty. :3