Rihanna Leaves The Strip Club With Her Ex-Boo

Kid Fury October 13, 2011 Candid Yams, Oop! 13 Comments

As if Drake didn’t have enough reasons to drown his tears in a box of Mallomars while watching Jason’s Lyric, Rihanna was caught leaving a London titty bar called Stringfellow’s last night with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp.

It seems like they were trying to dodge the paparazzi, but with the forehead and beaming high-yellow flesh, who could miss them?

Rihanna and Matt broke up late last year after alleged distance issues and conflicting schedules. They were together for about a year. You think they’re back on?


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  • Anonymous

    AWWWW!!! About to get a lil freaky….

  • Shanna4 C

    Um Rhi Rhi looks um….simple ….with that $2.95 plus 13.99 shipping and much handling… tangled sleepy mess she call a pony tail. That thing looks like it a was worn (sweated) by the entire Mississippi Mass choir, then given to rhi rhi.I would definitley hide too. 

  • FirstNameLast

    Like I told my home girl the other day, If Rihanna wasn’t famous that bitch would be the most hoodrat gutter bucket scumbag bum bitch in Barbados. She’s cute and all but she has some slut bag tendencies homie.

    • Brittany


    • babywiggles

      well damn u hit the nail right on the head.

    • Courtney

      LMFAO! You ain’t lyin! 

  • Jai

    Wasn’t she just with the lil British boy from her new video last week? Chile… I’m over Curry Goat, these rushed ass albums and singles AND her dick collection. 

  • sunshyne84

    Nah she just needed some dick. *shrug* She’s just proving that girls and guys can still be friends after the breakup.

    • Candy

      Is that what we’re calling it? Oh. 

  • KingPhoenix

    Whats wrong with her getting a nut, dudes do it all the time, she’s young, rich, and beatiful if she was a dude she would be applauded but since she’s a girl she get prosecuted (mostly by her own gender). Why is that? Plus I think her and Matt her the light-skin dream-team, a young Nicole and Boris with issues. Who Mad?

    • KingPhoenix


    • FirstNameLast

      That double standard, while it does exist, is bullshit. In my book, girls that hoe-hop are just as bad as the guys that do it and “get praised”. There are one too many disease putting nigz out of commission these days. It’s not cute anymore. It’s one thing to be sexually liberated and something totally different to just be whore, man or woman. But whose to say she is even sleeping with all of these guys, she may not be. However, she still strikes me as the loose type. But that’s just me though.

      • Courtney

        EXACTLY. If I think you’re loose, you’re just gonna be a slut in my eyes whether it’s a man or woman. That’s just my personal opinion. I agree with FirstNameLast 100% though. I’ve thought she was the loose type since she came out in 05. This is nothing new. *shrug*