Album Cover: Drake – Take Care

Kid Fury September 24, 2011 Album Covers, I Guess, Chile 26 Comments

Aubrey: The Hip-Hop Eeyore has revealed the cover to his upcoming sophomore album, Take Care. It fits my overall thought of his image — a young man surrounded by fancy treats who is daydreaming about heartache and Steel Magnolias.


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  • @j_ohhj_ohh

    He looks wounded. Did rayj get at him?

  • @JessEfai

    That solitary candle though. I can not.

  • B. Goode

    Drake looks like he got stood up on his album cover. Who approved this? What’s with the bird? Somebody explain this to me! He’s got that forever alone demeanor going on. 

  • AUDreY-J

    I never understood what people like so much in him, I think he’s boring and when I see this pic…. yea he looks bored! or he tries too, actually. I love that you say he’s dreaming about heartaches.

    • Brittany

      omg thank you. i think he’s highly overrated and a horrible artist. he can’t sing nor can he rap and yet this nigga has a record contract smdh.

    • Jihane-Fatim

      if you listen to his earlier stuff, you might have a change of heart. but i’m a fan, what do i know? *shrug*

  • Bxladeej

    Why so solemn lol?

  • Lyss152

    Why so glum, chum? Drake is really pushing that brooding, broken-hearted rapper steez isn’t he? Well, I can honestly say I haven’t seen any other rapper do this. 

    • Thinkbeforeyouspeak

      Tyler the creator

  • Jrmac05

    Where is his yamaka? Jewish ass album cover

  • Bry

    Ok this is coming from the BIGGEST DRAKE STAN that you’ve seen thus far. BUT I’m an honest stan:

    Real Shit, this album cover looks like a reject from the the Kanye West Monster video… Y’all remember that kinda grimy/grainy effect on the camera or whatever… This looks like a scene from the video, I still love it thought

    • Brittany


  • Alicia Collins

    Jay Z and Kanye are doing that melancholy and the infinite sadness thing right now. But they do it in small doses. It’s not on the cover of their album. Cheer Up, Emo Kid.

    And Drake raps in 90′s references and 2 part cheap metaphors. It’s no clever. It’s hipster bullshit.

  • Brittany

    Omg Fury my mama gon have to put u under the jail for killin me with that Hip Hop Eeyore line. that shit was HILARIOUS!!!!

  • Savvyduchess

    This looks like a profile photo gone horribly wrong with him staring pensively into his golden goblet of tears, the lone candle and golden owl. Really, what’s up with the owl?

  • Brittany

    Where do I begin? His hair looks a mess, the beard looks a mess and the main focus is on that damn 5 foot candle. wtf who approved this shit.

  • tnchik

    No me gusta.

  • Brittany

    The album is entitled “Take Care” but he clearly needs to “take care” of that hair. lawd jesus.

  • Anonymous

    You did NOT say Hip Hop Eeyore!!!! *dead*

  • Jihane-Fatim

    at first glance, i seriously thought he was holding a chicken wing…

  • Misty Knight

    Twas a glum day for Sir Aubry Strangeface  at ye Midevil Times in the land of Encino California..twas the darkest hour….when the kitchen ran out of chicken legs.

  • jasmine

    I like it

  • Kashala Jarrells

    ^ awkward silence……… 



    GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE WITH THAT SAD SHIT lmaoyeah that was ghetto but eh? what can I do lol

  • Jencendiary

    What in the laying-in-bed-listening-to-Disintegration is going on in this record cover, Wheelchair Jimmy? 

  • Jay Rod

    you guys are fucking idiots, the owl is the symbol of OVO (Octobers Very Own) you know his record label, sheez now i must agree he could have down better but its still a masterpiece. Oh and another thing yall who saying drake sucks listen to his older songs yall see.