Bow Wow Denies IRS Debt Rumors; Lil Mama Needs More People

TMZ dropped reports yesterday that Bow Wow/Lil Mama is up to his neck in major IRS debt. The site allegedly obtained court documents showing $91,105.61 in unpaid taxes from 2006 under his name.

Well the brownest of the Lollipop Guild claims that these are all lies and entertainment for fools. He wrote an open letter to fans in an attempt to clear things up.

“TMZ saying they are about to runa story on me thats once again “Not True” as im sitting in my beautiful condo as of RIGHT NOW that they said i dont have anymore. (Bow Wow with no home thats like a whore that doesn’t like d**k) We all know not to believe anything the media writes or blogs its their job to entertain the minds of the simple minded.”

He also went on to discuss his album which has been pushed back, but girl…I’ll spare you. Let’s just say that TMZ never mentioned a condo, and whether you like the site or not, they very rarely post inaccurate stories. He better cash in those sparkly snapbacks from America’s Best Dance Crew and keep it mute.

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  • Kingphoenix

    A stunt queen at its best…and we all know how much you like dick so no need for fancy analogy, just come out and tell us. It’s okay…

    • Kingphoenix


  • FirstNameLast

    YMCMB rich as fu*k though.   -_-

    • Anonymous


    • Misty Knight

      You know Yip Yip is the “Meg” of YMCATCB, he ain’t even on the website, but they probably got him paying the hosting fees…

    • Anonymous

      Wayne and Birdman are rich as fuck. Drake & Nicki are rich as fuck. How many coins is Gudda Gudda pulling in? Ask them that.

  • roman

    you can pay my bills, you can pay my telephone bills (destiny child voice)

  • Anonymous

    He probably is still in the condo…..They gave his ass a 30 day notice before he has to pack his shit and go.

  • Misty Knight

    “Bow Wow with no home, that’s like a whore who don’t like dick, we all know not to believe anything the media or blogs write, its their job to entertain the simple minded”…

    Why “we” sure do Bow Weezy, far be it for us simple minded folk to even to attempt to question the masterful mind that brought us ” Marco Polo” and “You Can Get It All”, what else but genius can produce such witty analogies (-_-) . I can just imagine you and Soulja Boy huddled under the covers late nite in the living room, expounding over Tolstoy,discussing Nietzche, and the merits of phenomonology, drinking black darjeeling tea, blasting “Bitches Brew” while you and the buxom bewitching temptress that is Omarion nuzzle each others necks. Ahhh to live in such a world of such complex minds, I’d be an ant amongst Gods, I tell ya.

    SS , wee

    • Skhskdhdk

      LMBAO!!!!!!! I hate you.

    • Skhskdhdk

      LMBAO!!!!!!! I hate you.

    • Anonymous


    • thebrittyg

      I peed a lil bit reading this!

    • Kingphoenix

      Omarion looks like one of those high-maintenance type bitches, did you see them leopard  Louboutins girly had on, he probably left poor Bow for a thorough-bred nigga who can afford some high-priced bussy…

      • smilezallday89

        Good FXCKING Bye!

    • Suchalady


    • Moop

      girl noo!! lmao i read this during a lecture and i’m about to suffocate trying not to laugh. . .LMBAO!!

  • ReadlikeTimes

    91k , he’s been 18 since 2005 so is that how much he’s not taken care of as an adult since then or…. is that one missed year?
    I think Bow Wow is an artist who gets at least 20k just to show up and club because groupies/porn stars/video models love him so he draws enough of a crowd and he’s affiliated with Young Money and I’ve read a blog or two about a Bow Wow club night where Wayne comes out so he has that draw too. He films movies yearly so he can pay that off right quick, if he’s not in settlement now.
    -ok- I just read the TMZ article. It’s all from the year 2006, meaning he, personally, didn’t have to do yearly taxes as a kid, but once he turned 18 he did and didn’t do it that first year of being an adult.  According to Wik in 2005 he had a platinum album and two platinum singles (wow, I wonder why people think Bow Wow only had a hit in “Bounce with Me” that was just 01…he’s been consistently successful since then.). Also in 2006 he’d just came off of “Roll Bounce” (another 2005 paycheck) and “Fast and Furious 4″ ft him came out in 06 so he had lots of receipts coming in, he just ignored the calculation or thought it didn’t matter since he was 17 for part of 2005 and therefore still a minor. A lot of people do this once they graduate high school, it’s just a big freaking deal of a difference when you’re bringing in 7 figures, and it’s publicized when you’re an artist.

    • Thebrittyg


      • yum

        Lil Romeo?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but since he was bringin in all those checks he should have hired an accountant and got them damn taxes done. Period.

  • Anonymous

    TMZ is no joke. Celebs just look stupid with their denials because TMZ always got a couple more revelations on the backburner.

  • Suchalady

    I don’t favor TMZ but if Bow wow can’t come up with $91,105.61 then he’s a bigger dumb ass than I thought. He’s no hit maker but he should have more than that after all this time…

  • losh

    Should Bow wow stop writing things? I think he should just stop writing things. It never works out.  I’m sure his little messages are designed to prove a point, but EVERYTHING the boy writes ends up sounding like, well, Lil’ Bow wow, I guess.

    On another note.. why don’t these negroes just PAY. THEIR. TAXES. The IRS will get their money. Trust.