Miguel Falls Off Stage During Houston Show

Well my fairy godsis, Miguel took a pretty nice tumble while performing at The Drake in Houston this weekend. The neon microphone stand mixed with a bunch a flailing around landed him square on his ass. I thank the heavens for such a marvel. Watch the video below!

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  • Candii Love

    LOL!  Thats what he gets. On another note…That.Hair. no sir.

  • Mookie

    Poor child probably slipped and fell in his zesty juices.

    • Shellbee

      LOL  My first thought is that he tripped over all that tang. It damn sure wasn’t his singing teacher. I’ve heard better at karaoke. Maybe he was tripped by someone trying to reach into his pocket to get their money back.

      • Brewow27

        lol that’s funny shellbee

  • Ru N

    how high were ms miguels heels?

  • @Bdub27

    is this nword wearing thigh high boots ?…just asking

  • Anonymous

    He tried so hard to play that shit off…But it was funny as hell.

  • KATIECurrent12345

    Ms.Miguelia, GIRL……………

  • Franny Glass

    Prince did that shit with the power of his mind tho *Game… Blouses*