Kimbella Talks ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ + Her Boo Juelz Santana

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Kimbella is just about ready for her reality television debut. The new cast member of VH1′s successful series, Love & Hip-Hop, and girlfriend of Harlem rapper, Juelz Santana, will hit the airwaves when the show returns for season 2 on November 14th.

The 27-year old model and mother of two spoke to VIBE Vixen about the joining the new season and the strength of her Dipset love life.

How did you get involved with Love & Hip-Hop?
Love & Hip-Hop approached me. I guess you could say they scouted me. They asked me if I would like to be a part of the show. Ultimately, I decided it would be a great opportunity, so I signed up.

Which girl did you connect with first?
The characters on the show are Chrissy, Emily, Somaya, Olivia, Yandy and I. I don’t know if you know Yandy, but she’s Jim Jones’ manager. Me and Yandy have been friends for a long time, so she’s automatically a connection. It was great to have her be a part of that. She’s automatically on my team, so it wasn’t like I was going in by myself. I had my girl with me. With everyone else, you have to get to know everyone before you jump into something. There’s never an instance where you can jump in. It’s like, ‘No, I have to see who you are. What you’re about. Can I rock with you?’ That’s just how I roll.

How does Juelz feel about you doing the show? Is he a Fab kind of dude?
There’s no comparison between Juelz and Fab. Let’s clear that up right quick! Everything that’s supports me and my daily life, will be in addition to the show. That’s all I’m going to say.

Are you nervous to shed light onto your relationship?
I’ve seen a lot of relationships ruined by reality shows, so I just wanted to make sure we were ready to do this together. Ultimately, anything I do, we’ll do together. I wanted to make sure we were ready because we’ve only been together for two years. It’s a whole other dynamic we’re doing together, and I just didn’t want to put too much pressure on our situation. Even though the show hasn’t aired yet, I feel like we’ve become stronger because of everything we’ve been through throughout the process. I only see things as getting better and us handling the negativity together. There’s no end to a great situation like this.

What can fans expect from Kimbella in particular?
In one sentence: I hold my own. I am a strong woman. Everyone will get a chance to see that when the show airs. I can’t wait because I’m ready to show the world that I’m not just a pretty bitch in a picture or on camera. I’m more than that. I’m way more than that because no one’s going to expect what they’re going to see. There’s going to be a lot going on, but ultimately, you will see I am the chick that’s holding down my family, my man, his career and my career. They’ll be able to see what type of chick I am with my personality, style, and overall. This is what I’ve been waiting to do.

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  • Quinn’s Mommy

    why do these bitches get interviewed??? these bitches don’t be talkin bout shit!

    • Jai

      LMAO! Welp… We know how Quinn’s Mommy feels. 

      She’s a pretty girl. Will I be watching the show? Probably not. I watched the reunion show because everyone was tweeting about it, but I don’t know… We’ll see. I see it doesn’t take much to be on a reality show for VH1 these days. SMH

    • Bigdream

      you sound a little sour there hun?
      Apple Giving away iPad 2′s in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. i just went ahead & got 2..lmao

      • Quinn’s Mommy

        i wonder what the edit was????

  • Anonymous

    I actually really like Love & Hip-Hop. The show focuses more on the relationships between these women and their Hip-Hop men. It’s not all, “I don’t like that bitch because she clocked my fake Louboutins.” Plus Jim Jones’ mom is everything!

    • Misty Knight

      The only chick with a “hip hop man” was Chrissy and Jim Jones’ mama. All the rest of those broads had was, broken hearts, broken dreams, voided recording contracts, an affinity for horrid jumpsuits,and a preferred customer account at Rue 21.

    • Jai

      I haven’t been big on reality shows in a longggggg time (like Real World early 2000s), but I might look into it. 

    • Longlegged

      I am going to have to agree.  With all these “reality” shows; this is the only one that focuses on the relationship instead of “the women”.  At least there “men” acknowledge them on the show unlike some…..

    • Longlegged

      I am going to have to agree.  With all these “reality” shows; this is the only one that focuses on the relationship instead of “the women”.  At least there “men” acknowledge them on the show unlike some…..

      • LC


  • Diddy_M

    Wait, they’ve been together just 2 years and they have 2 kids together…sheesh

    • Fefe

      They have one kid together. She has a kid from a previous relationship.

  • anamissgreen

    What does “hold it down for my man” mean? Didn’t Chrissy say the same shit last season? Let’s hold down a marriage before you say that bs out loud… Thank you. 


    • Suchalady

      Say that again!

  • Suchalady

    What an empty ass interview. Ch…

  • Suchalady

    What an empty ass interview. Ch…

  • Brittany Here's the season 2 supertrailer. IT’S GONNA BE A GREAT SEASON

  • Parker

    I’m actually really excited to see the new season of the
    show Love and Hip-Hop because I just seen the first season on I
    didn’t watch it when it first started because I was really unsure about the
    whole Love and Hip-Hop thing being like Basketball wives. My co-worker at DISH
    made sure I realized it wasn’t Love and Hip-Hop wives (Ha-Ha). I don’t really
    like those shows because they aren’t wives! This one is the love of Hip-Hop and
    if men are involved then they are but if not then they aren’t. If you haven’t
    seen it and you have DISH watch it on I can’t wait to see the
    new season on the 14th. I’m really looking forward to seeing Kimbella and what
    she has to offer to the show besides being the girlfriend of Juelz Santana. I
    just hope she doesn’t come in here talking crazy and that she’s not the one
    Chrissy knocks out.

  • Alwaysme19

    Im trying to understand why she is even relevan…oh because she fuked fab while emily was pregnant. Just for the drama which is all good but, im even madder that she thinks she is someone. Showing your ass does not make you a model boo boo and for he record ho is she adding actress to her resume? What acting has she ever done, i wish Chrissy hada punched her in the…cause without all that makeup n fakeness she aint got shyt goin on.

  • Terri Mcswain

    we really need to stop hating its ugly… she doing what everyone on that show is doing she’s no different… everyone want a check, a rapper, and fame… im happy she working and doing things for herself instread of being weak (emily) not working(crissy)… and clearly she is a model or else magizne wouldnt be calling her to be o there font cover