T.I. & Tiny Working On A Relationship Book

Have you ever looked at a couple like Clifford Harris and his wife Tameka, as they ride dirty and perform handjobs in prison, and prayed for a love as solid and wise at that? Well they are going to teach you how to the reach for the stars of passion — possibly with the guidance of hallucinogens.

T.I. told XXL, “Tameka and I, we looking to do a his-and-her relationship book; how to get right and keep it tight.”

Get into their body of knowledge and allow them to mold you into ride-or-die lovebirds. I’m pre-ordering this sucker on Amazon as soon as the link drops! I want a light-skinned trap boy to make out with during visitation hours!

What should T.I. & Tiny’s book be called?

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  • Nesha

    Chapter 1: How to give ya man a handjob in the jailhouse and not get caught

  • Anonymous

    Chapter 2: Perms & Plump Lips – The New Aphrodisiacs

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    the book should be called “A Tiny T.I.P for love and relations: jailhouse, courthouse, your house, OUR house.

    tht title will SLAY in the name of slaughter!

    • Brittany

      I LIVE!!

    • Brittany

      very nice play on words

  • Nstybyzfrstldy1

    How To Get A Man To Marry You In 10 Years…

  • Mrs. H.

    For Colored Weaves who have considered falling off when jail and sizzurp is enuff

  • Mrs. H.

    For Colored Weaves who have considered falling off when jail and sizzurp is enuff

  • She Is C & I Am She

    Handcuffs and Hair Dye: How Rats and Thugs Show Love

  • She Is C & I Am She

    Better yet, Jail and Weave.

    • @yeaThtsMyBitch

      and glue

  • Shanna4 C

    He said, “…get it right …and keep it tight”?  Keep what tight?  The booty hole?  A His and Hers Guide to keeping things “tight”…..both in and out of prision.

  • Chavon_19

    I would like to read the chapter on “How To Pretend
    You Are Asleep When Your Man is Fucking the Girl Yall Just Had a Threesome

    • Anonymous


  • Chavon_19

    How I said Tiny was just My “situation”
    where he didn’t marry her until he was going to jail and wanted
    to be able to have a visitor to come suck him off relationship fail

  • KeepItCute

    “when BET reality isn’t enough” honestly I would love to hear an audio book so I can laugh my ass off at tiny talkin

  • Chavon_19

    So I guess the future book will have chapters like this:

    “Uping your
    sex game: how miss piggy came out on top”

    “Activities to keep you busy
    while your man is creeping”

    “Threesomes aren’t are as bad as they

    “Putting up a front to make your relationship look good…when you
    know it aint shit”

    “You and your vibrator: when your man goes to

    You and your silver bullet: when you man goes to

    “You and your …Fuck it you know what to by

    “Being a proud baby mama: the ring will come…sooner or

    “How to put up with all his shit to be transformed into the hood
    rat of his dreams”

    • Anonymous


  • iRoc

    Completely off topic, but the top of Tiny’s head looks horrible in the above pic…

  • Tha Brittany Show

    The book should be called “How to hold yo boo down” by Miss Piggy and Kaaaaang Harris

  • Kashala Jarrells

    How opening a bag of skittles lead me to the leprechaun of my dreams