Fantasia Pregnant With Her Married Boyfriend’s Baby?

After all the drama involving Fantasia and her on/off married boyfried, Antwuan Cook, it seems that the singer may be pregnant with his baby…again. The couple were spotted vacationing in Barbados when paparazzi caught Fanny Mae with what seems to be a healthy baby bump.

Mind you, Antwuan’s divorce hasn’t been finalized and Fantasia has admitted to being pregnant with his child before and aborting it. Also keep in mind that she is supposed to be fattening up for her role as Mahalia Jackson in a film this year. You can be the judge! Photos are below courtesy of YBF.

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  • NoReally

    her tattoos look like she’s been playing in dirt. She just makes my skin crawl..Perfect example of money can’t buy you class

    • Harper Ty

      She has money?

    • Harper Ty

      She has money?

  • Я

    …Twan getting FAT!! iGuess he quit T-Mobile and eating off Fanny’s check like errbody else!

  • Blueashdesign

    Bitch pregnant.

  • ang

    o baybe them thighs, them thighs ….

  • phillyphilly

    I cannot with that scarf and deep sea googles. I guess she just said f**** its a wrap for her career why should I care about looks…

  • Anonymous

    There r rumors that she is gaining weight to play a movie role, but the bitch cant act. She does look really pregnant in that first pic tho.

    • Christina H

      Neither can Beyonce, but hell a check is a check……..

  • LaLa

    What’s with the dildo shadows on her shoulder?

    • Tha Brittany Show


  • Christina H

    She looks pregnant to me, but hell, if Alicia Keys gets a pass, back the hell up off Fantasia!!!

  • Kuntryd

    her mouth makes me sick…smh
    ..Lost so much weight…eating just subs..proly couldn’t have done it if Subway.. wasn’t giving out $100 gift cards!!..

  • Christiandemeritt

    I just saw Fantasia in St. Kitts this past weekend and shes not pregnant.

  • Shellbee

    Either way, she just can’t help being a HAM, poor thing.

  • Candii Love

    I just don’t get what she sees in that dude. He looks like he stinks.

  • JumpJunkieJoe

    *sighs* I really pray for Fantasia sometimes. With all that talent that girl don’t got a bit of sense. Lord please bless her with some brains. And those tattoos gotta go. This is coming from a person who plans on being tatted up. Her tattoos look like trash

  • Kay

    First of all somebody needs to help Fantastia know how to dress in public as a star.  She dresses like she is a poor little hoodrat with no direction in life.  Second of all she needs to keep her business private, because she knows the cameras are following her everywhere.  Thirdly, this man only wants her for the money.  Could he afford to be on a boat without her? No.  Could he afford any luxury living without her? Hell no!  At least Alicia keys was classy with her stuff.  Fantastia is allowing this man and her sinful living to make her look as if she had been beat down to the gutter, way down in the gutter.  Fantastia, please clean yourself up and get your life on track instead of letting men use you for your money.  Make sure they have a career of some kind as well.  Shameful to see this picture, the scarf on the head, and cottage cheese thighs wrapped up in the barney looking swimsuit.  God help us all!!!!!!!

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  • Maramp81

    I wish his wife much success and a hot body so that he can look back and wish he didnt leave her!